AD 1800 - 1900

Date Details Ref
1800 14 June. Sam Marsden 25, of Totley scythe grinder born Dore, at 13 hired to John Hill of Dronfield. SARC. 1258/8
JC. Examination
1800 31 May. Robert Mortin 54 schoolmaster Dore, born Dore (father cert. From Totley) at about 28 married SARC. 1258/6
JC. Examination
1800 About this time Nether Mill suspended lead smelting
“Where T’water Runs O’er T’Weir” Davey
1800 Thomas son of William Barton Totley, bricklayer, was apprenticed to George Cooper, knifemaker Sheffield CCHI
1800 Thos. Son of William Wells Totley labourer was apprenticed to Martin Briddick Wadsley cutler –7-1784. Freed 1800 CCHI
1800 15 March Wm Lowe (35) coal miner born Duckmanton, at 16 hired to Jas Plant of Duckmanton, farmer, & served 3 years and then to Joseph Parker of Dore for a year. And then to John Michel of Totley, farmer for 4 years SARC Examination JC 1258/4
1801 Samuel Hopkinson was overseer SARC 43339 B.E.hard copy
1800 Samuel Turner was overseer – John Barton, George Dalton, Saml Barton, Robert Hill, William Green, Edward Dalton, Saml Dalton, John Mitchell, Peter Flint, mentions Jonathan North’s children & Saml Hopkinson SARC 43339 B.E. hard copy
1802 Robert Hill was overseer - John Mitchell Headborow, William Green, Henry Dalton, Saml Hopkinson, Peter Flint, John Barton, Edw. Cockayne SARC 43339 B.E.
Hard copy
1801 48 houses and 206 inhabitants in Totley (Dore 375)  
Early 1700s ? (1800s crossed out) Manor of Totley in possession of Lord Middleton of Wollaton and the remainder of the land was divided amongst freeholders D to D
1800s (no date ) particulars of an estate in Totley ( actually shows Holmesfield fields not Totley) belonging to George Bagshaw, fields named and numbered given in attached schedule no scale 11” x 17” Oakes Deeds 061217 SLIB
1800/9 Fairbanks Survey notes Nether Corn Mill owned by Duke of Devonshire tenanted by John Barton M B 137 Sh.Lib.
1801 18 April Robert Hattersley will ( Totley ?) Lichfield & SARC
Wills & Invents
1800 Around then leadmining collapsed Willies
1801 Totley Rolling Mill or Cupola Smelting Mill listed as leadworks & woodlands  
1800s Early 1800s fireclay pits still worked around Totley ?
1801 8 June Mary Smith married Christopher Taylor of Dronfield ( Totley ? ) SARC MOOA
1800s Early 1800s a slag mill and a cupola for lead smelting were still in use inTotley owned by George B. Greaves who also possessed some colourworks ?
1802 John Gray Waterfall born 29/9/1802 (died 12/9/1879) Dore churchyard
1801 see next page  
1801 May wife of Thos Wilkin born ( d 1869 ) Dore churchyard
1802 Act for making turnpike between Totley and Sharrow Lane Howard Smith
1800 Job Green b 1800 d 1873 Dore churchyard
1802 (paper dated) Fairbank references to a plan of a proposed turnpike from Sheffield to Baslow refers to Samuel Dalton holding land belonging to Alex Bosley comprising close croft stack yard & 2 closes Also mentions common land belonging to freeholders of Totley CP 20 – ( 203) SLIB
Fairbank. SARC>
1802 Old Hay Lead Smelting mill closed on decline of lead output Willies
1802 Henry son of Samuel & Anne Turner of Totley buried at Norton Church 14/6/1802 Norton Church Burials 929 34251 S SLIB
1802 Christopher son of Robert Morton schoolmaster Dore, apprenticed to George Revitt Stannington razor maker 7 1802 CCHI
C1802 Map of N. Derbyshire incl. Totley BE copy
1803 John Marshall and Martha Ashton married at Dronfield Papers at Lower Bents
1803 The road from Baslow to Owler was turnpiked. HWSM
1803 Edward Cockayne Overseer, John Barton, William Green, Robt. Hill, Saml Turner, mentions Dorothy Wragg, Robert Staffald, Brittlebank Overseers a/cs BE Ring Binder no. 11
1802 11 February Examination Thos Reed 24 of Dronfield labourer born Grimesthorpe (father cert. from Totley) at 9 apprenticed to John Thompson of Totley farmer for 12 years but freed after 10, then hired to Thos Greaves of Dore, John Unwin of Dore and H Wardlow of Bradway SARC 1258/12 JC
1801 23 April
Mary Dalton of Totley farmer, witnesses Robert Mortin schoolmaster Dore, John Hopkinson of Cromford ( ? ) fishmonger.
£200 to be paid to Richard Small br..?.. Doctor of Law & Vicar General of Lichfield & Coventry as Godfreys mother Mary died intestate (she was widow) He was appointed administrator of estate
Estate Administration Lichfield Godfrey’s Will 12.10.1820
1802 25 March Indenture between Rev D’ewes Coke & D’Ewes Coke of Poole & Bond of same date – see also 1796 Middleton Coll.
1802 Samuel son of Jonathan Green Tot. labourer apprenticed to George Emmett filesmith 7 1802 CCHI
1803 William 1) Son of William Marshall, Bents knifesmith 7 1803
“ 2) Son of George Marshall Totley Breeches Manufacturer apprenticed to Jonathan Hinchliff filesmith 7 1804
1802 Mr W W Mason of Beauchief Hall was acting as agent to Peter Pegge – Burnell at Beauchief – he wrote to T. Ashline Ward 23/2/1803 “On my return I found Mr Steade by my fireside, where he sat in doleful dumps awaiting my return. Dr Bagshawe of the Oaks sent me a note to fix on tomorrow for killing the fox. I hope it will be convenient for you to be present. We shall have excellent sport”. ( Mr Steade was Broughton Benjamin Steade’s nephew & heir to Pegge Burnell whose name he assumed on succeeding to the estate in 1836. Municiple Aff Sheffield 1843 – 93 Kelham Museum
1803 30/10/1803 Baptism of John son of John and Martha Marshall (filesmith) at Dronfield
5/6/1803 John Marshall and Martha Ashton married at Dronfield
Papers at Lower Bents Farm
1803 Edward Cockayne was Overseer  
1804 Wm Green was Overseer John Barton, Thos Bennett, Saml Turner, Edw Cockayne, Robt. Hill, John Mitchell, Peter Flint, George Dalton, Edward Dalton, John Dalton, Saml Dalton, Saml Hopkinson.  
1803 Act of Parliament Sheffield and Baslow Turnpike Act (Hunter) ( or 1802 ?)  
1804 Cupola Rolling Mill owner George B Greaves Edward Cockayne tenant

Water Mills of Sheffield. W T Miller
1803 Sheffield ( Goosegreen ) – Totley Turnpike (Act to Enlarge)
Original Act 43 Geo III c 70
6 Geo IV c 101
19 & 20 Vict c 12
40 & 41 Vict c 64
Matlock D4 A/TT. 1 - 2
1804 Charles son of Jonathan Vickers scythesmith apprenticed to William Carr filesmith 7 1804 CCHI
1804 John son of Geo Marshall Totley Breeches maker apprenticed to Philip Warbleton, Hallam filesmith 7 – 9 1795 freed 1804 CCHI
1804 Walk Mill dam – plan Fairbank Field Book FB 98p 72 SLIB
1805 Saml Hopkinson Deputy Overseer for George Dalton,
Saml Dalton Headborough
Saml Barton
Saml Hopkinson
John Mitchell
John Barton
Peter Flint
Robt Hill Saml Turner Edw Cockayne
1805 18 March David Priestly of Dronfield married Dorothy Hawley (Totley ? ) SARC MOOA
1806 Totley Overseers for the Poor paid their share “for a man for general defence” £3.13.6.  
1806 19 April Removal Order Rebecca Mitchell from Dore to Totley JC 1258/15B SARC
1806 19 April Examination Rebecca Mitchell 19 of Dore, born Totley JC 1258/15A SARC
1806 20 February Extracts from details of land at Totley added to Will of D’Ewes Coke in Poole – he’d lent the Rev D’Ewes Coke £1000 on security of Totley Hall Est. See 1796 etc MPRO Coke Papers
1806 George and William Greaves smelting lead at Totley prior to this date Derbys Lead Industry. Kiernon Matlock Library
1805c Waggon and Horses Millhouses built CCSA Sudley SLIB 720.94274 SQ
1805 Old Hay Lead Cupola ceased to operate by this date, had been converted from smelter by Willm Bagshaw in 1787 see 1802 RYL BAG 8/3/7 Willies 1969-108
1805/6 Both Bradway Mill and Upper Wheel were in use as grinding holes by Thos. Slack. Prior to this Bradway was a corn mill but in 1805 Oldhay Cupola was unoccupied  
1806 Samuel Biggins executors were running Walk Mill as Sickle Mill Glass Tools and Tyzacks M.Lib 9292TYZ
1806 Samuel Hopkinson deputy overseer for Godfrey Dalton John Barton Saml Dalton Headborrow Peter Flint Edward Dalton John Mitchell Henry Dalton Saml Barton Robert Hill William Green  
1806 Survey: Edward Sampson owner of Bradway Mill Totley Tenant Thomas Slack – grinding wheel Glass Tools & Tyzacks M.LIB 9292TYZ
1807 Ann wife of Job Green born (d 1874) Dore Churchyard
1807 John Barton Overseer mentions George White
Peter Flint Edward Dalton
Saml Hopkinson Saml Dalton
John Mitchel William Green
Robt. Hill John Dalton
Henry Dalton
1802 Elizabeth Dalton married Broughton Benjamin Steade see 1777 & 1826 cards
1808 48 houses in Totley
He made survey, book published c 1811
Also same date same book in list of lead cupolas, it gives Totley ( and Slag Mill ) George B Breaves (should be Greaves). Full details of lead production etc in same book Paper Mill also listed in Totley
Greaves operated a Cupola and a Slag Mill the latter perhaps within the Rolling Mill site being dependent on water power
(Joseph Clay was father-in-law of G B Greaves)
Fairey saw ganister quarries/mines at Abbeydale in Norton, Bents near Totley, Owler Bar in Holmesfield etc. mentions D’Ewes Coke being one of landowners now working coal on their own behalf. Ganister or crowstone although available for roadstone making yet when pounded fine and kneaded with water it has all the properties of fireclay. Fairey gives details of movement and shipping coals at the turn of the century 18/19th.
Agriculture of Derbyshire – Fairey 1811
1808 May 6th Money for militia 28.15.0
Dore Churhcwardens a/cs book
1808 Edward Dalton Overseer mentions Brittlebank ?
Peter Flint Henry Dalton
John Mitchell Robert Hill
Saml Barton Edw Cockayne
Saml Hopkinson Godfrey Dalton
John Barton
1808 Survey of fields in Norton gives Gill Field which tends to reinforce my view that Gillfield is named after the Gills of Norton who held land in Totley  
1808 5 August Letter to Coke from Jos Slater – he is making prints from Cokes portrait  
1808 27 June Elizabeth Naylor married Samuel Ward, widower of Dronfield (Totley ?) SARC MOOA
1808 10 January John Levick married Ann Swift of Dronfield ( Totley ? ) SARC MOOA
1808 Alehouse & InnkeepersDore and Totley Henry Elliott
Samuel Hopkinson
Thos Ogden
1808 Sale of Neat Cattle Breeding Ewes at Markeaton, Derby
Ref. to a cow called Totley
BE copy
1809 3 fields of D’Ewes Coke survey by Fairbanks
Also correspondence CP-11-41
Valuation of 2 farms (old and new) Totley Hall Lane held by Peter Flint from D’Ewes Coke gives field names and acres mostly in Totley Hall area.
FB 115 p59
See also DRO73S
1809 John Pinder Overseer mentions Brittlebank Jno Pinder William Green
Saml Barton Constable
John Barton John Dalton
Saml Dalton John Mitchell
Wm Green Henery Dalton
Peter Flint Saml Hopkinson
Edward Dalton
1809 Dore Enclosure Act passed (Award dated 1822)  
1809 8 January Harriett Hawksley of Beauchief married Thos Dyson SARC MOOA
1810 approx A map of Township of Dore by W & J Fairbank includes new proposed turnpike from Abbey Lane to Totley no scale 20” x 28” on Whatman paper dated 1801 – photocopy BE Oakes Dees 1190 SLIB
1810 approx Bridge over Baslow Road built by French prisoners of war from Waterloo apparently. French coins found on renovation (hearsay)  
1810 George son of Dorothy Ragg ( Wragg ? ) wife of Jonathan Cooper apprenticed to Isaac Kirkham, Brightside firesmith 9 – 1810 CCHI
1810 Samuel son of Henry Wells Totley papermaker was apprenticed to Philip Warburton Upper Hallam filesmith 7 – 1810 CCHI
1810 Jonathon son of Samuel Ogden Totley raff merchant apprenticed to John Oldale knifesmith 7 -1810 CCHI
1810 Fairbank plan of proosed Sheffield to Baslow Turnpike shows Barbrook Mill as leather mill – few hundred yards below Barkers Cupola. Shows too a proposed road from Devil’s Elbow to Owler Bar below Brown Edge & Strawberry Lee. Refers to Owler Bridge. Also a road going from near bottom of Long Line via Dore & Hallfield to link up with the other near Owler Bar. ERO 78R SLIB
Plan and reference book at MPRO Q/RPI/33/11810
1810 John Mitchell Overseer mentions George Downend
John Barton Peter Flint
William Green Saml Barton
Robt Hill Saml Hopkinson
Saml Dalton Ralph Linley
Edward Dalton
Ralph Linley was tenant of Duke of Devonshire’s Nether Mill 1827 – Dore Survey
1811 17 June Thomas Marshall of Totley died in Portugal while serving with the Coldstream Guards – see leter from War Dept. Papers at Lower Bents Farm
1811 Population Totley 238
Dore 398
1811 Deputy Overseer Samuel Hopkinson for John Dalton, mentions John Dalto Peter Flint for Mr Cokes Woods, Mr Heywood for local militia
John Barton
Saml Dalton
Henry Dalton
Edwd cockayne
Edwd Dalton
John Mitchell
Saml Barton
Saml Turner
Wm Green
Saml Hopkinson
1811 2 Dec. Will of Henry Dalton.
Henry of Totley farmer left wife Elizabeth freehold close of Brest Barn (Top of Mickley Lane) for her use if she stays widow. If she remarries then it goes to brother George Dalton farmer he paying one-third of income from it to Elizabeth. After that it passes to George’s son George. If Elizabeth dies or marries, brother George to pay £40 amongst all nephews and nieces.
Cottage house and barn and other outbuildings and several closes with consent of Lord Middleton (Henry) to Elizabeth and after her death to be sold for best price and divided amongst nephews and nieces
Witnesses George Marshall John Mitchell William Lowe
1811 12 April 1811 Reverend D’Ewes Coke (Totley Hall) died aged 64 Coke of Trusley Matlock Library 929.25 Coke
1812 Plan of boundaries of Strawberry Lee Farm
also survey notes FB 126 pp 70-71 (BE photocopy) (also FB 84)
DRO 76 S SLIB Fairbanks
1812 Green Oak Inn built (enclosure claim)  
1812 Anne wife of Henry Waterfall born 15 March 1812, died Aug 2nd 1894 Dore Churchyard
1812 About 1812 Fairbanks proposed road from Owler Bar to the Banner Cross turnpike via Dore  
1812 Deputy Overseer Samuel Hopkinson for Henry Dalton
John Barton
Peter Flint
William Green
Saml Barton
Robt Hill
Godfrey Dalton
Edward Dalton
Saml Turner
John Mitchel
Saml Dalton, Headborough.
1812 Thomas son of Henry Wells Totley apprenticed to John Warbleton filesmith 7-9 1812 CCHI
1812 Thomas Asline Ward and companion Browne fishing at Totley Lead Mill 7/8/1812 catching 1 trout and 70 perch Peeps into the diaries of Thomas Asline Ward by Leader. S.Lib.
1813 Totley Estate of William Coke DRO 7 3S SLIB
FB 128 pp 74-85, 92-93
Important Correspondence C.P.11-(1-41) Fairbanks SLIB
1813 15 March Copy probate attached to will of D’Ewes Coke, Poole. See also 1806 1796 etc ref lands at Totley. MPRO Coke papers
1813 25 August 3/- paid for handcuffs DTCC
1813 10 October Gave 7 sailors with a pass to some seaport for the West Indies 4/-
Totley Washpool making up 1/-
1813 Overseers Samuel Dalton mentions John Sheldon Saml Ogden Stephen Green
William Green
Saml Turner
Saml Hopkinson
Robert Hill
George Dalton
Thos Wild
Edward Dalton
Saml Barton
John Mitchell
Peter Flint
1813 15 June Henry Dalton will Lichfield
1813c Walton scythe mfr. Beauchief Abbey CCHI
1813 There is a good poster of timber sales at Brookhall & Pinxton (but not Cokes woods at Totley) The usual oak, ash, etc & oak bark also birch & alder poles suitable for collieries, brushmakers & turners etc. suitable for building purposes etc. Coke papers No 1881 Box L1 Misc Papers MPRO
1813c WHO LIVED WHERE:- (educated guess based on known data)
SAMUEL BARTON Cottage above Hall Lane Farm (looks like bottom of Mrs Wards) Tot.Hall Lane
Matthew Barton Cottage where Elaine and Bob live on Strawberry Lee Lane
Geo. Dalton Jnr The Crown and Rose Cottage
Godfrey Dalton House above Crown where bungalow stands also cottage below Fleur
Richard Elliott Hollen House (1719 = Robert Elliott)
Mary Dalton Arthur Turners cottage
Henry Dalton Monnybrook Kennels
Henry Dalton Hollins Castle
Elizabeth Elliott Burgesses cottage Monnybrook
Ann Green Cottage 2 below Fleur
Christopher Green Lane Head now demolished
John Green Snr One of Mrs Wards cottages Tot Hall Lane
William Green Fleur de Lys
Peter Key One of Mrs Wards cottages Tot Hall Lane
John Lowe Lane head
John Mitchell Cottage next to Totley cottage (or Bents Farmhouse) also Paddock Cottage appears to be barn stables and cowhouse
Overseers of Poor Poorhouse behind kennels Monnybrook
Parish Offices Pinder Pinfold Tot Hall Lane
John Pinder The “old” Grouse
Isaac taylor Cottage on corner of Penny Lane
Joseph Turner Turners Croft & 2 houses (Tot Cottage ?)
Henry Wells Thatched cottage Moneybrook (or paper mill)
Isaac Wragg House shop and barn nos 1 & 2 Chapel Lane
John Mitchell tenant 2 houses 3 gardens cottages corner Penny Lane
George Dalton tenant of Sam Shore opposite Cannon Hall
William Green tenants – T Ward & T Howard ? The Folds
Godfrey Dalton Tenant Ash cottage
William Green 2 tenements Butts Hill where old cottage was
John Barton Eliz Wild (widow of Thomas Wild) tenant Toft House
Widow Pinder Cannon ? Hall
Samuel Turner tenant Hall Lane Farm
Samuel Dalton Paper mill & outbuildings – did he live there or Jonathan Mitchell paper mill?
Alex Barker (Jonathon Barker tenant) Upper Mill with the house
Edward Dalton Hoefield Ruins !!
Madame Coke Peter Flint tenant Totley Hall
Jas Green tenant next to Old Post Office Summer Lane
Saml Hogden (Ogden ? ) Old post office Summer Lane
Edmund Dalton Lower Bents Farm
G B Greaves Cupola Rolling Mill
Robert Hill tenant Howards Farm
Samuel Hopkinson house below Cross Scythes where garage was
Approx 42 houses mentioned _ Farley reckoned 48 houses in 1811 where did the following live? Ralph Linley (Nether Mill ? ) Stephen Green, Joshua Hopkinson
  Insert Survey of Lord Middletons in detail  
1814 11 Nov. Assignment messuage and paper mill in Totley, closes in Totley Oakes Deeds 199 SLIB
1814 Map of 2 closes near Walk Mill given in exchange by W C Bagshawe to the executors of Thomas Biggin. NORT 37S Fairbanks SLIB (BE photocopy)
1814 17 March Henry Dalton’s will Lichfield
1814 Plan in the third William’s handwriting of exchange between Samuel Shore Jnr and the Bagshawe’s. See also 1779. DRO 85S SLIB (BE Photocopy) area around Paper Mill Field
1814 John Dalton husband of Sarah born (d 1874) Dore Churchyard
1814 11 November (Assignment) Indenture between George Henry Cavendish and Sir William Chambers Bagshaw of Oakes. Jonathan Mitchell tenant of Paper Mill (Oldhay) Oakes Deeds SARC
1814 2 May Mortgage from Trustees of D’Ewes Coke to Thos Maltby, Fras. Evans & others bankers of Mansfield on lands at Totley Abstract at Derby Library Ref. 15677 NS
1814 Peter Flint overseer mentions George Dalton late overseer Stephen Green Debtor of Churchwarden from Dronfield School £25.10.2
Ralph Linley (Linley at Nether Mill)
Jno Mitchell
Godfrey Dalton
Saml Turner
Joshua Hodkinson
Saml Hopkinson
Survey Lord Middletons Survey

