Dore Car Parking Consultation

The following documents (a consultation letter from Sheffield City Council and a map of proposed parking restrictions) form the information about a public consultation which is taking place between 5th and 27th May 2016 to seek opinions from Dore residents about proposed parking restrictions in the village centre.

Consultation Letter - April 2016
Map of Proposed Parking Restrictions

During 2011 to 2012 the Dore Village Society consulted widely with village residents, local businesses, the Council, bus companies and others with an interest in parking in Dore. The purpose of the consultations was to ascertain the extent to which people feel that parking is a problem and, if so, what might be done about it. The DVS organised a questionnaire survey and also commissioned an outside agency to hold a public meeting and to analyse all the data from the various elements of the consultation and produce a report. That report is now available via the links below.

Parking In Dore Report - June 2012

Additional supporting documents:

Additional submission Jan 2012
Dore village parking worksheet layout
Dore village parking meeting worksheet layout
Dore village parking general survey summary
Dore village parking general survey text responses
Dore village parking business survey summary
Dore village parking business survey text responses
Parking Advantages and Disadvantages - Southend Council
Summary of public consultation meeting Jan 2012
Worksheet - Awareness campaign on consideration
Worksheet - Car parks
Worksheet - One way system
Worksheet - Permit parking
Worksheet - Reduce car use
Worksheet - Road redesign and construction
Worksheet - Time limited parking
Worksheets - explanatory note