141 Cannon Hall owner Samuel Shore, tenant George Dalton
96 Totley Hall, owner Madame Coke, tenant Peter Flint
142 The Folds owner Samuel Shore tenant William Green Etc., Etc.,
see survey BE copy in ring binder
1814 April 29 Messrs Parker and Brown solicitors of Sheffield arranged sale of freehold land in Totley tenanted by Samuel Dalton:-
Holme, Paper Mill Dam and Field, Orchard, Cloverfield, Top o’th’ Wood, Old Hay wood, Little Bottom, Long Field, Upper Oldah Croft, Nether Croft, Cupola and Rough
Totalling 32 acres 15 perches.
Estate agents: Bardwell
Place of sale: Bowling Green House, Norton
To William Green: Nether Totley, Brook Close ,Middle Totley, Brook Close
Total 6 acres 2 roods 32 perches
Sale particulars SLIB JC 1831 (interesting graphics on cover)
1814 141 Cannon Hall owner Samuel Shore, tenant George Dalton Schmoller
1814/1815 96 Totley Hall, owner Madame Coke, tenant Peter Flint MB137
1814 142 The Folds owner Samuel Shore tenant William Green Etc., Etc., SARC MOOA
see survey BE copy in ring binder Fairbanks Field Book FB 137 p4 SLIB (BE copy)
1815 John Thorpe (of Cross Scythes) born (died 1890) Dore churchyard
1815 Sarah wife of John Thorpe born Dore Churchyard
1815 1 September John son of George Greaves & Dorothy Dalton (at Crown) died 1yr 3wks
William son of George Greaves & Dorothy Dalton (at Crown) died 2yrs
Dorothy dtr of George Greaves & Dorothy Dalton (at Crown) died in her infancy
1815 Samuel Turner Overseer mentions Stephen Green, Peter Marsden, Alice Townsend, Thos Nadin. Overseers did not sign  
1815 Nice letter from D'Ewes Coke's daughter at school in Southwell Notts to her mother at Brookhill - apologises for writing but no time as day starts 4.30 & goes on until bed time but describes school life - other letters from her too. Coke. MPRO
1815 22 March William Priestley of Dronfield (Totley ?) married Margaret Crooks
21 September Mary Fox married Henry Hopkinson of Beauchief (Totley ?)
1820 Approx
Map of ground in dispute between Totley, Hathersage and Dore showing amount given to and taken from Totley adjacent to Wooden Pole area DRO 72S SLIB (watermark 1814) (See Boundary card)
1816 25 December Churchwardens and Constables Account book for Dore and Totley gives entry: paid for a fox catching 7/8d. 25.12.1816  
1816 Shore (William ?) was at Totley Hall Clarion Ramblers Hbook
1816 June 25 Totley Washpool making up 2/-d  
1816 May 19 Inquest of Thos. Crookes child £1.12.0.
Fulmart catched 1/-
1816 John Fox of Totley died 8/2/1886 age 70 - born 1816 DRCH
1816 Paper dated 1816 Survey of Totley for Lord Middleton by Fairbanks MB155 SLIB
1816 5 March Joseph Fairest married Grace Wolstenholme at Dronfield ( Tot ?) SARC MOOA
1816 Upper Mill tenanted by John Barker owned by Alex Barker Fairbanks Survey
1816 Robert Hill overseer
mentions Thos Nadin Alex Townsend Peter Mayden Joseph Marshall

Edward Dalton
Thos Wild
Jno Mitchell
Peter Flint
Saml Hopkinson
1816 Survey Bradway Mill owner Edward Sampson, Tenant Thos Slack - grinding wheel - Glass Tools & Tyzacks Matlock Library 929-2TYZ
1817 Date of Map of Derbyshire in 'Magna Brittania Derbyshire' by Lysons
Similar to 1791 map
SLIB 914 25l SF
1817 23 January 3pr. of stoops getting up and removing 6/- A/c book DTCC
1817 Ellen Pinder born (died 1851)  
1817 Saml Hopkinson Overseer
mentions Stephen Green Thos Nadin Peter Marsden Joseph Marshall
Peter Flint
Godfrey Dalton
Geo Dalton
Robt Hill
Joseph Barton
Robert Pinder
John Mitchell
1817 Owler Bar Turnpike plans 1817/32
Plans missing?
MPRO Quarter Sessions (NS)
1817 9 August Removal Order Betty Marsden Totley to Dore SARC JC 1258/24
1817 30 August Examination: Peter Marsden 27 of Dore Scythe Grinder born Bradway at 11 lived with John Hall of Bradway. Hired to Thos. Walker of Undal, Dronfield then to brother Sam Marsden of Totley. Has wife Mary & children Ann 3 and Eliza 17 months. SARC JC 1258/23A
1817 Details of repairs to highways and footpaths in Dronfield Buxton Library Derbyshire Calendar of Records (NS)
1818 G H B Ward reckons that the lower cart road to Strawberry Lee Farm, Totley Bents along Strawberry Lee Lane and from the farmyard to Stoney Ridge and the Fox House Road probably was not made until 1818 Clarion 1937/38
1818 Completion of Abbeydale Road Totley, to Sharrow Lane Hunter
1818 Peter Flint's farm at Totley (old and new) CP 11-27 see also letter CP 11-22 SLIB
1818 10 March. Report on state of buildings in COKES TOTLEY ESTATE - IMPORTANT
Letter about high rents
Letter from the surveyor Jonah Fairbanks in the form of a report on D'Ewes Coke Estate at Dore and Totley. Particularly it refers to the state of the farm of Peter Flint and repairs needed. It lists cost of repairing roof of old barn in 'old' farm - "the roof should be taken off and new lathes slated over again and properly pointed. The probable expense would be as under." £. s. d.
3 bays slate getting and leading at 3gns. per bay 9. 9. 0.
Laying it on 1 guinea per bay 3. 3. 0.
Pointing it 1. 0. 0
13. 12. 0.
Contingencies 2. 3. 0.
TOTAL 15. 15. 0
*Probably refers to Hall Lane Farm. Refers also to fields Upper Hustard, Stubbles, Quarry Hill in the Far Cecil, a shrag in the Nether Lee. Discusses inability of tenants Peter Flint and Mary Watson to pay arrears but thinks Jonathan Grey and Jonathan Flint will pay shortly. Argues for a rent reduction because of the decrease in valuation of agricultural stock and the considerable increase in parochial assessments since 1813 (when last inspected)
According to the Overseers Accounts of 1813 and 1818 there was no increase in assessments. Peter Flint was the overseer in 1814
CP 11-28
CP 11-29
1818 William Green Overseer
mentions Stephen Green Joseph Marshall
Jon. Mitchell Constable
Peter Flint
Robt Hill
Saml Hopkinson
George Dalton Snr
Joseph Barton
Geo Dalton
1818 Mary Fox wife of John Fox of Totley born (d. 30/4/1893) DRCH
1818 William Green, Betty wife, Sam and Joseph children served with removal order MPRO XM 43/47
1818 Cokes land tenant Peter Flint c 1813; John Wilson 1939 £50 rental 1839/1840/1836/7. By 1839 John Wilson is tenant.
Survey of Flints farm mentions these fields: Lower Green Flat, Middle Green Flat, Upper Green Flat, Hall Croft?, Croft Hood?, Stubbins, Near Stor Leys, Far Stor Leys, Knowle Field, Upper Stor Leys, Low Hustard, Gill Field, (Upper) Hustard, Near Sishill, Far Sishill, Long Field, Spring Field, Rough Bank, Far Barn Close, Great Sun Field, Little Sun Field, The Over Fields, Barkers Wood.
North Field (Norfurlong?) Messuage, Garden, Homestead, Kiln Meadow
Flint appears in 1820 Overseers but seems to have left after that.
In survey of G B Greaves land late Peter Flint
1818 The Parochial Returns, Select Committee of Education of the Poor reports in 1818: Totley hamlet 238 inhabitants In Dore & Totley there is one school, in which 20 children are educated; the master of whom receives£12 4s p.a. arising from lands purchased by a donation of £40 in the year 1720, and which is assisted by the voluntary contributions of the inhabitants. In Dore and Totley there is a school for sewing etc, and a tolerably large Sunday School. In the parish (Dronfield) the poor are amply supplied with the means of educating their children Parochial Returns Vol 1 page 185 for 1818
1819 Elizabeth wife of Charles Howard of Totley born (died 1892) DRCH
1819 Sarah wife of John Dalton born, died 1867 DRCH
1819 For Overseers Accounts see separate ring binder no. 11  
1819 March 24: Overseers Accounts:
‘A Committee chosen by the landholders in the Hamblet of Totley four substantial men which is undernamed fair men to stand in fourse for one year and then to choose fresh men if they think proper. The Committee to meet every third Monday in the month to inspect the Overseers Accounts’
Robert Hill Churchwarden
Sam’l Hopkinson
Wm. North
Geo. Dalton Junior – Overseer
Year end 24th March in those days. The Accounts were seen and allowed by Hill, Hopkinson, North, Dalton, Jonathan Mitchell, William Green, Godfrey Dalton, Joseph Barton, Samuel Hopkinson
1820 Rev Dewes Coke wrote to Master D’Ewes Coke – his son at school in Shrewsbury, I think – needs copying for general interest. Said he would go to Totley on 29th September (?) for two weeks. The place is very much improved to what it was last Christmas when he was last there. Jane and Lucy came over to see him and he took them to Sheffield to see some manufacturers. Coke Papers Box L1, 18810, MPRO
1820 Thos. Asline Ward in his book (SLIB) states he went to Dore to see new cottages Mr Piper was building – he dined with Piper at Norton before walking to Dore Moors. Municipl Aff Sheff. 1843-1893 Kelham Museum
1820 G B Greaves took over Totley Rolling Mill again from the Trustees of his father-in-laws estate (see 1798). Although in 1811 Fairey had said the Cupola and Slag Mill was worked by George B Greaves  
1820s John Barker tenanted Upper Mill (nr Totley Grove) as a corn mill  
1820 June 21: William Foster married Ann Marsden of Dronfield (Totley?) SARC MOOA
1820 Overseer Joseph Barton
Mentions Thos Nadin, Joseph Marshall, Joseph Barton
Samuel Hopkinson
Jno Mitchell
Robt Hill
Thos North
Peter Flint
Robert Pinder
Geo Dalton
William Dalton
Joshua Hodgkinson
Joseph Dalton
1820 October 12: Godfrey Dalton’s will LJRO
1820 May 15: John Webster presented a bill for expenses presumably to Coke at Brookhill for a three week period he made several trips visiting Matlock Bakewell Totley Brookhill Sheffield Totley Brookhill Nottingham Brookhill and Baslow
He was carrying bars? What are bars? Bags?
Selected items:-
Bars to Totley 2/1d 28 April
Paid for letters at Totley 10 May
Ostlers 1/- Boots 6d (cleaned?)
Horses hay and corn 7/-
Lodging 4/4 (not Totley)
New screws on carriage
Total expenses £4/17/6 and a half pence
MPRO Coke 1881 Box L1 Misc
1821 The land enclosed on Totley Common ( See 1753/1720) for the provision of a school was never carried out and the rent paid to the schoolmaster of Dore until 1821 for instructing 6 Totley children. In that year it was determined to establish a school in the Township of Totley and a subscription was paid for that purpose. The plan was however abandoned and a school built by D’Ewes Coke on his own land and at his expense, it was proposed to invest the sum of £125 raised by subscription in the name of Trustees and to apply the interest thereof in increasing the schoolmistress’s salary. The land on Totley Common was then let to Thomas Hopkinson, as yearly tenant, at a good rent of £6 and this sum was paid to a schoolmistress, who instructed 6 children in reading without any charge to their parents.
See later details of field rentals for school.
1821 Letter to D’Ewes Coke at Totley Hall from a Mr Bland at Kenilworth ….your son by consistent good conduct availed himself…. and obtained a commission at Sandhurst… MPRO Coke 1883/L3
1821 Turnpike Road between Sharrow Lane and Totley completed (Act passed 1802) Hunter Arch Journal Feb 1939
1821 Owler Bar and Cupola Bar were 2 of tolls advertised to be let in October (Leader) Hunter Arch Society Journal 1920/24
SLIB 9134 274S
1821 Charles Howard of Totley born 1821 DRCH
1821 For Overseers Accounts see separate ring binder no 11
Mentions Stephen Green, Thos Nadin, Wm Read, Joseph Marshall, Wm North, Moses Barton
Overseer William Dalton
Joseph Dalton Constable
George Dalton Junior
Joshua Hodgkinson
George Dalton
Thos Hopkinson
Joseph Barton
James Dalton
Wm Green
Jno Mitchell
Robert Pinder
Thomas Hogg
Sam’l Hopkinson Cross Scythes?
1822 15 May to Chesterfield for Coroner (G Bowler who died by the visitation of God in a state of intoxication) – Jonathan Unwin, Constable.
Coroner’s Horse expense – 9d
DTCC also Derbyshire Inquests MPRO
1822 Overseers mentions Joseph Marshall, Geo Wild, Steven Green, Sarah Green.
John Pinder Overseer
Samuel Hopkinson Cross Scythes?
Joseph Dalton Farmer Strawberry lee
Aaron Thorpe
Jno Mitchell Farmer
Saml Turner
Wm Dalton Farmer Hallfield
1822 Dore Enclosure Award (Act passed 1809)  
1823 Hallfield Farm, Upper Mill and Hillfoot detailed surveys in Fairbanks Field Survey (see plans) Upper Mill John Barker tenant owner Alex Barker FB 161 pp 26-35 SLIB BRED
1823 Ann wife of George Dalton born 1823, died 1856 DRCH
1823 May wife of William Marshall born 1823 died 1853 DRCH
1823 Overseers mentions Steven Green
John Mitchell Overseer
Sam’l Turner
Aaron Thorpe
Thos Bunting
Thos North
Thos Hogg
Geo Dalton
Josh Barton
William Dalton
Robert Pinder
Thos Hopkinson
Joshua Hodgkinson


In the last issue, there was a short piece concerning the old Dore Chapel and I thought I would elaborate with details from my files. No doubt other readers may wish to add to the information below. However I think there was a misprint about the Rev. Frank Parker, he appears to have taken over as curate in 1809 not 1800.
The hamlets or townships of Dore and Totley were in the ecclesiastical parish of Dronfield.

The building in 1828 of Christ’s Church in Dore replaced a very ancient and low, mean building, with a rotten roof, which was a Chapel of Ease (called this because it was easier to visit than the Parish Church at Dronfield four and a half miles away). The Rev. Gibson in his History of Dore assumes that, after reading Cox’s Churches of Derbyshire, the Chapel was standing in pre-reformation times ie. 1530AD. The parliamentary commission appears to suggest that there was a place of worship in 1650 for it recommended grouping Dore, Totley and Beauchief together as one parish for ecclesiastical purposes. “Beachliffe, an Abbey place without cure of souls. We think that these places fitt to be united and made a parish, and the minister to officiate in Beachliffe and Dore alternately.”
However in 1683 Cornelius Clark left the Tithe of Dore to support the Chapel and Curate of Dore. Then in the 1698 Glebe Terrier for Dronfield, the Churchwardens state “ There is nothing at all that we can hear or learn that belongeth to this (Dore) Chapel” and this statement is followed by a discussion on the Easter Roll Dues in aid of the Chapel. In the Glebe Terrier for 1701, the statement is repeated with the further comment that Dore and Totley baptised their children, whilst marrying and burying at Dronfield .There is a comment in 1705/6 (source to be checked) that “Dore Chantry was demolished and a chapel built which was taken down in 1828”. It seems quite likely then that there were two chapels, first the Chantry built either in the 16th or 17th century and pulled down in 1705/6, to be succeeded by the Chapel. This appears to be confirmed by the Glebe Terrier for 1719 which refers to Dore Chappel being pulled down about 13 years previously “ Dore Chapel did nothing belonging until 1711, one house at Dore Town Head was left by Francis Camm of Hathersage towards maintenance of the curate”. The living was in 1720 and 1777 augmented with Queen Anne’s Bounty to meet benefactions –1810 with £200 – and in 1820 with a £600 parliamentary grant.
Curates associated with the Chapel were Thomas Stanley who came to Dore around 1632 from Handsworth before moving on to Eyam, Mr. Glossop 1760/73, Mr Webb 1773/1809 and Francis Parker 1809/28. At the time of the opening of the new Church in 1828, it was said that the Chapel had been built about 200 years ago. There is an early baptismal register, dated 1734 and in the hands of the Church authorities (according to Brelsford). As far as I know, there are three illustrations of the Chapel; a picture of 1820 is hanging in the vestry of the present Church ( Brelsford), a crude copy was made of it, and there is‘A South East View of Dore Chapel in 1785’. The latter differs from the others in that it shows what appears to be a belfry yet the following 1823 description of the Chapel quite definitely refers to a bell in an old shed. Had the belfry fallen down between 1785 and 1823, or had the belfry been imagined? There appears to be a plaque over the door and the roof slates are not the heavy ones described below. The Chapel stood approximately on the site of the Hare & Hounds car park, close to the Old School, and to the stocks.
What seems to be indisputable is that the Chapel was in an appalling state when Rawlings, author of books on Derbyshire Churches of that time, recalled. “When I visited it on 28th August 1818, I found it in so ruinous and dilapidated a state that the inhabitants could not assemble in it for Divine Worship; but met together in the schoolroom adjacent, where it was performed. The pews were nearly all broken down, and scattered around; as was the ceiling to so great an extent, as to be no preventative against the fury of the descending storms of snow and rain from entering”. I guess that sets the scene some five years before a Visitation, so unless radical work was undertaken in the intervening period, the place must have been dreadful.
In July 1823, an inspection of Dore Chapel was taken and the report was referred to in Answers to the Visitation of Dore Chapel of Ease. (As neighbouring Totley had neither church nor chapel at that time, I would guess that the humble Dore building was used by Totley people too). At that time the Patron was Earl Fitzwilliam and the Improprietor was the Duke of Devonshire.

QUITE RUINOUS This is the gist of the content of the Visitation Report:
“It is an old stone building with three frightful wooden pillars down the centre supporting the bad, double-pitched roof of heavy, decayed (stone) slates; it lets in wet and the ceiling is quite ruinous. The walls are of stone, cracked at the west end and bulging out in various places, especially at the south west corner. There is no steeple or tower, only a shed containing one bell. The floor is tolerably even but some stones are damp and decayed. There is no porch, no chancel and there are no vaults. The windows are whole but there are no casements (no wooden opening frames). The doors are rotten and although the pulpit is sound but mean, the floor of the desk is very bad, very bad; the hangings are tattered. There are neither altar nor ornaments. The Bible is good but the Prayerbook is only tolerable. Almost all the seats are wretchedly worn and decayed. There is a gallery at the west end for singers, and a few private seats in tolerable repair. The font is stone with a worm-eaten cover and there are three benefaction tablets recording all the charities (these may be the ones now in the Old Schoolhouse). The surplices are tolerably good but there is no linen or plate. The chest for papers is sufficient and there is an iron chest for the register which, despite being left loose in the church, records baptisms (marriages and funerals took place at Dronfield Parish Church), commencing 13th January 1813, (there is, according to Brelsford in his History of Dore & Totley, an earlier baptismal register dated 1734). There is space for a congregation of 300, but no place for the poor. The cleanliness is very indifferent (!) and there is very great damp. The Chapel is 45 feet x 30ft (not much for 300!). There is good fencing around the Chapel although the churchyard is not consecrated and even the ground is not ascertained to belong to the Chapel. It would be of great advantage to have a burial ground here as the dead are carried to Dronfield four and a half miles off over wretched roads”. (I guess the pall bearers must have been dead tired).
“The gates are good but there are no drains, Divine Service is conducted once - mornings and evenings alternatively – prayers and sermon (probably weather permitting). Services are also held Christmas Day and sometimes Good Friday; there is no sacrement or catechism. The incumbent is Francis Parker A.M., (a perpetual curate from 1807-40), who is not resident. The parsonage is a wretched, much dilapidated, cottage – perfectly unfit for the residence of a clergyman”. Writing to the secretary of the Queen Anne’s Bounty about the lack of a parsonage house in Dore, he said “I am obliged to live in the Parish of Norton (5 miles away); this together with the badness of road and the steep hills that I have to climb is a great drawback on the discharge of my Pastoral Duties. Indeed it is quite impossible for me to visit my people in the winter season without injuring my health” (Perhaps that is why he finished that year). Parker performed all duties. The gross value of his salary was £70pa and he was granted no surplice fees. Easter dues and small payments were received by the Vicar of Dronfield, but on two occasions Parker had received the Queen Anne’s Bounty (this was a fund for augmenting poor benefices). In 1841 Earl Fitzwilliam had a handsome, large brick parsonage built for the new incumbent Rev. Richard Martin, who was followed in 1849 by the Rev. Aldred. Benefactions concerned some 8a2r30p of land and 28 new enclosures. There was an endowed school next door and a subscription day school, teaching reading, writing and arithmetic to about 50 boys and girls, which was combined with the Sunday School that had 150 to 200 children; The township population is quoted as 850 in 1823.
The parish clerk at that time was appointed by the trustees (including the minister) and was called Richard Furness, later to be schoolmaster, writer and architect (in 1828) of the replacement church. He, not only designed the present church but also acted as clerk of works and worked on the ornamental stonework and without pay! The Churchwarden was John Shearwood who noted that D’Ewes Coke, agent to the Duke of Rutland, was to be seen regarding repairs if the Chapel was not to be rebuilt. It would then have a new stone floor and ceiling, the bulging wall on the south side and south west end rebuilt, the roof and gutter inspected and effectually to be repaired, window casements made, new door and new cover for the font, drain around the Chapel and seats & floors of the reading desk to be repaired. The estimated cost of the alterations was £208 15s. However if the whole was to be rebuilt and Mr. Coke’s (or was it Furness’s) plan adopted, the Chapel yard would be consecrated & the sacrement administered four times a year. It is no wonder that a new building was preferred! As it was the whole of the material from the Chapel was used in the building of the Church which cost £1000, sixty percent of which was raised by church rates and the rest by subscriptions. At the time of the bankruptcy of Parker, Shore and Co., Bankers, one hundred and twenty pounds were still owing by Dore Church, which was written off as a bad debt. Afterward, on the sale of the remainder of Newton Shore’s land at Dore, that gentleman made the church a present of Cat Croft to enlarge the graveyard. This land was drained and fenced off out of church rates; J. Hancock being designer and clerk of works, spending much time and attention free of charge. The site of the Chapel and the vacant surrounding land was sold to John Wilson for £30. Three roods of land were given by Newton Shore Esq., as a site for the Church and Graveyard. The replacement remained as a Chapel of Ease until 1844 when it became a Parish Church separate from Dronfield but including Totley. In 1876, with the expanding population, helped by the provision of a railway station and the erection of St. Johns, Abbeydale Road South, another ecclesiastical parish was created out of the parish of Dore.
Totley was split away on the building of All Saints in 1924.
Brian Edwards November 2004.

The Church in Derbyshire in 1823/4 MatLib
Rawlings iiDp175 30 April 1821 ChLib

A History of Dore & Totley from the 9th to 20th century by Vernon Brelsford

History of Dore by Rev. Gibson ChLib

Churches of Derbyshire, Cox

Glebe Terrier

CcfileF1433 4 Feb 1840.
1823 Map of Dore Public Roads MPRO D1053Z/P2 ns
1823 Sister of D’Ewes Coke wrote from Totley Hall (nothing of importance to me) MPRO 1881 L3
1823 February 1: Mary Mitchell (Totley?) married Carver Evans of Dronfield SARC MOOA
1823 ‘To Edward Leach, bounty for bitch fox 7/-’ DTCC
1823 March 8: To do with assessors paid schoolmaster for fire of candles 5/6 DTCC
1823 May 5: To Jno Wilson for repairing the Walk Mill and Ouda Bridges 9/10d DTCC
1824 18 Aug. Survey of field – Brookhouse Field showing quarry in centre near Totley Brook apprx. Where Quarry Road is now. Survey also shows Greenoak Inn as Public House.
See also map of Brookhouse Field
Field owned by G B Greaves and held by Brocklehurst in 1824
Fairbank Field Book FB167 p46 SLIB.
1824 25 March 1824 Overseers mentions Stephen Green, Edward Cockayne, Wm Green, John Mitchell
Joseph Dalton Overseer
John Wilson (Constable) farmer
Wm North farmer
Joseph Barton
Wm Dalton Farmer
Joshua Hodgkinson corn miller
Thomas Hogg
Robert Pinder farmer
John Green
1824 Owler Bar Turnpike to Eccleshall via Totley. Plan, book of reference. Hathersage to Greenhill Moor via Owler Bar Holmesfield and Bradway MPRO Quarter Sessions QRP1/130. ns
1824 5 May: To Jno Wilson for repairing the Walk Mill and Ouda (Olday) Bridges 9s10d. My assistance to Jno Wilson 1s 0d ( Joshua Hodgkinson the Churchwarden) DTCC
1824 July: ‘By permission of B B Steade Beauchief Hall agent to Peter Pegge Burrell. I opened a remarkably conspicuous and well-shaped tumulus at Strawberry Lee which was supposed to be a ‘barrow’. We dug through the side to the centre without discovering the least sign of it being a funeral mound’. Bateman opened several more on the same day at Burbage, Fox House etc. with a large group of labourers. Nearly all the barrows he opened and found nothing were subsequently opened with care and yielded internments Holmesfield Court Roll 333 09 426S SLIB
1824 Derbys Quarter Sessions Magistrates Convictions (Easter) Thomas Hopkinson (no occupation given) Vol 25 ns
1824 20 October: George Marshall buried at Dronfield age 78. See 1777 Papers at Lower Bents Farm
1824 Probate of will of Henry Sutton deceased (related to Totley?) mentioned MPRO 1883/L3 Coke
1824 April 1: William Vickers (Totley?) married Catherine Marsh of Dronfield SARC MOOA
1824 Plan of roads between Hathersage, Owler Bar, Greenhil Moor, and Woodseats Calendar of Derbys. Records Buxton Library ns
1824 1 April. Thos Hancock, Edward Dalton to Messrs. Unwin, Andrews and Smith. Assignment Papers at Lower Bents Farm
1824 Overseers
Wm North Overseer?
Joshua Hodgkinson Churchwarden
John Wilson (Stonemason? See 1823) farmer
Robert Pinder farmer
Saml Hopkinson (Cross Scythes)sicklesmith
Thos Bunting
Saml Ogden Gentleman Farmer
Aaron Thorpe
John Mitchell farmer
William Dalton farmer
Thos Hogg
Thos Hopkinson farmer?
John Barton Firebrick maker
Thos Ogden
Susannah Baxby
Matthew Barton
George White
Hannah Ward
Sarah Green
Bartholomew Green
Joshua Green
Betty Green

Bastardy Account
Sarah Green £5.6s
Betty Fletcher £5.6s
Mary Fletcher £6.12.6d
Presume fathers were those who paid over:
Joseph Marshall £5.4s
Samuel Wragg £5.4s
Wm Reed had to pay £6.10s
More detail in Overseers Accounts from this year
1824 July 30th: ‘To Chesterfield on account of the death of James Hopkinson (n.b. this was a little boy who was killed by a fall from a horse) son of Samuel Hopkinson of the Cross Scythes, Totley DTCC
1825 John Howard (son of John?) born DRCH
1825 William North Overseer  
1825 Dissent Register of Protestant Dissenters Meeting Places in Derbyshire Dronfield – Has Totley mentioned ns MPRO Quarter Sessions Bundle 7
1825 20 May: Act for repairing Stony Middleton to Greenhill (via Totley) Turnpike MPRO D4A/TT1-2
1826 Sketch of Dennis and Robert Ibbotson’s Walkmill and land in Norton and Dore. Leased to them by Rev. William Broadbent of Latchford Cheshire G ives notes on condition of property and valuation. See also CP 31-187 Fairbank correspondence (BE Copy) SLIB. Fairbank Fieldbook FB 182 pp 76-83
1826 John Mitchell’s will proved (Yorkshire Probate) Execs. Nephew John Mitchell & Henry Elliott. See Will 1797. Mitchell lived at end cottage Totley Bents near Turners Croft. (Original in possession of Anne Rose of Marstone Cres.)  
1826 Martha Dalton buried (1824 on gravestone). She had 2 illegitimate children by Peter Pegge of Beauchief Hall. See 1776/1777 cards
When Peter Pegge’s cousin died he married the widow but Elizabeth went to live at Beauchief and later adopted as their daughter. She married Pegge’s nephew (and prospective heir) Broughton-Benjamin Stead. He settled on her a dowry of £5000 – copy of marriage settlement or maybe also Beauchief Muniments SLIB. She was actually his first cousin! Married 1802. See details Derb Arch. Journal 1967 p113. Portrait of Elizabeth (died 1844) in DAJ 1967 p 117 Plate IV a
DRPR. DAJ 1967 P111
DD CW/1a/10 (Notts County Record Office)
1826 15 July: D’Ewes Coke copy letters.
Details sums contributed towards Totley School. Says site fixed and ready for building. ‘We were led to expect 5 guineas from Sir Wm Bagshaw & materials from an old smelting house & that amount which was then calculated at £100 (unreadable part). The materials have since been disposed of.
D’Ewes Coke £25, Greaves (GB ?) £25, Shore £25, Middleton £10 & Shawe £10.
Pegge Burnell (Beauchief) & Mr Waterfall (Totley Vale) are yet to come in.
An additional sum was paid by Lord Middleton and Mr waterfall gave £10 but Pegge Burnell was only gentleman not to declare amount of subscription.
SLIB OD 1293
1826 ‘Walk Mill’ in Norton belonging to Mr Broadbent leased for 42 years at £150 pa. Being worked as a paper mill by Dennis and Robert Ibbotson of Hathersage & later by Ibbotson & Mitchell  
1826 1st June Paid schoolmaster for filling up the Poor returns 5/-d  
1827 Infant School Totley Hall Lane built. See 1753 and SCHOOL (infant) card. Date stone on building is 1827  
1827 Plan of several lines of road between Sheffield and Bakewell MPRO 4A/TT40
1827 Derbyshire Quarter Sessions (1753-1827) List of Victuallers. NS. Totley referred? MPRO
1827 Reference to Pigot Business Directory needs adding) Ch.Lob
1827 Dore Survey. Listed as Nether Scythe Mill owned by Duke of Devonshire, let to Ralph Linley successor to Ralph Greaves. Linley was Totley Overseer 1810 MB 151
1827 12 June: John Coates of Dronfield (? Totley) married Ann Wall. SARC MOOA
1827 1 March: Samuel Hague married Sarah Marsden Dronfield (Totley ?) SARC MOOA
1827 From Saxon times till 1827 Totley was part of ancient parish of Dronfield  
1827 The Parish of Christ Church Dore was created and Totley became part of that  
1827 Nether Wheel in use as Grinding Hull Where T’water Runs O’er T’weir Davey
1820 or 1830 Or thereabouts the 2nd Strawberry Lee Farmhouse was built. See Strawberry Lee.  
1828 Charity Commissioners’ Report gives full details of Totley School charity and Greens Charity. Totley School
We have on our account of Dore School, given the particulars of the gift of Rev. Robert Turie, of whose legacy one third being £13 6s8d was paid for enclosing land on Totley Common. By indentures of lease and release, bearing date 10 and 11 October 1753, between Francis Lord Middleton, Lord of the Manor of Totley of the first part, and Edmund Offley and five others of the other part; reciting, that the said E.O. and others, were the principal freeholders or inhabitants within the said manor, and had rights of Common on all commons and waste ground within the said manor; and being desirous of erecting a school house and making a provision for the teaching of such children, as thereinafter mentioned; had applied to the said Lord M. to grant such a piece of the said commons, as thereinafter mentioned, the said Lord M. granted to E.O. and others and their heirs, a piece of ground, commonly called the Croft Heads, being part of the waste belonging to the manor of Totley, estimated at 4 acres, in trust, for erecting a school or school house upon the same, and to receive the rents and profits of such school or school house, and of the premises thereby granted, and to apply the same for the teaching of English, and in the Church Catechism, six poor children, boys or girls, of and belonging to the liberty of Totley, such as the said trustees for the time being should think proper to nominate for that purpose; and it was provided that Lord M and his heirs should be always trustees and whenever two only of the trustees should be living, the survivers should appoint other freeholders of the manor, and convey the premises to the use of themselves and such new trustees, and Lord M and his heirs. In addition to the sum of £13 6s8d paid on account of the gift of Robert Turie and applied in inclosing the land mentioned, it appears that William Green adanced £25 for which interest was paid to him for some years, and in discharge of which he ultimately, in 1795, accepted a lease for 21 tears at the rent of £4.
The original intention of building a school on this land was never carried into effect; and until 1821, when the Dore Enclosure was nearly completed, the rent of this land was paid to the schoolmaster at Dore, for instructing six children who were sent to him from Totley.
In 1821 it was determined to establish a school in the township of Totley, and a subscription was raised for erecting a building for that purpose. The plan, however, has been since abandoned, and a school has been built by D’EWES Coke Esq,(of Totley Hall)on his own land., and at his own expense; and it is proposed to invest the sum of £125., which had been raised by subscription, in the names of the trustees, and to apply the interest thereof in increasing the schoolmistress’s salary.
The land on Totley Common is now let to Thomas Hopkinson, as yearly tenant, at a good rent of £6 and this sum has since 1821 been paid to a schoolmistress who has instructed 6 children in reading, without any charge to the parents.
Lord Middleton is now the only trustee under the deed of 1753. The management of the land has been left principally to Wm., Green nephew of William Greenat whose expense the enclosing of the land was principally effected.
Charity Commisioners Report 1828

Report page 759
MatLib B.E. copy
1820s Paper Mill was used by John Barker as a corn mill nr Totley Grove D to D
1828 Totley is another hamlet, in the parish of Dronfield, about three miles north-west from that town, containing 351 inhabitants.
Academies and Schools: Furness, Richard (day), Dore
Reaves, Miss (Ladies) Dronfield
Blacksmiths: Ford, Samuel, Dore. Wolstenholme, John, Totley
File Manufacturers: Marshall, Joseph, Totley
Grocers and Dealers in Sundries: Outram, Edward (& tallow chandler) Dronfield
Inns and Public Houses: Cross Scythes, Samuel Hopkinson, Totley
Fleur-de-Lis, John Green, Totley
Green Oak, Samuel Biggin, Totley
Peacock, Wm. Hattersley, Holmesfield (Owler Bar)
Retailers of Beer: Baxby, Henry, Totley
Millers: Hodgkinson Joshua, (& millwright) Totley
Scythe Makers: Biggin, Samuel, Holmesfield
Hopkinson, Samuel, Totley.Linley. Peter, Bolehill
Stone Masons: Elliott, Abraham, Totley
Miscellaneous: Gainsford, Robert, silver plater, Totley
Outram, Godfrey, brazier, Dronfield
Carrier to Sheffield from Dore, daily, by Peter Pinder.
This is not by any means a comprehensive list of all tradesmen, but covers the Totley entries plus a few outsiders..
Pigots Business Dir. of Derbyshire, Dronfield
1828 Land at Totley belonging to Samuel Shore jun. Proposed to be given to (by?) him by (to?) Robert Newton Shawe, in exchange for land at Coal Aston. Refers to land on opposite bank of stream from St. George’s Farm. See map Fairbanks. Exchange details in Fairbanks Fieldbook FB 187 p 56/57. See Coal Aston Map. Sheffield Archives NSC 125 SLIB 75L
1829 25 April: Overseers Accounts extracts:
Schoolmaster for 7 books: 1/9d
Paid for paper pens ink etc: 2/6d
Isaac Wragg for 3 pairs of shoes: 13/-
Pd. Samuel Hopkinson for sheep wash making up 2/8d
26 Feb. Pd. Alexander Fletcher 1 handkerchief 10d
11 Apr. Candles at meetings 3d
1828 1 April. Pd schoolmaster for paper 1/6d. ? salary for writing £1/1/-  
1828 5 Aug: Sheffield Iris – sale invoice Lot 5: In Totley & Dore a paper mill of sufficient capacity and power for an extensive business with a rag house and stable… the occupation of Samuel Dalton  
1828 21 May: Elizabeth Wilde married Francis Oldall of Dronfield (Totley?) SARC MOOA
1828 Michelmas: Quarter Sessions Local Magistrates Collections?
John Green, Totley, Shopkeeper Vol 27 p588
John Linley, Shopkeeper, Vol 27 p 589
Thos Wilkins, Shopkeeper Vol 27 p 588
Possibly weights and measures offences (not seen)
1829 Copied from transcript at Totley College 1977:
Lord of the Manor, Lord Middleton, Wollaton Hall, Notts.
Barton, John, firebrickmaker
Biggin, Samuel, vict.
Dalton, George, vict.
Dalton, Samuel, paper and brickmaker
Dalton, Sarah, farmer
Dalton, James, farmer
Dalton, William farmer (Holefield) – typing error Hallfield?
Dalton, Joseph, farmer, Strawberry lee
Green, William, farmer
Hodgkinson, Josiah, corn miller
Hopkinson, sicklesmith and vict.
Howard, John, farmer
Mitchell, John, farmer
North, William, farmer
Ogden, Samuel gentleman farmer
Pinder, Robert, farmer
Wilson, John, farmer
1829 Overseers Accounts: A tramp 1/6d
Repairing washpool 2/7d
1829 Glovers Gazetteer mentions coal workings at Owler Bar - Thickwood Clarion 1937-38 (BE)
1830 “Coal was worked below the ex-Duke’s Drive under Brown Edge as late as 1830 – Glovers Gazetteer” Clarion 1937-38 (BE)
1830c Abraham Elliott grandson of Abr. Born 1830 (died 1904) DRCH
1830 By 1830 a grinding wheel was working on the Bagshawe property at Old Hay assessed for land tax. DBL Totley Tithe Award
1830 Overseers Accounts:
Paid for clothes for Greens children 7/6d
Paid for 2 shirts for Greens Children 2/1d
Paid for making up washpool 3/7d
1830 Turnpike: Lease of Tolls on Owler Bar Turnpike to Joshua Bower MPRO 4A/TC41
1830 Coke Turnpike: Exchange of land between D’Ewes Coke and Stiny Middleton – Greenhill Turnpike Trust – between Wooden Pole and Foxhouse.
Exchange:- part of an old road now rendered useless leading from Wooden Pole towards Hathersage totalling 2 roods 8 perches value £15/15/-. From Coke exchanged for Well Croft 1a/1r/31p between Wooden Pole & Fox House – seen, not too interesting, all in Parish of Hathersage
1830 15 April: Coke: Letter to D’Ewes Coke (jnr.) from Castle Hill Bakewell from D’Ewes Coke mentions timber sales in Totley (in passing)……or I could not have paid my way for Totley is however now over till it becomes your turn I believe has been (?) a grateful little place and has done more for me than I could have conceived considering the wretched state in which my father left it – so it will be for you if you have the house? To keep it with all I have done the state of my affairs is very embarrassing to me after paying away all the rents that came in and having no(?) demands of any sort I have still £470 of tradesmans bills of which £230 are 3 years old. MPRO. Coke Papers
1830 Valuation of the freehold Walk Mill, grinding wheel on R. Sheaf, the property of Mr. Webster: grinding wheel containing 3 scythe and 1 saw grinding troughs etc. and I cottage house occupied by Tom? Green as undertenant, one new building intended for a drying room for paper making etc. £1,028. Copy of plan & description BE. SARC BM 33-44
1830 Salford to Sheffield (Canal) Railway proposed by Geo. Stephenson. See map and info (RB). BE seen. Needs tracing. Passes more or less on same line as present one. MPRO QRP2-161
1830 See Coke letter under Coke  
1831 Extract from the answers and returns to the Population Act Geo. 4th 1831. Gives details of inhabitants see photocopy (BE)
70 houses inhabited
70 families
1 uninhabited
15 families chiefly employed in agriculture
32 families chiefly employed in trade, manufacture and handicrafts
33 families not comprised in the preceding sections
177 males
174 females
351 persons
94 males 20 yrs of age
4 occupiers employing labourers in agriculture
11 occupiers not employing labourers in agriculture
5 labourers employed in agriculture
9 labourers employed in manufacture
24 employed in retail trade or in handicrafts as masters or workmen
1 capitalist banker or professional or other educated men
24 labourers employed in other than agriculture
15 other males of 20 yrs (not servants)
1 male servant over 20
No male servant under 20
2 female servants
(There were 104 servants out of pop. of 1,747 in Norton)
SLIB JC 1250a 20
15 January
(Copy of) Agreement
B B Steade agrees to sell to Will Webster fro £2750 and a paper warehouse recently erected. Mr Webster’s interest in the Walk Mill Estate, Beauchief.
Witness: Benjamin (C)
1831 25 February: George Dalton husband of Dorothy died age 47 – they were at Crown Inn Dronfield Churchyard
1831 5 March: Report of a meeting of Turnpike Trustees at Owler Bar to discuss effect of Sheffield-Manchester Railway “to the great future, danger and annoyance of all the King’s subjects travelling upon the Turnpike Road.”
The lines would cross the road and were also running parallel for some considerable distance.
Chesterfield Library – Derbyshire Courier 1931
1831 June: Dronfield Church “Chimes of this pretty church being repaired and their harmonious melody will shortly be heard in the upholstery(?)”
Chesterfield Library – Derbyshire Courier
1831 13 August: Tolls advertised at Owler Bar (£500)

Chesterfield Library – Derbyshire Courier
1831 “At Totley before Broughton B Steade; Samuel Dean, Edward Connolley and William Shanley committed to Quarter Sessions on charge of feloniously entering into Rolling Mill at Totley belonging to George Bustard Greaves and stealing a quantity of lead his property.
On the Constable of Totley arriving at Chesterfield with his 3 prisoners, Shanley contrived to make his escape from the Wheatsheaf pub where they had called to take some refreshment and he has not been heard of since”
Chesterfield Library – Derbyshire Courier
1831 Overseers Accounts
Writing paper for myself 1/-
Taking up 29 yds ganister for Stephen Greens expenses 2/6d
Making up washpool 2/6d
1831 Brimington Chesterfield & High Moors Turnpike.
branch for Four Lane Ends Newbold to Totley via Barlow, Crowhole, Peakley Hill & Holmesfield
branch from Crowhole to Owler Bar via Milthorpe
1832 William Fearn Pinder (born 1832) died 1887 DRCH
1832-1847 Register of Electors extracts:
1832 William Ogden of Totley had freehold land and house at Fanshawe Gate
1832 Opinion of Fred Pollock on question of tolls of stone – Owler Bar Turnpike NS. MPRO 4A/TC40
1832 Year ending 25 March Samuel Pearson Overseer  
1832 1 Thos Bunting, FH House and land
2 Joseph Bartin, FH House and land
3 Joseph Dalton St.Lee Rental £50pa
4 Samuel Dalton Totley Rental of Olday Mill and land £30 pa
5 William Dalton Hallfield FH
6 William Green FH land and house
7 Samuel Hopkinson rental of farm etc £50pa
8 Thomas Hogg (Ogden?) Freehold House
9 William North. Tenant of £50pa
10 Samuel Ogden, Freehold & house
11 John Waterfall, Farm and land Hallfield (of Glossop Road, Sheffield)
12 John Wilson, Occ of house and land not less than £30
etc see 1936/7 Poll District
Matlock Lib.
1832 Thos Biggin of Ashfurlong was tenant of Duke of Devonshire’s Nether Scythe Mill in Land Tax Assessments Matlock Library
1832 31 January: Ellen wife of Thos North of Totley died aged 35  
1832 16 Sept: Mary Ann daughter of George and Dorothy Dalton died (victualler The Crown) Dronfield Churchyard
1832 December: The Petty Sessions at Eckington fined a drover from Abbots Bromley Staffordshire 10 shillings plus costs for evading tolls on the Sheffield to Baslow Turnpike. It appeared he was driving 191 head of cattle on the Turnpike but a few yards before he came to the Tollgate (at Owler Bar), he drove them through a gate leading into a large close of uncultivated land in the possession of Wm. Hattersley, landlord of the Peacock, where they remained all night and early next morning he took the cattle on to the road leading out of the close but communicating with the same Turnpike, thus evading payment of tolls. Chesterfield Library Derbyshire Courier
1832 6 February: Constable and Churchwardens Accounts:
To Sheffield to seek Jno Whild militia man & to Strawberry Lee by order of the High Constable 4s.6d. (sounds intriguing)
1832 Constable paid to a woman with fits and son 1s.6d.  
1833 Oldhay Bridge built by Dore & Totley ? according to Calendar of Returns 1836 Buxton Library
1833 9 June: Constable John Hancock paid John Wilson 15/6d for repairing bridge at Totley Mill (which mill?) – Oldhay. Constables Accounts.
Also Calendar of Bridges & Culverts Derbys. Calendar of Records Buxton Library. NS
See also 1829 for John Wilson farmer (+ stone mason ?)
And 1833
1833 An Education Enquiry dated 24th May 1833 included:
Totley Hamlet (pop 351) – One Daily School, commenced 1827, containing 11 males and 19 females; is endowed with £6 per annum arising from land appropriated for the purpose of teaching 10 children; the remainder are paid for by their parents. See full details Charity Commissioners Report of 1828.
Abstract of Education Returns MatLib
1833 February: Inquest, On Thursday at Totley, on view of the body of Joseph Cocker scythe grinder. Whilst at work on Wednesday last, the (mill) stone on which he was working broke and struck him in the forehead and killed him on the spot. Verdict: Accidental Death Chesterfield Library Derbyshire Courier
1833 Overseers Accounts
Writing paper for township 1/6d
Worsted and cotton for Stephen Green 8d
Postage of a letter from London 1/1d
Paid for Stephen Green’s shoes 4/3d
Paid for washpool making up 4/-
Paid for mole catching £3/7/6d
Paid Wm.Dalton for his mole catching 4/-
1833 Totley is a poor village on the Bakewell Road, 6 miles SSW of Sheffield. The schoolmistress has £6 yearly for 6 poor children, from £136s8d, left by the Rev. R. Turie, and land allotted at the Enclosure in 1821(query date – should it be 1841?) The poor have 12s yearly in bread, from the bequest of William Green in 1786. It is one of 7 townships in the Dronffield Parish
Lord of the Manor Lord Middleton
Baxby, Henry, Beerhouse
Biggin, Samuiel – Vict. Greenoak
Elliiott, Abrm. Stonemason
Gainsford, Robert – silver plater (of Gainsford, Fenton and Nicholson)
Green, John – Vict. Fleur de Lys
Hod(g)kinson, Joshua – Corn miller and wheelwright (Upper Mill)
Hopkinson, Samuel – Vict. (and scythe mfr.) Cross Scythes
Howard, John – farmer
Marshall. Joseph – file mfr.
Wild, Hannah – day school
Wilson, John – farmer
Wostenholme, John – blacksmith
Whites Directory ChLib
Bunting, Thomas Totley
Freehold House and land Totley
Barton, Joseph, Totley
Freehold house and land, Totley
Dalton, Joseph Strawberry Lee
Rental, £50 per annum, Strawberry Lee
Dalton, Samuel, Totley
Rental of Mill & Land £50 per annum
Oldhay Townships of Dore and Totley
Dalton, William, Totley (Hallfield)
Freehold land Totley Bents
Green, William, Totley
Freehold land and houses, Totley
Hopkinson, Samuel, Totley
Rental of farm etc of £50 and upwards, Totley
Hogg, Thomas, Totley
Freehold House, Totley
North, William, Totley
Tenant of the yearly rent of £50 and upwards, Totley
Ogden, Samuel, Totley
Freehold lands and houses
Waterfall, John
Glossop Road, Sheffield, Summerwood Top
Freehold messuage and land, Hallfield, Totley
Wilson, John, Totley
Occupier of house and land not less than £50, Totley
Register of Electors 1834 Matlock Library
1834 Sandersons map 20 miles around Mansfield, mentions Old Wifes Well (near Bole Hill Lodge) – Ref: Holy Wells and Spas in South Yorkshire by Rob Wilson
(only reference to Totley)
SLIB 551.49S
1834 22 July: Dore & Totley Churchwardens & Constables Account book mentions repairing or replacing Totley Bridge 2/- (at Oldhay ?)  
1834 Poor Law Amendment changed much of the old system of poor relief and Totley together with Dore came into the Eccleshall Poor Law Union with a Workhouse in use at Nether Edge from 1843  
1834 Overseers A/Cs. Thos North Assistant Overseer
Paid Mr Dalton for his own mole catching 4/-
Henry Wells for 30 ? of ganister @ half pence per yard £1/15/-
Salary for serving office £7 Writing paper for township 1/6d
Paid for repairing washpool. Journey to Liverpool and Mnachester,
3 days 15/- Coach fare 4/- Railway fare 8/- Expenses 10/-
4 corves of coals & carriage for Hannah Wilde? 3/11
Paid for letter from House of Commons 3d (Could this be to do with enclosure ?)
1834 Totley Manor Minute Book in Matlock PRO
In October meeting held in Totley schoolroom, Samuel Shore Chairman, present R B Steade representing P P Burnell, D’Ewes Coke, John Waterfall, Samuel Ogden, (Doesn’t state whether there were earlier books) not much information other than discussion regarding outsiders taking stone
MPRO D1881/111 17608 & 17640
1834 2 August Derbyshire Courier – Report of Cricket Match between Dore & Totley and Baslow held at Chatsworth expecting excellent play from both sides the following day. Next week they wrote : On Monday last (Bank Holiday ?) a match of cricket was played at Chatsworth between clubs from Dore & Totley and Baslow. The day was remarkably fine and the ground in excellent condition. The playing of the Baslow Band added much to the gaiety of the scene and the spectators were abundantly gratified. The match was won by the Dore and Totley Club as is shown in the following statement of the game:
Chatsworth 1st Innings 55 & 5 byes; 2nd Innings 38 & 2 byes = 100
Dore & Totley 1st Innings 83 & 7 byes 2nd Innings 39 & 5 byes = 134
1834 10 March Harriett Hattersley of Dronfield (Owler Bar) married Thos Bunting (Totley ?) SARC MOOA
1835 Pigots Directory of Derbyshire 1835
Storey, John, Totley
Corn Millers
Hopkinson, Joseph, Totley
Inns and Public Houses
Cross Scythes, Sl. Hopkinson, Totley
Fleur de Lis, John Green, Totley
Fox & Hounds, Hen. Elliott, Dore
Royal Oak, Saml. Biggin, Totley
Sun, John Dalton, Totley
Paper Makers
Dalton, Samuel, Totley
Scythe & Sickle Makers
Biggin Thos (scythe) Bradway
Linley Peter (scythe) Bolehill
Outram, Godfrey, iron and tinplate worker
Shaw Abraham, tanner, Dronfield?
1835 Pigot and Co. Directory of Derbyshire in Matlock Library gives these details:
351 inhabitants
Blacksmith John Wolstenholm
File Mfr Joseph Marshall
Fleur de Lis John Green
Green Oak Samuel Biggin
Cross Scythes Samuel Hopkinson
Retailer of beer Henry Baxby
Miller & Millwright Joshua Hodgkinson
Scythe Maker Samuel Hopkinson
Stonemason Abraham Elliott
Silver Plater Robert Gainsford
Pigot Bus. Dir.
Chesterfield p134
1835 Elizabeth wife of Abraham Elliott Junior? Born 1835, died 1901 DRCH
1835 February: Totley Manor Minute Book
Meeting held in Totley Schoolroom
D’Ewes Coke, Samuel Shore, Henry Morewood Greaves, John Waterfall, William Dalton, Thomas Hogg, William Green, Samuel Ogden, Joseph Bartin, Thomas Bunting,:
Resolved that:
William Green, Thomas Bunting, and Joseph Bartin do receive accruing and future rents of Totley School land situated at Totley and Coal Aston with power to let same from time to time and reduce rent at Coal Aston if they think it is presently too high, and to payn the rents over to Mrs Wilde the schoolmistress and try to get back rents from Thomas Hopkinson of new enclosure at Totley Common (school fields on Moss Road).
That: William Green, Thomas Bunting, and Joseph Bartin be empowered to nominate the children to go to the school and also to fix the no. of children there. As Mr Thos Hopkinson continues to surcharge the commons by depasturing thereon great numbers of sheep Mr Henry Waterfall to commence on their behalf action in name of John Wilson tenant of D’Ewes Coke.
1835 April. As Thos Hopkinson had paid the costs of the action and promised not to repeat he would continue as tenant of land at £7 pa. (Coal Aston reduced to £6) William Green, Thomas Bunting, and Joseph Bartin to provide Thomas Hogg and Isaac Bunting at Coal Aston with proper posts and gates out of rent income.
That Bibles and proper schoolbooks be purchased
That Mrs Wilde the present schoolmistress commences to receive whole of rents from 25 March last – 1 child for every 20/- rent (That makes 7 + 6 = 13)
1835 Overseers of Poor Book CA27 (BE copy) Extract
Dec 22
Paid William Taylor’s rent in full
£1. 0. 0d
Dec 24
To Joseph Turner unemployed
Dec 26
Relieved a man, woman and children
1s. 6d.
Dec 26
Penny Lane Gate Hanging
2s. 0d.
Dec 31
To Himsworth with Assessment & Signing
1835 Overseers Accounts
1 Letter from London 3d
1835 See Coke letter under Coke  
1835-80 Turnpike (Owler Bar) Trustees Minute Book & Accounts 1835 -61 MPRO 4A/TT7
1835 Constables & Churchwardens Accounts
Pd. For handcuffs for Mr Hancock 10s.0d. (Mr H was Constable)
1835 3 July See also 1848, 1849, 1832 Totley Methodist Chapel.
Between John Sutcliffe, Benjamin Garside, Francis Farnell, John Swallow, Thos Firth, Robert Wilson, Samuel Nayler, John Fearby Sutcliffe, Thomas Fox Sutcliffe, Charles Swallow, John Swallow, the younger , Samuel Morley, Joseph Garside ( actuary? ). William Farnell & Joseph Garside (wood ? turner) - First part, Rev George Marsden 2nd part, James Brown 3rd part
See BE file on Totley Chapel.
1836 April meeting of Manor at Schoolhouse – D’Ewes Coke Chairman (of Bakewell) Samuel Ogden, Thos Bunting, & Joseph Bartin
They had paid for gates & posts at Coal Aston £1/19/6, Mrs Wilde from Rents £3, books and slates £1/7/9 and a halfpenny, 4 pairs of gate posts £1/6/- and 4 gates £4/- Totley. Blacksmith work on gates £1/6/7 and a half penny, lead for hanging gates 2/9d, tollbar 1/-, Joseph Bartin for hanging gates & setting them 12/-, Waterfalls a/c £1/13/6 for legal work, they had sold old gate from from Coal Aston for 8/-, Coke had paid in £8/14/- and they had received rent of £7/5/- from Isaac Bunting at Coal Aston.
1836 Map of land ? to G B Greaves in Totley
Very good, detailed map was obviously once attached to Map DRO 77L Fairbanks
Also detailed in Fairbanks Field Book. FB 213 49-92 Hillfoot Rd/Cross Scythes area (RB See) Details of tenants
1836 G B Greaves sold Totley Rolling Mill formerly called Halls House, Bagshawes Smelting Mill and Clays Smelting Mill to John Dyson Abbeydale Scythe maker and living in Totley (see Manor Minutes). The Rolling Mill was used by Dyson for rolling steel and was partnered by Samuel Biggin  
1836 Estimated value of houses etc in Totley referring to Relief of Poor – not seen MPRO Quarter Sessions
1836 See 1833 (RB) re Bridges Calendar of Returns  
1836 16 September: Tolls on Greenhill to Stoney Middleton (known as Owler Bar Turnpike) leased for 3 years to Joshua Bower the younger of Hunslet, Glass Mfr. And George Thurgoland of Huddersfield, Toll Bar Contractor, and Enoch Blackburn of Hunslet, post house duty contractor. Annual rent of £2350 (including occupying and enjoying all toll houses. (read again sometime in more detail)
The same people won the auction again on most occasions up to 1875 or so.
1836 5 November: Wife of Thos North of Totley (Dorothy ?) died aged 61 Holmesfield Churchyard.
1836 10 July: The toll quotes were at first unsatisfactory and some sort of renegotiation was made.
Turnpike Trustees Minutes mention Samuel Turner of Totley whose wife was niece to Ann Duckworth who was one of the original shareholders (£100) in the Turnpike. She had been housekeeper to Mr. Shore of Norton Hall and afterwards married Godfrey Morewood of Norton.
1836-50 Totley Tithe Files (Tithe Map + Award in MPRO) Matlock Library
336. 22
1836 11 January: Minutes of proceedings in execution of an act for more effectively repairing road from Greenhill to Stoney Middleton held at Peacock (William Hattersley landlord).
Present D'ewes Coke (chair) W. J. Bagshawe & 3 others.
Balances totalled £472/14/- Treasurer, -/7/- Surveyor.
1836 11 April: WJB chair, D'ewes Coke, Robert Penistone
Surveyor stated that cattle are turned out constantly to depasture on the sides of the turnpike to the great annoyance of the public travelling thereon and that if a pinfold be erected and cattle impounded it would be beneficial. Therefore proposed that pinfold be erected near to Owler Bar and expenses of maximum of 50/- to be met by trustees.
1836/7 Register of Electors
2871 Bunting Thomas, Totley. Freehold land & house, own occupation
2872 Barton Joseph, Totley. Ditto
2873 Biggin Samuel Totley. Occupier of land £50pa, Rolling Mills etc
2874 Bagshawe Edmund Lloyd, Westminster Lying-in Hospital. Share of freehold land and buildings, Paul Parnell and other
2875 Bagshawe Augustus Adam, 38 Golden Square, London. Ditto
2876 Dalton Joseph, Strawberry Lee. Occupier of land £50pa Strawberry Lee Farm
2877 Dalton William Hallfield. Freehold house and land
2878 Fisher Thomas, Totley. Rent £50pa, Totley
2879 Green William, Totley. Freehold houses and land, Jacob Green and others
2880 Howard John, Totley. £50 rental Totley
2881Hogg Thomas. Freehold house own occupation
2882 Hodgkinson George, Totley. Rental of £50pa and upwards. Totley Hall
2883 North William Totley. Ditto Totley
2884 Ogden Samuel, Totley. Freehold houses, John Newbold and others
2885 Ogden William, Totley. Freehold land, house and buildings
2886 Wilson John Totley. Rental £50pa Totley
2887 Wilde Joseph, Totley. Bolsover Bottoms, Ecclesall Bierlow F’hold house Thomas North
2888 Waterfall John Glossop Rd Sheffield Freehold house and land Hallfield

Over What Built Repaired By
Oldway bridge Wide Brook 1833 D & T

Rolling Mill Bridge River Sheaf not stated Prop of Abbeydale Rd.

Wark Mill Bridge " " By Township D & T Township
Of D & T & Parish of Norton
1836? Lands belonging to the heirs of G B Greaves and Offley Shore in Totley. see BE copy
Survey carried out by Fairbanks of Sheffield
G.B.Greaves land:
John Dyson Smelting & Rolling Mills with the upper & lower dams and banks 6.220
Occupation Road .425
Jn Dyson Goit to the upper dam .032
Samuel Biggin Barn field 4.970
ditto Barn, stable and stackyard .313
In hand East Wood .990
In hand West Wood 1.435
Jn Dyson wood & goit above the bridge .205
ditto wood north of the Sheaf .235
Saml Biggin West wood close 1.405
Willm North, Field Ends 9.105
Saml Biggin Upper Hob Sitch 1.383
ditto Public house, garden & yard .190
Thos Fisher Bare Lands 1.960
In hand Haighly (Akley?) bank Wood 1.220
15a ditto ditto north of the Sheaf .055
Henry Baxby Haighly bank Field 2.465
John Howard, Lime kiln Close 3.015
Ditto Little Lime Kiln Close .215
Saml Biggin Orchard & old road .430
ditto Lower Hob Sitch 1.325
ditto Stubbing Head .960
ditto Long Field 3.990
ditto Stubbing 3.970
John Howard Round Field 2.665
ditto Lamb Close 2.665
ditto Bridge Field 3.415
ditto Lower Sowter Lees 3.865
ditto Upper ditto 3.875
ditto Lees 4.990
ditto Meadow 2.860
John Howard Rough Sowter Lees 1.150
ditto Dunhill Holm 3.345
ditto Dunhill Holm Wood .740
ditto Upper Woodfrees 1.555
ditto Middle ditto 2.275
ditto Lower ditto 1.175
Thomas Fisher, Martin Lees 7.260
John Howard, Pye Greave 1.880
Thos Fisher, Upper Holm 4.265
ditto Nether Holm 3.965
Saml Biggin Lower War Furlong 1.660
Thos Hopkinson War Furlong 4.600
Saml Biggin Upper War Furlong 1.185
Thos Fisher War Furlong 3.525
Willm North GillYard 3.675
John Howard Homestead yard garden .195
Ditto Croft .750
ditto Green Croft 4.555
ditto North Furlong 2.075
Thos Fisher Sargill Dole .635
ditto Yew Croft 1.740
ditto Cawton (?) Croft 1.725
ditto Croft .345
ditto Two houses, garden and stable .165
ditto Public House, outbuilding, stackyard and garden .620
John Howard Barn stable and fold .125
ditto Anthony Croft 1.265
Late Peter Flint, Lower Green Flatt 1.955
ditto Middle ditto 2.225
ditto Upper ditto 3.840
John Barton, Bank 2.450
Ditto Crimbles 1.430
Wm North Homestead, garden & stackyard .415
ditto Croft .545
ditto Hall Croft 2.310
ditto Croft Head 1.140
ditto Rankhill Storth 3.495
Thos Fisher Leand Ley 2.855
Wm North ditto 3.310
ditto North Broom Bank 1.185
ditto South ditto .940
ditto Far Cliff 3.300
ditto Near Cliff 3.825
ditto Near Flatt 3.825
ditto Gore Broad 2.110
Wm North Great Flatt 9.315
ditto Slatepit Field 1.960
ditto Rough Bank 2.510
ditto Long Field 2.440
ditto Spring Field 3.230
TOTAL 19.415 G.B.Greaves Land

James Vale Totley Brook Close 1.810
Saml Pearson Gilling Storth 4.095
ditto Red Wells 4.455
ditto Breast Barns (Upper) 1.570
ditto Lower Breast Barns 1.225
Wm Green Eckley Bank Field 3.450
In hand Eckley Bank Wood 4.325
James Vale Bare Lands 2.605
Saml Pearson Far Wet lands 1.505
ditto Near Wet Lands 1.780
Wm Green North Furlong 3.870
James Vale ditto 4.340
Saml Pearson New Close 1.960
ditto Sargill Dole .615
ditto The Haugh 5.820
ditto Homestead, garden and croft .560
ditto Croft .625
Willm Green Homestead and garden .330
James Vale House garden and croft .430
ditto Barn stables and fold .135
ditto Croft .765
Robert Pinder Town Croft .575
Saml Pearson Lower Hare Croft 3.710
ditto Upper Hare Croft 1.645
Wm Green Barn Croft .790
James Vale Narrow Croft .320
Wm Green Green Field 2.245
James Vale Far Rankhill Storth 2.935
ditto Near ditto 3.660
Robt Pinder Row Cliff 2.620
Robt Pinder Far Bank 1.945
ditto Near Bank 3.230
Wm Green The Bank 2.560
Robt Pinder Little Leandley 1.345
ditto Great ditto 2.305
Jno Mitchell Two houses and gardens .095
ditto Nether Bent Ley 3.755
ditto Upper ditto 4.025
ditto Gorsey Bent Ley 3.930
ditto Unlet vacant ground .290
Robt Pinder Rushy Field 3.645
ditto Great Field 2.330
ditto Barn stable and cowhouse .110
ditto Far Great Field 2.280
ditto Pasture Field 1.960
Robt Pinder Paper Mill Field 2.470
ditto Knowle Field 1.645
ditto Butter Field 1.840
Jno Mitchell Far Croft .230
ditto Long Field 2.570
ditto Little Bank 1.120
ditto Great Bank 2.020
ditto Far Upper Field 1.390
ditto Near ditto 1.535
Robt Pinder Far Field 2.350
TOTAL 17.170 Offley Shore Land

FB 213. SARC

Selected details from Totley Tithe Roll. Dore? about 1836 or so . 1839? Not complete.
Obtained from Mrs. Jennings, Totley Hall College, March 1977.

Landowner Occupier No. Field name and/or use
Rt. Hon. Digby Middleton John Barton 68 Stable
Offley Shore John Mitchell 69 House & garden
" " 70 House & garden
Rt. Hon. Digby Middleton Isaac Taylor 71 House & garden
" James Taylor 72 House & garden
" Dorothy Dalton 73 Public House & garden
" " 74 House, outbuildings, yards & garden
Charles Brookfield John Green 75 Near Brown Close - Grass
Rt. Hon. Digby Middleton Abraham Elliott &    
  Jonathon Ogden 76 Croft - Grass
" " 77 House & Lane
" " 78 House, garden & Upper Croft
" John Wragg 147 House, shop, yards & garden
" " 148 House & garden
" " 149 Ruin & yard
" Samuel Turner 150 House, outbuildings & yard
" John Wragg 151 Garden
" John Baxby 152 House & yard
" Henry Baxby 153 Beer house
" Abraham Elliott &    
  Jonathon Ogden 154 House & yard
" Job Green 155 House, outbuildings, yard & garden
" " 156 Garden
Abraham Elliott &    
Jonathon Ogden John Newbold 157 House, building & yard
" Samuel White 158 House & yard
" William Ogden 159 House & yard
" John Marshal1 160 House & yard
" H. Brown 161 House
" Samuel White & 162 Gardens
  William Marshal    
T. Bunting " 163 ) Garden
" " 164 )
" J. Bunting 165 House & yard
Abraham Elliott &      
Johnathon Ogden John Thorpe 166 House & yard
" Henry Green 167 House & yard
" Joseph Marshal 168 File shop & yard
" G. Booker 169 House
Rt. Hon. Digby Middleton Abraham Elliott &    
  Johathon Ogden 170 Lane
" " " 171 House, yard & garden
" " " 172 House, yard & garden
" " " 173 Beer House, yard & garden
George Greaves Thomas Fisher 174 Stackyard
" " 175 Cross Scythes Public House
" " 176 Grass
" " 177 Barn & yard
" " 178 House, yard &garden
" " 179 Lane with stable
" " 180 House, yard & garden
Offley Shore Robert Pinder 181 Town Croft - Grass
Trustees of the late      
Thomas Hogg Jane Hogg 182 House. Garden etc.
Ann Barker " 183 Croft - Grass
William Green Thomas Ward Jnr. 184 House, yard & garden
" Thomas Ward Snr. 185 House, yard & garden
Jacob Green 186 House, yard & garden
Offley Shore Job Green 187 Outbuilbings & yards
" " 188 Croft - Grass
" Samuel Pearson 189 Croft - Grass
" " 190 House, outbuilding, yard, garden
      & orchard
" " 191 Croft - Grass
" Job Green 192 House, outbuilding, yard & garden
" " 193 Croft - Grass
" Samuel Pearson 194 Lane
" " 195 Croft - Grass
" " 198 Croft - Grass
" " 200 Arable
Coke D'ewes Joshua Hodgkinson 290 School House Yard & garden
Joseph Barton Henry Baxby 291 Orchard
" " 292 The Toft - Grass
George Greaves John Heyward 293 Green Croft - Arable
" " 294 Croft - Arable
Joseph Wylde James Newbold 295 House, cowhouse & yard
Rt. Hon. Digby Middleton Sarah Pinder & Thomas North 296 Houses, shop, yard & garden
George Greaves John Hayward 297 Garden
" " 298 Cowhouse & yard
" " 299 House
Rt. Hon. Digby Middleton Abraham Elliott &    
  Jonathon Ogden 300 Houses, yard & gardens
Offley Shore Job Green 301 Narrow Croft - Arable
George Greaves John Hayward 302 Barn & yard
" " 303 Anthony Croft - Arable
Thomas Bunting James Bunting 304 Barn Croft - Grass
    305 Part of the Sheffield & Bakewell Turnpike Road
Rt. Hon. Digby Middleton Thomas Bunting 306 Croft - Arable
Offley Shore William Green 307 Barn Croft - Arable
George Greaves Jane Hogg 308 Green Flat - Grass
" " 309 Green Flat - Grass
Rt. Hon. Digby Middleton John Green 310 Beerhouse & outbuildings yard
      & garden
" Pinder of Totley 311 Pinfold (1.5 Perches)
" William Marsden 312 House & garden
" John Marsden Snr. 313 House, yard & garden
" 314 Town Street leading to Totley Hall
" George Marshall 315 House & garden
Offley Shore William Green 316 Green Field - Grass & Arable
George Greaves Thomas North 317 Hall Croft - Grass
" " 318 Crofts - Grass
" " 319 House etc.
Coke D'Ewes John Wilson 320 House etc.
" " 321 Croft - Grass
" Coke D'Ewes 322 Totley Hall, out offices, yard, garden, orchards & pleasure grounds
" John Wilson 349 Far Barn Close - Grass
George Greaves Samuel Biggin 233 Beerhouse etc.
" " 234 North Hob Sitch - Arable
" Thomas North 235 Field Ends - Grass & Arable
" " 236 Lane
" Samuel Biggin 237 Storth
" " 238 Rolling Mill Plantation
John Dyson " 239 Plantation
" Ann Wolstenholm & Thomas Martin 241 Garden & Footpath
" " 242 Houses & Yards
John Dyson John Dyson 243 Rolling Mill house & grinding wheel, smelting furnace, blacksmiths shop, brick kiln, outbuildings, brick kiln, yard and Mill Yard
" " 244 Rolling Mill Dam and island
" " 245 Wood
" " 246 Rolling Mill Dam
" " 247 Lane
George Greaves George Greaves 248 Plantation (Rolling Mill)
" Samuel Biggin 249 Barn Lane & yard
" " 250 Barn Close - Grass
" " 251 Part of Sheffield & Bakewell Turnpike Road
" " 252 The Hay Baker - Arable
" " 253 South Hob Sitch - Arable
" " 254 Stubbing Head - Grass
" " 255 Stubbing - Arable
Offley Shore Job Green 256 Totley Brook Close - Arable
    257 Lane including Brook

Date Details Ref
(1836?) 1837 Map: Totley lands of Offley Shore - very useful detailed map of Hillfoot Road / Cannon Hall/ Hillfoot areas.
Once attached to map, 75L gives details of tenants.
See also Fairbanks Fieldbook

Also MB 157 is list of tenants and acreages etc.
B E has photocopy of Hillfoot area on DR077L
It looks from this as though James Vale lived at the Folds
Samuel Pearson Cannon Hall
Dorothy Dalton Crown
Robert Pinder Town Croft
Geo. Thorpe Totley Bents Cricket Inn?
Jonathon Mitchel possibly Turners Croft (next door)
MPDRO 77L Sh. Lib.
FB 213 pp 95/98 FB 211 " 48/62 Sh. Lib.
1837 Overseers a/cs.

Paid into Shores Bank £20 / 12 /-
Pinfold door repaired 1/-
Paid for Washpool making up 3/-
Samuel Pearson constable
Paid 10/- for 2 journeys for ? Shaw

Bastardy A/C. Elizabeth Shorts? child 14 weeks @ 1/6
39 weeks @ 2/6 £5. 18. 6
1837 Dissent Registration & Dissenters meeting places - Dronfield (Totley mentioned?) NS MPRO Quarter Sessions Bundle 7.
1837 April Manor of Totley meeting of proprietors of estates in Totley.
D'Ewes Coke, Thos. Bunting, Joseph Bunting, William Dalton, Samuel Shore, Pegge Burnell
At this meeting Thos. Hopkinson promised to dispose of sheep belonging to him and pastured by him in Totley Common immediately after next shearing time, except one score. Resolved that he not be allowed to exceed 20 in future.
Minute Books MPRO
1837 9 Oct. The Greenhill to Stoney Middleton Owler Bar Turnpike Trust agreed a diversion through a small croft at Owler Bar in occupation of Thomas Wragg, belonging to Duke of Rutland. This would result in the two roads covered by Toll House. MPRO D4/8TT7
1837 Derby Directory 1837 gives the following trades people:
Allsop, Chas. Totley Hall
Barton, John
Baxby, Leta
Fisher, Thomas Hallfield
Green, John
Hill, Henry
Hopkinson, Thomas
Howard, John
Mitchel, Jonth. Bents (Turners Croft?)
Newbould Edw. Bents
Pearson, Saml. (Cannon Hall)
Wainwright, John
Green, Jas. + Joiner
Wainwright, Geo.
Wainwright, Thos.
Ward, Geo
Wragg, John
Mountford, Geo. + Hay + Straw Knives
Wolstenholme Geo.
Dalton, John Bents (Lower Bents Farm?)
Turner, Edwin
Baxby, Leta
Green, John
Green, Keturah
Green, May
Wilkins, Thos.
Whites or Kelly
Totley College files
1838 April. Totley Manor meeting at Totley School (of proprietors of estates in Totley)
They agree to pay Mrs. Wilde, schoolteacher £12, & received from Isaac Bunting 2 X £3 for annual rent at Coal Aston , 2 X £3 for annual rent from Thos. Hopkinson for "new" enclosed land at Totley. There was dispute about whether T. H. should have paid direct to Mrs. Wilde. Present were Coke, W. J. Bagshawe, Offley Shore, John Dyson, John Waterfall, William Dalton, Joseph Bartin, Thos. Bunting and Abraham Elliot.
Manor Meeting Minutes Book
1838 May. Discussed Hiram Green’s house erected on encroachment and now inhabited.
Present: Coke, WJB, BBP Burnen, Mr. Wright on behalf of Offley Shore, TB, WB, JB, JW, JD, EA and Thos. Dalton.
Manor Meeting Minutes Book
1838 Olday Mill, no. 363 in list of paper mills gives Samuel Dalton as Paper Maker. 2 separate mills or machines within the building by 1839. Excise letter of 10/9/39 states that the mill had left off working. Schmoller
1838 Turnpike Trustees passed Bills including John Dyson for bricks £1/8/10
George Hattersley for mending roads etc. £31/10/7
Frances Stayley for walling £4/7/-
D'Ewes Coke, Penistone & James Holworthy present 9/7/1838

1838 Turnpike Trust paid Pegge Burrell £10 p.a. rent for Beauchief Toll House. Messrs. Thurgoland & Blackburn requested relief on the payment or their rentals as tolls had not been as much as expected and they had made a loss of £622 up to the present - a plea which later recurred. The Trustees allowed them £200. The contractors had never exacted since opening for cart wheels less than 3" breadth more than 6d although 7.5d was authorised
1838 Copied from typescript at Totley College 1977. Original from Kellys or Whites Directory of Derbyshire.
-------The soil belongs to various owners and some of the moor allotments were added to the different farms in 1840(?) and subjected to the hand of cultivation.
Coke D'Ewes Esq., Totley Hall
Baxby, Hy. Wheelwright and beerhouse
Dalton, Dorothy, vict. Crown
Dalton, John , shoemaker
Dyson, Biggin & Co., scythe hay & strawknife etc mfrs. (Totley) New Mills & Abbeydale
Elliott, Abraham, stone mason
Elliott, George, mason & beerhouse
Fisher, Thomas, vict., Cross Scythes
Green, Jacob, tailor
Green, John, Fleur de Lys
Marshal, Joseph, file mfr.
Martin, Rev. Rd. BA, inct. of Dore
Vickers, Chas., victualler, Green Oak
Wild, Hannah, infant school
Wostenholme. John, blacksmith
Barton, John
Green, Job
Hopkinson, Thos. (and butcher)
Howard, John
North, Thomas
Mitchel, John
Pearson, Samuel
Pinder, Robt.
Vickers, Charles
White, Joshua
Wilson, Wm.
Wostenholme, T.
1838 William North died 7/6/1838 aged 81 yrs. Holmesfield Churchyard
1838 Eliza (Pinder?) wife of Clement Needham born 1838 Dore Churchyard
1838 Thomas, eldest son of John and Sarah Thorpe of Cross Scythes Inn died 8/9/1838 age 4 months. Dore Churchyard
1838 June. Manor of Totley Parochial Meeting, Totley School.
Discussed the commutation of tithes following 1836 Act.
Present were D'Ewes Coke, Offley Shore owner of great tithes, Wm. Spencer Vicar of Dronfield owner of small tithes, John Fowler on behalf of George Greaves, John Dyson, William Dalton, John Waterfall, Abraham Elliot, Joseph Bartin and Thomas Bunting.
Great tithes viz. Hay, Corn, Lamb and Wool average last 7 years was £18. 8. 9d. per annum less 1/10 allowed to JB and 20% of average = total value p.a. of £22.os.2d.
Offley Shore offered £22 p.a. for commutation of tithes.
Small tithes, pigs, geese, flax = £3. 3. 4 p.a.
Vicar of Dronfield offered £3.3.0 p.a. rent charges instead of tithes.
MPRO Manor Meeting Book
1838 Oct. D'ewes Coke, Offley Shore, Burnell, John Waterfall, Abraham Elliott, John Dyson, Thomas Bunting, Joseph Bartin & John Fowler met to discuss enclosures & reported that Lord Middleton would not be at expense for inclosing, fencing or otherwise and had stipulated to have 35-40 acres of land lying conveniently for the cottages and to have the coal & 1/16 of commons (incl.35-40 acres) & wastes. It was proposed that Henry Waterfall be appointed solicitor to obtain Act for enclosure at next session of Parliament. MPRO Manor Meeting Book
1838 Nov. The Manor meeting again held at school. Present: D'E. Coke, O.S., WJB, JB, AE, TB, JD. Discussed tithes. MPRO Manor Meeting Book
1838 17 Dec.Totley List of Tithes shows who claimed what, survey: The lower lands of the Parish are of good quality. The higher very cold and poor – no exertion is made to improve – the crops generally collected in October,
The contents of the Parish 1884a1r29p
Strawberry Lee 73a0r25p
Shores Lands on which tithes are merged 186a2r0p
Titheable land 1697a3r29p
Arable 257a2r29p
Meadow and pasture 305a1r33p
Wood 44a 3r 10p
Sites and gardens on the Common 38a1r34p
Remaining Waste on Common 1238a0r3p
Rent charge Rectors £220s2p
Vicars £33s0d
Great Tithes
85a2r0p Fallow
85a2r0p Wheat @ 2.5 = 213 60 @ 56s £643 10s0d
85a2r0p Oats at 3 = 255 0 0 @ 22s £281 1s0d
70a0r0p Meadow @ 1 ton @ 40s £140 0s0d
235a1r31p Pasture @ 12s £131 3s0d
44a3r0p Wood @ 8s £17 16s0d
Wheat Straw @ 20s £85 10s0d
Oat Straw @ 10s £42 15s 0d

£1341 15s0p
The tithe of the wood is the only portion of this not covered by the modus of 15a 6r11p
And even that is doubtful 10% £134 3sod
Collecting 25% £30 10s0

£103 13s0d

Small Tithes
38a1r34p Sites and Gardens @ 20s per acre £38 10s0d
1238a 0r3p Common land on which Geese and pigs are depastured. There was formally little flax grown, but now there is none – there are a few sheep, and young beasts (cows) but nothing of any amount. £10 0s0d
£48 10s0d of which 10% is $4 17s0d

Derbys. Tithe Files. Beckett & Heath 1836-50
MatlLib 336.22
1838/9 Register of Electors
2058 Biggin Saml Totley £50 rental Nether House Farm (where?)
2059 Bunting Thomas Totley freehold house and land in own occupation
2060 Bagshawe Edmund Lloyd 17 Wilson St Hanover Sq. London share of freehold land and buildings Paul Parnel & Co.
2061 Bagshawe Augustus Adam ditto ditto ditto
2062 Dalton Joseph Stawberry Lee £50 rental Strawberry Lee
2063 Dalton William Hallfield freehold house and land own occupation
2064 Dalton Thomas Totley freehold land Brest Barn Close
2065 Dyson John Abbeydale House, Ecclesall Bierlow f’hold land houses, mill Totley Mills
2066 Elliott Abr. Totley Bents freehold grinding wheel and houses Oldhay
2067 Fisher Thomas Totley £50 rental Public House and land
2068 Green William Totley freehold houses and land Jacob Green and others
2069 Howard John Totley £50rental Totley
2070 Ogden Jonathan Carver Street, Sheffield freehold grinding wheel and houses Oldhay
2071 Wison John Totley £50 rental Totley
2072 Wild Joseph Bolsover Bottoms, Ecclesall Bierlow freehold house Totley
2073 Waterfall John Glossop Road Sheffield freehold messuage and land Hallfield
1839 31 July. Meeting at Schoolroom in Totley see B.E. hard copy in full re. Totley enclosures gives comprehensive list of owners and tenants and property claimed. NOTE BRIAN EDWARDS UNIQUE COPY OF THE CLAIMS MEETING CAME FROM THE PARKER & RHODES COLLECTION IN ROTHERHAM LIBRARY AND HAS COMMENTS WRITTEN ONTO THEIR COPY _ I HAVE INCLUDED THOSE REMARKS X=very old, ancient XX = gardens taken in less than 20years, land taken in less than 20 years. See also enclosure award map of 1842, MPRO to which numbers below refer.
Names mentioned in Claims:
Ann Barker claimed proportion of Commons and Waste Land
Joseph Barton (Joseph Almon house & garden, Henry Baxby (The Toft –House-? and Barn)
Charles Brookfield of Sheffield mortgagee under John Unwin of Dore yeoman (John Green fields)
Thomas Bunting (Elizabeth Bunting Barn Croft & Summer Lane, Elizabeth Bunting and Elizabeth Marsden House Garden & Cowhouse, house built within living memory but queried whether the house is entitled to common right.)
Trustees of the Late P. Pegge Burnell Esq. (Joseph Dalton Strawberry Lee 76a1r10p however Strawberry Lee Meadow claimed by Lord Middleton)
D’Ewes Coke (Totley Hall in own occupation, School house yard etc., Tricket, GillField, Great and Barker Woods 40a1r9p ; John Wilson messuage garden & homestead 99a3r13p)
William Dalton (Dwelling house etc – Lower Bents Farm? – proprietor)
John Dyson (property at Totley Rolling Mills known as Bagshaws Cupola: one quite new house & garden Josiah Southall, one quite new house and garden Elizabeth Hopkinson, one good ancient messuage & garden Robert Charles, one good ancient messuage and garden Henry Packard, cupola furnace slag hearth etc H. Pascoe & Co, grinding wheel & troughs etc owner, smelting furnace etc owner, brick yard & kiln owner, blacksmiths shop owner, stable etc owner, gardens wood and water (dam and streams etc) owner.
Thomas Dalton Dorothy Dalton Asmore Breast Close
Abraham Elliott of Totley Bents & Jonathan Ogden of Sheffield (one house in new row occupied by Henry Brown, one ditto John Marshall, one ditto William Ogden, one ditto Samuel White, one ditto John Newbould, garden yard etc. The following had been the property of the late Samuel Ogden: one new built house file shop row Thon (or Thomas) Hill, one ditto Martha Salt, one ditto Henry Green, one old house file shop row John Thorpe, one new shop (workshop?) and smithy Joseph Marshall, one house & garden at Oldhay John Crooks, one ditto Paul Parnell, one ditto Thomas Window (?), grining wheel hull warehous dam banks goit plantations head & fall paper mill field stack yard dam banks goits mill stable hould (old?) house head & fall (good) in hand.
William Green three ancient dwelling houses and gardens occupied by Jacb Green, Thos Ward senior and Thos Ward junior.
Job Green Freehold house and garden occupier Godfrey Vickers objected to and claimed by Lord Middleton.
The late Thos. Hogg dwelling house in occupation of Jane Hogg – noted that the house was newly built and could only be entitled to right of Common for the land. Thos North was executor.
George Greaves Esq. Total of 183a2r0p mostly fields, occupiers: Thomas Hogg, Thomas Hopkinson, John Barton, Henry Baxby, Samuel Biggin includes farmhouse outbuildings and homestead/public house built in 1812 (Greenoak Inn), Thos Fisher including house/outbuildings and good homestead occupied as an inn/ & two cottages, Thomas North farmhouse outbuildings and good homestead, John Hayward (should be Howard?) farmhouse outbuilding and homestead – call it Howards Farm and it comprises the old cottages between Grange Terrace and the corner post office on Baslow Road which closed in 2003. A note on the papers indicates that the farm house was built in 1773, in hand Rolling Mill Plantation and Hickley (Akley) Bank Wood.
Lord Middleton As Lord of the Manor of Totley claimed one sixteenth part of all the Commons and waste grounds as owner and proprietor of lands, crofts, gardens, toftsteads houses and buildings as follows. Also claimed to be entitled to a right of Common of Pasture in over and upon all the Commons and waste grounds and to all the Commonable rights of pasture or otherwise appertaining and belonging to all or any such lands, crofts, gardens, toftsteads, houses and buildings. Also claimed all houses, buildings, lands and gardens for which rent had been paid to him for upwards of twenty years though such houses etc may NOT be described in the schedule. He also claimed all small pieces or parcels of land situate and laying in front of any of the aforesaid cottages, crofts or gardens which connect with and adjoin to a public road. He also claimed all rights and privileges to which he may be entitled in right of holding courts at Totley whenever he thought proper and necessary so to do, also rights and privileges of getting coal and iron stone under Commons and waste grounds with the necessary powers for working such mines paying reasonable damages to the owner or occupier of such lands at the time. Tenants were mosly of fields and land except where specified: 105 Thomas Bunting; 238 Eliz Bennett; 133 Jno Barton (including Bolehill Brick Kiln); 132 Henry Baxby; X Jno. Marshall senior (house in Totley); 152 Geo Marshall ( X house & garden Totley); 191,195,212 Jno Mitchell (X house/barn on Totley Bents); Jno Newbould (Penny Lane Garden to be allotted, etc); Jas Newbould XX Holly Hill Garden; 194 Abraham Elliott (house & garden on Totley Bents); 209,197,199,202, 206,Edward Newbould (Chapel Lands house yard and croft ditto adjoining wells, XX house & outbuildings etc;
148 Thomas North stable & shop (workshop?) in Totley; 137, 158, 162 Jonathan Ogden two houses and smithy; 163 Abraham Elliott house in Totley;164 Jno Baxby house in Totley (claimed by Job Green); 207 (or 209?) 178,239 Wm Dalton; 244 Josh. Dalton Strawberry Lee & Meadow (claimed also by Pegge Burnell and Lord Middleton to whom Dalton pays a rent of 3s5d pa); 135,135a136,196 Dorothy Dalton garden and public house (Crown) the Coal Mines Hollin Hill Brick Kiln ancient house and stable; Abraham Elliott X house at Totley Bents (now in two houses formerly in one); George Elliott X garden; 167,167a,167b Sarah Green X house (at Lane Head?); 157 Jno Green junior house & stable; 203 Job Green house & stable etc, Hannah Green X house at Bents; John Green 156 house in Totley; Hiram Green X house at Bents, XX Holly Hill Garden; Stephen Green the X Workhouse on Bents;, John Taylor X house in Totley; Josa. Hodgkinson 211Turner Croft, Samps. Hodgkinson X house on Totley Bents; Job Hunt X house on Totley Bents; Saml. Longden X house in Totley Bents; William Marsden 154 House & garden; Thomas Hopkinson 204 Far School Field (4 acres belongs the school the remainder to Lord M.”Mr Coke says School Farm should be restored”), 205 Near School Field, XXX New enclosure, X newly built barn, new stable, 210 Chapel Lands etc.; Jno. Marshall Junior 153 two gardens; Robert Pinder X house on Totley Bents 192, 193 etc; Sarah Pinder 147 house & garden in Totley; Geo. Robinson X Hollin House 219,224,225 etc; Geo Thorpe (to be allotted) XX Bents Garden; Samuel Turner 139 garden, X house in Totley; William Green XX house in Totley; James Taylor (to be allotted) XX Penny Lane Garden and, X house in Totley; Isaac Taylor 134 house in Totley; Jno. Wostenholme junior two?
X houses in Totley; Henry Wells 200, 201 house on Bents etc; Thos Wilkin X house & garden in Totley; Geo. Ward X house & shop (workshop?) in Totley, Jno. Wragg X house and 138, 138a two gardens in Totley (unreadable note on this claim); Geo. White X house & 168 garden etc..
Robert Newton Shawe’s Claims:
Two closes called Storthleys now in possession of John Wostenholme 4a3r8p therefore entitled to an allotment of and in the open Common Fields, Pastures and Grounds in Totley, there was no objection.
Inhabitants of Totley claims: “ To leave out of the Inclosier the Sheep Wash and certain grounds for folding the sheep before and after washing with a road to and from the place as we believe it will be a benefit to those who may be in the habit of keeping sheep”. Signed by John Wilson, Samuel Pearson, John Howard, Thomas Nortrh, Job Green, William Green
Offley Shores claims: William Green Homestead & garden etc; Robert Pindar Town Croft, barn, stable and cowhouse, Paper Mill field etc; Offley Shore Eckley Bank Wood etc; Job Green Bare Lands etc; John Mitchell two houses & gardens the Bentleys etc; Samuel Pearson Homestead and croft, Hare Crofts etc; Job Green House garden and croft, barn stables and fold Rankhills etc; All totalling 115a3r0p incl 5 houses.
Joseph Ward’s Claim: Joseph Ward of Bradford near Manchester claimed right of Common in respect of Samuel Biggin occupying land around Totley Brook.
John Gray Waterfall and Henry Waterfall’s Claim for right of Common in respect of William Dalton at Hall Field Farm various fields etc; Joshua Hogkinson Corn Mill, homestead etc:
A total of one house and one toftstead, no other objection. (a toft is defined as a ghouse otr the land where one has stood. Common rights might still attach to the house even though it had long disappeared.
Joseph Wildes Claim: rights of Common in respect of house and cowhouse by Thomas North house has been built 26 years (1813), the present stable was part of an old house.
Totley School Claim by D’Ewes Coke as Trustee. “ As one of the trustees of Totley School I do hereby give you notice that I claim right of Common for a close piece or parcel of land called the Far School Field, containg some four acres or thereabouts and now in the occupation of Thomas Hopkinson.”

Remarks on Middletons claims: All the property numbered has been inclosed time immemorial. All the houses marked X are old and some of them very ancient buildings except one. Some of the gardens marked XX have been taken in less than 20 years also the land marked XXX But a rent has been received for every thing inserted in the above schedule

E11(5) Rotherham Lib.
1839 Report on a proposition by John Dyson regarding an exchange of land adjoining the River Sheaf and the (Rolling Mill) Dam. Gives details of dam, walls etc. Exchange is with Duke of Devonshire - see photocopy (BE) of Fairbanks notes. FB. 213 pp 101-103
See also map of this area
1839-1842 Letters & other papers relating to leasing of Owler Bar turnpike tolls by Joshua Bower MPRO
1839 John Davenport, Sheffield, Saw Maker, occupied Old Hay Mill (formerly lead mill) owned by Bagshawe DBL. Totley
Title Award
1839 By then Upper Mill had changed its name to Totley Scythe Mills. Tenanted by Joshua Hodgkinson and owned by John & Henry Waterfall Crossley
1839 The Tithe of the old enclosure was commuted for £18. 6. 11 to the impropriator and £2. 7s to the Vicar of Dronfield, and the new was exonerated by allotments at the enclosure Derby Directory 1846
See 1840/1
1839 By then paper mill had been converted to a scythe forge owned by Abraham Elliot and Jonathon Ogden DBL. Totley Tithe Award
Tithe Award. Collectors: William Moseley, Robert Pinder. Assesors: John Dewce, Jno Unwin, John Bartin. 1,884 acres, 1 rood, 39 perches are subject to payment of tithes (excluding Strawberry Lee which was exempt as it was formerly belonging to Beauchief Abbey)
Arable 257 acres 2 roods 29 perches
Meadow/Pasture 305 acres 1 rood 32 perches
Common 1,276 acres 1 rood 37 perches for all cattle levant & couchant
£18/6/11 payable in lieu of corn, hay & wool
Strawberry Lee 73 acres 25 perches arable & pasture land in occupation of Joseph Dalton as undertenant. Tenant: Pegge Burnell, Beauchief Hall. Exempt from tithe.
Offley Shore is served ye est? in possession of tithes, corn, hay, lamb, wool. Owner of 113acres 1 rood 15 perches. Job Green }
Samuel Pearson }
Thos. Barker } All Offley Shore
John Mitchell }
Robert Pinder }

Owner Occupier
Ann Barker Herself Croft, Grass. 183
Joseph Barton Henry Baxby. 291,292, 295a. Grass, Orchard, House.
Charles Brookfield John Green 75, 79. Grass
Thomas Bunting Himself 163, 164. Grass. Summer Lane with cowhouse.
" " James Bunting. House & yard & garden. 165, 304. Grass?

D'Ewes Coke Himself Totley Hall, Schoolhouse, etc.
352 Great Wood
356 Gill Field Wood
380 Tricket Wood
347 Barker Wood

Samuel Biggin Greenoak Inn
Above needs some verification

D'Ewes Coke John Wilson 320 House
Ogden & Elliot John Alfred Howder Scythe Mill
" " Themselves Paper Mill
" " Joseph Marshall File Shop 168
House 160
" " Henry Green House 167
" " George Barker " 169
or Booker
John Hayward Henry Atkins 61
Job Green Ash Cottage
Samuel Pearson Cannon Hall
Henry Baxby Beerhouse 153
Wragg Shop & House 147
MatlLib 336.22
1839 Jan. March & April. Manor met to discuss tithes and enclosure. Nothing else in minutes. MPRO
1839 George Sanderson of Mansfield, Surveyor for Totley Enclosure. Commons & waste grounds measured at 1188 ac. 2r. 1.5 p.
Ancient enclosed lands & grounds including public & private roads: 657ac. 1r. 16.5p.
He wrote to Coke 21/11/1839 at Castle Hill, Bakewell and adds footnote " Will you allow me to remind you that Tuesday 26 May is the day for hearing evidence on disputed claims

No person shall graze of keep any sort of beast or cattle in or upon any of the road or ways which the commissioners shall set out. etc.
See RB
1839 Notice acknowledging retirement of D'Ewes Coke as agent to Duke of Rutlands estates in Derbyshire after long period …… He refused to accept the acknowledgement, said he'd only done his duty. MPRO
1883 L3/Coke
1839 14 Oct. Turnpike Trustees requested an inspection of the embankment at Totley Moor near Broad Carr (nr. present brickyard), and to improve the curve at Moorwood Nook MPRO
1839 21/11. George Sanderson, map?  
1840 Map of Sheffield and Chesterfield Junction Railway showing the adjacent country 10 miles to 1". (not too useful) Oakes Deeds 1245. SLIB.
1840 Samuel Pinder son of William and Ellen born 1840 (died 1859) Dore Churchyard
1840 Joshua Hodgkinson worked Upper Mill (nr. Totley Grove) as a scythe mill but his landlord John Gray Waterfall later pulled most of it down & built the house (originally called Totley Dale)  
1840s George Mountford, Scythe Skelper, tenanted Totley Forge working for the Tyzacks. Continued to 1856 Sale Plan 1856 SLIB
Tythe Map & Schedule of Totley MPRO
1840 Electoral Register Totley
Joseph Barton Bafger House Dore freehold house & garden Joseph Almond
Joseph Dalton Strawberry Lee Farm £50 rental
William Dalton freehold house and land at Totley Bents (Lower Bents Farmhouse?)
John Dyson Freehold Samuel Biggin (occupier?)
John Dyson Abbeydale House, freehold houses and land at Rolling Mill
Ab. Elliot Totley Bents, freehold water wheel and houses
Thomas Fisher, £50 rental Totley farm
Wm. Green freehold houses and land at Totley
John Howard £50 rental Totley farm
Thomas North £50 rental Totley
Jonathan Ogden, Carver Street, freehold wheel and houses George Elliot
Henry Waterfall Whirlow House freehold farm William Dalton
Wm. Wilson £50 rental Totley
Joseph Wild Bolsover Bottam Ecclesall Bierlow, freehold Thomas North
Waterfall John Gray Dore share of freehold farm William Dalton
1840 Beauchief Hall Gardens & Conservatory - surveyed by Robert Marshall SLIB. Surveyors maps etc.
1840 13 July. Joshua Hodgkinson millwright at Millhouses taken to task by Turnpike Trustees for laying timber at the side of the road to its prejudice and the annoyance of passengers thereon.
Blacksmiths shop in Totley, property of Mr Greaves and in occupation of John Wostenholme, causing great nuisance by carrying on his trade - new lining? of wheels, mending carts, harrows & doing other work on side of road
1840 19 Dec. New Trustees appointed included Richard Martin, clerk, Dore. John Grey Waterfall, Dore & Henry Waterfall ,solicitor, Sheffield. They agreed to improve the rise of the road near the Cross Scythes. Incidentally D'Ewes Coke was still Trustees Chairman MPRO
1841 14 June. Totley Census.
The census reports that there was a considerable increase of the population of 23M +7F on account of the enclosure.
Total no. of houses inhabited: 80. Uninhabited: 2. Abuilding : 1.
Total no. of inhabitants 408 less 38 res. = 370
Males 226
Females 182 Families 82
Average age of Males -- of Females
Total aged under 5
Over 80
No. of residents not born in Totley: 49
Nos. in employment: Male: Female:
Types of job: Farmer & publican 2
Male Servant 8 Labourer 19 Cutlers App. 1
Female Servant 5 Grocer 3 Coal miner 5
Publican 2 Farmer 13 Brickmaker 4
Millwright 2 Independent 6 Schoolmistress 1
Saw Grinders App. 1 Tailor 1 Joiner 1
Agricultural labourer 17 Quarryman 1 Shoemaker 2
Scythe Smith 3 Scythe Manufacturer 1 File maker 1
Scythe Smith's Apprentice 1 Filesmith's App. 2
Stone Mason 5 Saw Grinder 1
Stone Mason's App. 1 Scythe grinder 3
Cutler's Grinder's App. 1 Cutler's App 1 Coal Miners Asst. 1
Saw Handle Mfr. 2 File Cutter 3 Scythe Grinders App. 1
" App. 1 File Cutter's App. 3 Stone Waller 1
Dress Maker 1 Blacksmith 1

Most popular name of those born in Totley: ----

Christian names:
Ann 1 Catherine 4
Robert 3 Nancy 1
Stephen 1 John 45 20%
Catherine 1 Mary 30 17%
George 17 Hannah 14
Esther 1 Robert 1
Eliz. 19 Sarah 23 14%
Anne 3 ,14% James 16
William 31 14% Lydia 1
Lydia 1
Susannah 1
Dinah 1
Isaac 3
Emma 3
Jonathon 6
Martha 6
Maria 2
Zachariah 1
Alfred 3
Edward 8
Henry 11
Sampson 6
Jane 11
Hiram 1
Dorothy 2
Thomas 23 10%
Keturah 5
Job 1
Letitia 1
Eliza 5
Samuel 17
Peter 1
Abraham 2
Leta 2
Joseph 13
Martin 1
Margaret 2
Matthew 2
Joshua 2
Ellen 3
Charles 6
Deborah 1
Mellicent 4
Frances 1
Charlotte 2
Carolina 1
Harriet 4
Adelaide 1
Rebecca 1
Kitty 1
Jacob 1
May 1
Amy 1
Ruth 1
Phoebe 1
Francis 1
Christopher 1
Julia 2
See complete census for Totley 1841 Matlock Lib. BE copy.
Also at Sh Lib.
942 74S
1841 24 Aug. Dorothy Dalton of Crown Inn died aged 59 Dronfield Churchyard
1841 Dore Survey gives Thomas Biggin as tenant at duke of Devonshire’s Nether Scythe Mill Source?
1841 Bolehill Lodge built as gamekeeper’s cottage in sale documents for Duke of Rutland’s Longshawe Estate BE copy
1841 William Hattersley, victualler & tanner, Owler Bar White’s Dir.
1841? A relative wrote to D’Ewes Coke from Woodhouse “ I cannot understand how the income tax can affect you so much. It would be a great pity to give up Totley (Hall) for you seem to like it and from all accounts it is in a much more healthy situation than Brookhill which never suits you for long ……….” No other ref. to Totley MPRO 1881/ L3
1841 9 Aug. Letter to D’Ewes Coke from ‘The Sherwood Forester’ who was author Spencer T. Hall at Lower Dobbin Hill, Ecclesall, not too relevant but he corresponded frequently about publications and Coke was one of his subscribers. He was sending copies of the Sheffield Iris to Coke at Totley Hall. There is an etching of S.T.H. attached to the letter. MPRO 1883/L3 Coke
1842 26 Nov. Explosion at Mr. Dyson's wheel at Abbeydale - ref. to “coming home from Bakewell through Totley and machine knives were put on cart at about Totley”.
See also report 12 Nov. 1842. The result of the rattening of Abbeydale led to Dyson’s business failing. He qlso had Totley Rolling Mill which he possibly sold to James Sorby at this time.
Sheffield Iris
26 Nov 1842
pt. 1. L.H. Col.
1842 Manor Meeting met at School. Still discussing tithes & enclosures. No detail.
April. Produced accounts for school. No detail.
MPRO. Coke
1842 Turnpike Trustees turned down idea for new toll house and gate at Mickley Lane End (Greenoak). Later changed their minds. MPRO
1842 Ecclesall Bierlow Union. A list of Outdoor Poor receiving relief in the quarter ending November 1842. Includes Totley, Dore, Norton, Beauchief - large sheet- original in "poor" file .( BE RB) Includes:

Sarah Green Disabled 60 Disabled 6d
Ann Turner Totley 82 " 2/-
Ann Taylor Bradwell 81 " 2/6
Henry Wells Totley 89 " 3/-
John Hewitt Kimberworth 89(62w) " 3/6
Ann Green Wadsley 70 " 1/6
Mark Green Brampton 67(50w) " 2/6
Ann Kay Heeley 61 " 1/6
Ann North Dronfield 73 " 1/6
Ann Dalton Stannington 63 " 2/-
Keturah Ogden Highfield 62 " 1/-
Thos. Ward Totley 10 Orphan 1/-
Mary Green Totley 30 Sickness 2/-
Mary Ward Totley Repaid 1/6
Jane Hogg " Widow & 2 children 1/-
Hannah Watson " Deserted & 1 child 2/-
Ann Turner Chesterfield Disabled 2/6
1843 Bond by Duke of Devonshire to Vicar of Dronfield regarding separation of Totley.
not seen
Dronfield Parish Church
1843 14 Aug. Elizabeth Green wife of William died aged 89 Dore Churchyard
1843 Manor Meeting: Thos. Bunting did not turn up to present accounts . no detail MPRO
1843 17 April. Turnpike Trustees agreed to a new Tollhouse and gate at Northern Common, Dronfield woodhouse, but inhabitants of Totley & Holmesfield be wholly exempt from tolls MPRO D$/ATT7
1843 Sheffield & Chesterfield Railway via Beauchief incl. plan but not seen MPRO QRP2/60
1843 The Shore Bank failed. Samuel & Offley Shore had been large landowners in Totley  
1844 Benjamin – 2nd son of John and Sarah Thorpe of Cross Scythes born Dore Churchyard
1844 15 February: Turnpike Trustees agreed that Toll House and gate be erected near the Greenoak Inn at Mickley Lane End with 1 gate across Mickley Lane and another across the Turnpike Road (Baslow Road). Inhabitants of Totley and Bieuchief to be exempt. Full tolls taken unless passengers show ticket from Owler Bar Bieuchief or Broadfield Bars. Full tolls to be paid by those at side gate if not paying elsewhere. Totley inhabitants exempt from main and side gates for coals for consumption within Totley and no more than 2 full tolls to be collected on full length of road. Lessees of tolls to pay £35 towards the erection of tollhouse and gates and trustees to supply them. MPRO 4ATT/7
1844 Dore and Totley became separate parish Syke in Body
1844 21/10: Inhabitants of Totley petitioned for reduction in the tolls at gates on other than Greenoak. It was agreed by Turnpike Trustees that on way to Sheffield they should pay half toll and further half toll at Broadfield MPRO 4ATT/7
1844 Greenoak Tollhouse built (see BE card)
See also card for petition on tolls at Greenoak
MPRO Turnpike Trustees Minute Book. 4ATT/7
1844 28/12: New Turnpike Trustees included Richard Wade Of Totley. Dronfield Woodhouse inhabitants asked for financial help widening and improving Mickley Lane MPRO 4ATT/7
1844 April Manor meeting at school. Thomas Bunting again failed to turn up to present a/cs. Minutes Book peters out. MPRO. Manor Meetings
1845 By 1845 Thomas Tyzack had returned to Walk Mill as tenant Mat Lib. 929- 2 TYZ
1845 James Sorby owned Totley Rolling Mill which retained smelting mill hearth etc. (DRO Plans & book of reference to proposed Sheffield Bakewell and West Midlands Railway) DRO S(17) 2LB
Sheff Lib
1845 Sheffield and Macclesfield line via Hathersage (+ Totley ?) check NS MPRO QRP2/100
1845 Walk Mill a grinding mill worked by Joshua Tyzack & Sons Sawmakers DIR.
1845 Wm Hattersley Victualler & tanner, Owler Bar ? White’s
1845 Great Grimsby, Sheffield Potteries & Grand Junction Railway probably via Totley (NS)
Reference at Matlock Plans 1845 no.78 PRO Quarter Sessions Book shows proposed line virtually on line of present railways except notunnel shown. Plan needs photocopying. Would have had branch line to position of Lodge on main road at Thornbridge Hall Ashford. Shows Nether Wheel position 1845. (Quarter Sessions)
1845 29/9: Conveyance for piece of land at Totley + assessment for a term (7 yrs?) Offley Shore to D’Ewes Coke. 22/11/45 Bill, W Waller received on account of purchase of field at Totley for D’Ewes Coke called the Brest Barn; 4 letters + 2 bills – mentioned in abstract title 1845 copy conditions of sale, sale advert, value of timber + a letter from/to D’Ewes Coke MPRO 1883 L3 Coke
1845 Ex.t to Greenoak Tollhouse extended for £45. Ebeneezer Hall biography. Handley p28
1845 21/7 Exemptions agreed by Turnpike Trustees
Carts drawn by one or more horses or asses to Sheffield laden with milk only and returning with empty barrels or cans in which milk was taken. To go and return on two pence carts and other carriages going empty for lime, or laden with coals, slack or coke to be exchanged for lime to pay once for going and returning though they don’t return on same day. Inhabitants of Dore and Totley going through Greenoak main and side (Mickley Lane) gates for coals for house use and lime kilns to be exempt on payment half toll for each load carts and waggons without full 6” wheels to be charged as such if owners cannot prove by the makers that they were when made full 6” wheels and that deviation is caused by friction and wear. Owner to bear cost of proving same. The scrapings of the road to be carried away toll free under direction of surveyor of road (Mr Bland). Trustees to be exempt to and from meetings of Turnpike Trust, Clerk and Surveyor free at all times.
1845 30/10: It was agreed by Trustees that a chain be provided at Mickley Lane End and an additional room, privy and coalhouse be erected at Greenoak Tollhouse under inspection of surveyor. MPRO D4 ATT7
1845 Coke D’Ewes Esq Totley Hall
Baxby Henrey wheelwright
Dalton John shoemaker
Dalton Thomas vict Crown
Elliott Abraham stone mason
Elliott George mason & beerhouse
Green John victualler Fleur de Lis
Green Jacob tailor
Marshall Joseph file mfr
Martin Rev Richard B.A.
Mountford George scythe, and hay and straw mfr Totley Forge
Turner William saw handle maker
Wild Hannah Infant School
Thorpe John vict. Cross Scythes
Wostenholme John blacksmith
Wilkins Thomas grocer
Wade Richard, merchant & Sheffield
Barton Jno ( & brick maker)
Dalton Joseph Str. Lee
Green Job
Hopkinson Thos and butcher
Howard John
Mitchell John
North Thomas
Pearson Samuel
Pinder Robert
Vickers Charles Greenoak
Ward J. & coal owner
White Ann
Wilson Wm
Wostenholme Thomas
Whites Dir
1846 Derbyshire divided into Hundreds. Map? Oakes Deeds 1229 Sheff Lib.
1846 22/7: Samuel Dalton son of George and Ann of Totley died 22/7/1846 age 1 yr and 5 months Dore Churchyard
1846 James Newbould of Totley erected additional room privy and coalhouse at Greenoak Tollhouse and was paid £45.55 by Trustees (See card Greenoak)
Also lessee of tolls paid £35 towards tollhouse and gate new (sign of tolls) at Greenoak (card)
1846 (See Greenoak card) 20/4: Jas Newbould £10/1/9 George Elliott £4/7/- Thos Wilson £1/2/-
Turnpike Trustees paid for repairing Scotch fencing, new tollgate & turnstile at Mickley Lane End (Greenoak – see card)
1846 20/7: George Henry Elliott mason work Bradway Bar £34/11/-
George Elliott carpenters & incl. 1 coat paint £10/18/-
It was recorded that windows of Owler Bar Tollhouse in bad state
1846 Derbyshire Directory gives the following: Totley is a township within the Parish of Dore
G B Greaves – D’Ewes Coke Esq. are considerable owners. Lord Middleton is Lord of the Manor. In 1839 the tithe of the old enclosure was commuted for £18 6s11d to the improprietor and £2 7s6d to the Vicar of Dronfield This was formerly a bleak moory district which since the Enclosure has been greatly improved by cultivation. It contains about 500 acresof land (this seems very low! B.E.) 83 houses and 408 inhabitants of whom 226 are males, 182 females; population in 1801, 206, 1831,357. Rateable value £921. The population has kept on increasing with the improvements in agriculture, by which they are mostly employed. Near the Sheffield Road is an ancient cupola for smelting lead occasionally worked by Mr Sorby (solicitor) of Sheffield. An infanr school was built by D’Ewes Coke in 1827
The Feast is the first Sunday after Mid-summers Day. By indentures 1753 about 4 acres of wasteland was conveyed to the Trustees, in order that a school may be erected upon it, the intention was never carried into effect, and the land is let for £6pa, which is paid for the instruction of six poor children. Some time ago the inhabitants proposed to build a school, by subscription, the plan however was abandoned, and a school has been built by D’ewes Coke on his own land. A sum of £125 raised towards building the school was put out to interest for the use of the schoolmaster. William Green 1786, left a rent-charge of 12s yearly, out of his house and croft in Totley, for a distribution of bread at Dore Chapel every fourth Sunday. Robert Turie gave £40 for the benefit of the Chapelry of Dore two thirds of this sum was expended in 1747, in enclosing a piece of Common on Dore Moor Side, the remainder was laid out in enclosing land on Totley Common, the proceeds are given to the schoolmaster.
Mentions Cannon Hall as a farmhouse. Strawberry Lee as an ancient farm. Totley Vale House is three-quarters mile from Dore Church and is property of John Gray Waterfall Esq. Totley Hall property of D’Ewes Coke Esq.
Tradesmen and Gentry:
Coke D’Ewes Esq Totley Hall
Dalton John, Shoemaker Bents
Dalton Thomas, Victualler Crown
Elliott Abraham, Stonemason, Bents
Elliott Geo. Beerhouse
Green Jacob, Tailor
Green John, Victualler and Shopkeeper, Fleur de Lis
Green Sarah, Shopkeeper
Hopkinson Thos., Butcher Bents
Marshall Joseph Filesmith
Thorpe John, Vict., Cross Scythes.
Turner Edwards, Shoemaker
Wade Rich. Merchant Tot.Va.le
Wild Hannah, Infant School
Ward Joseph, gent., coal owner Brook Hall
Wolstenholme, John, Blacksmith
Allsop Charles
Barton, John (& brickmaker)
Dalton , Joseph (Strawberry Lee)
Fisher, Js. (Hallfield)
Green, Hiram
Green , Job
Howard, John
North, Thomas
Pinder, Robert, Bents
Robinson, Geo., (& woodman)
Robinson, Joseph (Bents)
Vickers, Co. Green Oak
White, Ann
Green, Sampson
Mitchell, John (Bents)
Newbould Edward(Monnybrooks)
Bagshawe Dir.
Dore Churchyard
1846/7 Chesterfield polling District valuations
Barton Joseph Thickwood Lodge Holmesfield freehold house & garden John Thorpe
Bunting Thomas Plumbly Hall (where?) & land Totley
Dalton Joseph Strawberry Lee £50 rental St. Lee Farm
Dalton William Hallfield & land Totley Bents
Elliott Abraham Totley Bents f.h. mill and houses Totley
Hopkinson Thomas Totley Bents Totley Bents
Howard John Totley £50 rental Totley Farm
Mountford George Olda £50 rental Olday Forge & land
Marshall Joseph Totley Hare Hill (Hare Croft?)
North Thomas Totley £50 rental Totley
Ogden Jonathan Carver Street share f.h. forge, grinding wheel and houses Oldhay
Thorpe John Totley £50 rental Totley
Waterfall Henry Whirlow Cottage Ecclesall & land Thomas Fisher
Wild Joseph Bolsover Bottms Ecclesall Thomas North
Waterfall John Gray Totley f.h. house & land Totley
1847 17/1/1847: Mary Ann daughter of John and Sarah Dalton of Totley died 17/1/1847 age 4 weeks. also
Catherine daughter d. 24/1/1847 age 5 weeks (?)
Dore Churchyard
1847 24th December Samuel son of Job Green died 6 months DRPR
1847 19/4: The workmen on the Turnpike asked for increase on 13/6d per week – Trustees awarded 6d increase until October and then continued if thought necessary MPRO D4/ATT7
1847 The HMI visited Dore School in 1847 – the children were dirty, many of them sitting without any means of employing their time and no check offered to their fighting and squabbling among themselves.
The teacher said that he did not consider it to be his duty to question the children as to the meaning of what they read.
No mention of Totley
Derbys. Village Schools in I9th Century. LJRO
1847 Valuation of all rateable property NS Derbys. Quarter Sessions. MPRO
1847 Cole Brothers opened in Sheffield (Thos Cole was Trustee of Totley Chapel)  
1847 First mention chemical yard . Tinker & Siddall Dir.
1847 Letter from Pegge Burnell at Bieuchief Abbey to D'Ewes Coke acknowledge Coke £10 from D.C. to be given to poor (?) John Read. Other noteworthys including both Dukes gave £10 also. MPRO 1881/L3 Coke
1848 15/10/1848: Sarah daughter of John and Sarah Dalton d 15/10/1847 age 7 months Dore Churchyard
1848 13/7/1847: William Green died 13/7/1847 age 87 Dore Churchyard
1848 The directory lumps Dore & Totley together. Not easy to separate Totley entires.
Coke D’Ewes Esq Totley Hall
Wade Richard Esq
Barton John brickmaker
Biggin Thomas scythe maker,
Dalton John shoemaker
Dalton Joseph St. Lee
Dalton Thomas vict Crown
Elliott Abraham mason
Elliott George beer retailer
Green Jacob tailor
Green Job farmer
Green John Fleur de Lis
Hayne John farmer (?)
Hill John farmer
Hopkinson Thomas butcher
Howard John farmer
Marshall Joseph file maker
Mitchell Joan or John farmer
Mountford George scythe maker
Pearson Samuel farmer
Pinder Robert farmer
Thorpe John Cross Scythes
Vickers Charles Greenoak Inn and farmer
Ward Joseph coal master
White Mrs Ann farmer
Wilkins Thomas shopkeeper
Wild Mrs Sarah Infant School Mistress
Wostenholme Thomas farmer
Wostenholme John blacksmith
Post Office Dir.
B.E. copy
1848 Totley Chapel built B.E. has all records of Totley Chapel
1848 Turner Croft (part garden) cowhouse & pig stye barn (in ruins) house garden another house now used as a shop and yard occupier Sampson Hodgkinson
House & yard pigstye road occupier William Hopkinson in common. both total: 1 ac. 1r. 8p
Great Spout Croft House garden and outbuildings part of barn cowhouse and stable yard part of cartshed, pigstye, stack yard, road, occupier Jonathan Mitchell 1r. 28p.
House & garden , part of barn, cowhouse, part of yard & road, occupier Matthew Ward
11 p.
Premises at this time owned by Henry Baron Middleton and Digby Wentworth Bayard Willoughby
Copy of Deeds. BE
1848 8 January:- Between Joseph Marshall file cutter Totley + Job Green Farmer of Totley £5 paid to JM land for chapel at Totley. Harecroft 200 sq.yds. Bounded on Southeast by land belonging to Lord M. and a certain road called Hare Croft End Road to the north + west by other land of Marshalls also see 1835 + 1849 Chapel File BE.
1848 17 January:- The Turnpike Trustees recorded that overladen carts traversing roads and the toll lessees are taking a reduced rate of tolls + therby encouraging the carriage of excessive weights. Proposed that a weighing machine and building be added at Broadfield Bar. William Taylor of Dore paid for masonry £49.9.0. George Elliott £1/3/6 for a board + painting thereon the weights to be allowed as recorded on the machine MPRO D4/ATT7
1849 Map of Totley & Dore Estates of Offley Shore, as allotted for sale. Surveyed and drawn by Fowler of Sheffield B.E.Copy
1849 Whites Directories of Derbyshire:
Coke D’Ewes Esq. Totley Hall
Dalton, John, Shoemaker
Dalton, Thomas, Fireclay dlr. and vict Crown
Green, Sarah, shopkeeper
Green, John, vict. Fleur de Lys
Hodkinson, Sampson, millwright
Marshall, Joseph, file mfr
Pinder, Edward, sawyer
Mountford, George, scythe and hay and straw knife mfr. Totley Forge
Thorpe, John, vict., Cross Scythes
Tinker and Siddall, mfr. Chemists, Mickley Lane End
Turner, Edwin, shoemaker
Turner, Wm., Saw handle maker
Wild, Hannah, Infant School
Wade, Richard, Gent., Totley Vale
Ward, Geo., saw handle maker
Wilkins, Thos., grocer etc.
Storey, John
Wostenholme, John
Alsop, Charles
Barton, J., brick mfr.
Elliott, Abraham
Green, Job
Green, Hiram
Hill, Henry
Hopkinson, Thos. & butcher
Howard, John
Mitchell, John
Newbould, Edward
Pearson, Samuel
Pinder, John
Pinder, Robert
Vickers, Charles, (Greenoak)
Wainwright, John
Ward, John
White, Mrs. Ann
Baxby, John
Cusworth, J.
Elliott, Abraham
Elliott G. (Beerhouse)
White Dir. ChLib
B.E.hard copy
1849 Thomas Tyzack at Walkmill as tenant. Dam at Whirlow burst, stream down Rycroft Glen flooded his house still there on Abbeydale Road South where stream joins river Sheaf. This info. needs checking.
Tyzack probably the owner at this date or slightly later
Glass Tools & Tyzack
Mat Lib, 929-22TYZ
1849 William Moore was scythe manaufacturer at Totley Rolling Mill + Little London Works, Smithy Wood + Norton Hammer Abbeydale Water Mills Book
1849 Walk Mill a grinding hull worked by Josh. Tyzack + Sons Sawmakers Dir.
1849 31 March. Sheffield Local Register gives Overseers of Poor for Totley as Messrs. C. Alsop and John Wainwright. (both farmers - see 1849 directory) SLIB 942 74S
1849 John Dalton, son of George and Ann, died 10/11/ 1849 aged 5 mths. Dore Churchyard

Conveyance of freehold land for the purpose of erecting a Mehodist Chapel. Between:
Job Green, farmer (Totley) of the first part
William Hopkinson, grinder "
Sampson Green, grinder "
James Newbould, stone mason "
Henry Bown, labourer "
Joseph Baxby, file cutter "
John Dalton, shoemaker(Totley Bents) "
William Ward, shoemaker, Woodhouse (Dronfield) "
Joseph Hibbert Bradshaw, farmer, Fanshaw Gate "
John Sharman, grocer, Sheffield "
George Basset, confectioner, " "
Thomas Cole, linen draper, Sheffield of the first part
James Howarth, manufacturer, " "
Thomas Fisher, scythe maker, Millhouses "
John Widdowson, blacksmith " "

James Bennett, farmer, (Woodhouse) of the second part

The Rev. Thomas Harris, Superintendent
Preacher of the Methodist Circuit or the third part

Land bought by Job Green from Joseph Marshall for £5 in 1848. See also 1835 & 1848.
Chapel Book by BE.
1849 Eb. Hall bought plot of land at Greenoak near junction of Mickley Lane & Baslow Road Handley. p28
1850 2 July. Sale of Offley Shore Estates in Totley (and Dore etc.) Fowler's map of 1849 refers to this sale. The Shore Bank had gone bust Source: BE copy
Ch. Lib.
1850s Totley Methodist congregation included:
William Hopkinson and Sampson Green, grinders
James Newbould, stonemason, William Ward, shoemaker
Thomas Cole, linen draper
Chapel Book. BE
1850 21 September. Totley Rolling Mill advertised for sale Sheff. Independent
1850 Well sunk 7 yards deep and pump erected, cost just over £9. See below. Handley. P28
C1850 Totley Grove House built? (outbuildings earlier) CCSA survey
SLIB 720
94274 SQ
C 1850 See Coke letter under Coke BE copy
1850 13/4. Keeper of Green Oak Bar attended the Turnpike Trustees meeting & stated that occupant of toll house had been in the habit of procuring water from adjoining property on sufferance which has now been discontinued - the owner refusing further supplies. The keeper also stated that water could be obtained in the adjoining garden to house by Smithy about 7 yards away by which a permenant supply could be obtained. Agreed that well be sunk & pump put down (in front of Catholic Church demolished by car in 1990s?) MPRO.
1850 2 July. First mention of Summer Lane?  
1850 2 July. Interesting items in Samuel Shore's sale particulars
The sale plan of Samuel Shore (deceased) shows Bole Hill Lodge including moorland and shooting ground, containing fire clay and ganister stone, total of 149 acres 0 roods 11 perches was leased to Duke of Rutland.
Lot 3, Field 6 is shown as football field leased by Robert Pinder, 2 acres 3 roods.
Samuel Pearson tenant of Shores at Cannon Hall
Job Green " Ash Cottage
Ann White " The Folds
John Mitchel & others " Hillfoot Cottages
Peter Pinder " Bents Farm (outbuildings)
Looks as though William Green owned cottage on right hand side of Butts Hill
" " Ann Barker had cottage on Hillfoot Road below Cross Grove HouseTotley School had corner piece Hillfoot Road / Summer Lane.
See note about commuted tithes payable to Shore.
Also mentions: Thomas Bunting; Robert Pinder; Robert Elliott; Waterfall, John; Waterfall, H; Joseph Ward; Robert Newton-Shawe, Lord Middleton, George Greaves, Abraham Elliot, J. Elliott; Thomas Dalton; William Dalton; D'Ewes Coke; Charles Brookfield; Joseph Barton; John Dyson; Jonathon Ogden.
Chesterfield Lib.
1851 Items in the Dore Census referring to Totley
Stoney Ridge. William Skinner 49 Toll collector born Knarsborough
Ann " 55 " Warsall, Yorks.
Henry " 4 grandson " Dore.

Mary Vickers, age 1 daughter of Charles Vickers of Ryecroft
& Harriet Pinder, age 18, Servant, single, both born Totley.

Thomas Bown, farm servant, age 12, lived with Joseph Hancock at Causeway Head & was born in Totley.

Hannah Gillat, age 17, House servant to George Ashbourne(?) at Brick Kiln, Dore , & was born Totley.

Mary Redish, age 24, single, laundress )
Walter Redish, age 4, son ) all born Totley
Ann Redish age 2, daughter )

John Shaw, lodger, age 50, agricultural Labourer, lodged with Ruth Thorpe, farmer of Dore, & was born Totley

Ann Jenkinson, age 5, grand daughter of John Hill, coal miner, born Totley,

John Fletch, age 48, farmer of Dore, born Totley.

Mary Fearnhough, daughter-in-law, married, age 22 ) Born Totley. Were family of Sarah
Emma " daughter, 3 ) Fearnhough, beerhouse keeper &
Joseph " son, 1 ) farmer of 16 acres.

Letitia Moseley, age 18, daughter-in-law (born Totley) of Frances Moseley, widow, farmer of 26 acres, Dore.

William Taylor, widower, 60, scythe maker & farmer of Dore born Totley
James Taylor, son, single, 23, agricultural labourer "
Henry Taylor, " " 19, scythe grinder "
Sidney Hill, son-in-law, married, 30, agricultural labourer "
Letitia Hill, daughter, single, 10 scholar "
Sophi(?) Hill, " 3 "
Ann Hill, Married, 29. "
1851 census ShLib
1851 2 April. Dore Census: 31 % of Dore Heads of Households were born in Totley. Dore to Door Mag.
Spring 1990.
1851 The Derbyshire Returns to the 1851 Religious Census
This survey included a report on the Totley Methodist Chapel, Chapel Lane off
Hillfoot Road.(See B.E.’s paper. After a period of dereliction the Chapel was bought by Brian Edwards and converted to the family home in 1973.)
The report read: Totley (population 403) Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Erected 1848 Separate and entire, exclusively used. Sittings: free 12, other 36, standing 100. Attendance: Morning: general congregation 15, Sunday School 34, total 51; afternoon: general congregation 52, Sunday School 41, total 93. Average attendance: Afternoon: general congregation 60, Sunday School 50, total 110. Remarks: Summer morning and night attendance like average. Signed James Newbould, Superintendent of the Sabbath School field in Totley.
Edited by Margery Tranter MatLib
Ref: HO 129/507/11
1851 7 August. Ellen Pinder died, aged 33. Dore Churchyard
C 1852 John Waterfall (owner of Totley Grove) demolished Upper Mill, & the new house then known as Totley Vale Cottage was built. Query date David Crossley
"Water Power on Sheffield Rivers"
1851 1 July. Turnpike Trustees told that Owler Bar toll house needed a new boiler. Cost 12/9 MPRO. D4 ATT7
1851 18 August. Toll Takers allowed £5 for refreshments (when & where?) " "
1851 Census. Thomas Biggin, tenant of Duke of Devonshire, Nether Scythe Mill, Scythe Maker employing 10 men. Census














































































CENSUS 1851 79 inhabited houses, 3 uninhabited, 1 abuilding, 228 males, 175 females, total: 403. John Baxby enumerator, Richard Furness registrar
John Barlow head married, age 60 farmer 28 acres born Totley
Martha wife 51 born Tot.
John son 23 file cutter born Tot.
Samuel son 16 apprentice to sawsmith bT
Joseph son 12 scholar bT
George 10 scholar bT
Thomas son 8 scholar bT
William Askey (?) Agr.servant single 18 bSheff.
Anne Kelly domestic servant single bIreland
John Thorpe Hd marr. 37 farmer 50acres bEcclesall
Sarah wife 36 bT
Hellen daughter single 11 bT
Ruth daughter 9 bT
Benjamin son 6 bT
Samuel H. son 4 bT
Seth son 1 bT
George Wombwell agr. Servant single 32 bMaypole Notts
James Maskrey visitor single 56 collier bT
James Newbould Hd marr 39 mason & toll collector bT
Eliz. Wife 33 bT
Sarah daughter single 16 bT
William Hearnshaw Hd single 43 farmer 23 acres bBrimington
Eliza Greaves servant single 20
Jonathan Wostenholme Hd married 55 bDronfield
Mary wife 57 bDronf
Anne daughter single 29
John son marr 29 bDronf
George son single 22 bMosboro
Alfred son single 14 bBradway
Jemima daughter--in law marr 20 bDore
One house uninhabitated
John Crookes Hd Marr 51 scythe grinder bNorton
May wife 51 bDore
John son22 scythe grinder bT
Anne daughter single 15 bT
Joseph son 13 bT
Thomas son 11 scholar bT
James son 9 scholar bNorton
George son 6 bNorton
William Wigfall Hd Marr 30 brush mfr bSheff
Mary wife 31 bSheff
Anne daughter 8 bSheff
Martha daughter 6 bSheff
William son 5 bSheff
Mary daughter 2 bSheff
Mary Lingard domestic servant single19 bSheff
Herbert Lowe servant single 17 bQuarndon
Elizabeth Townrow governess single 21 bWorksop
Charles Allsop Hd marr 40 farmer 20 acres bHanbury Staffs
Elizabeth wife 33 bQuarndon
Henry Hill hd marr 31 farmer 101acres bBiggin
Mary Ann wife 34 bSkegby Notts
Sam son 4 scholar bTot
Eliza daughter 2 bT
Thomas son 8m bT
Hannah Levendale (?) house servant single 13 bSkegby
James Farrell agric servant single 22 Ireland
John Wainwright hd marr 50 farmer 84 acres bUden Yorks
Elizabeth wife 45 b Bradfield (?) Yorks
George son single 22 scholar (??) bBradfield
John son 18 bBradfield
Joseph son 15 bBradfield
Mary daghter 12 bBradfield
Matilda daughter 9 bBradfield
Hira (Hiram?) son 4 bBrighthomely
Sam son 3 bBrighthomely
Ann Padley hd single 39 school mistress bSheff
John Marshall hd marr 70 retired file cutter bT
Elizabeth wife 67 bT
Keturah daughter single 22 bT
Mary Biggin hd scythe grinders widow 35 bDore
Ann daughter single 11 Scholar bDore
Charia (?) dau. 9 schol bDore
Hellen Dau. 6 schol bT
William Marsden Hd marr. 51 labourer bT
Sarah wife 59 bT
John Green hd marr. 63 vict. & farm 7acresbT
Elizabeth wife 63 bBuxton
Edward son 32 single millwright bT
John Fearney son in law marr 28 scythe grinder bHeeley
Harriat Fearney wife marr 28 bT
Edward Fearney son 2 bT
William Fox single 10 sch bT
Joseph Baxby hd marr 27 file cutter bT
Martha wife 30 bT
Thomas son 5 bT
Thomas Wilkin hd marr. 57 miner bEcclesall
Mary wife 49 bT
John Howard hd marr. 75 farmer 71 acres bUttoxeter
Charlotte wife 58 bSheff
Charles son single 30 farmers son bEcclesall
Henry son 27 farmers son single bT
Eliza daugh. Single 24 farmers dau. BT
Samuel son single 18 sawyer bT
Edward Pinder hd marr 38 bHolmesfield trade?
Sarah wife 30 bBeeley
Emmaly dau. Single 14 sch bDore
Louasia dau single 14 sch bDore
Edwin son 9 bDore
Albert son 7 sch bDore
Walter son 4 bT
Salena dau. 1 bT
Sarah Green hd 70 grocer bT
Stephen nephew single 24 saw grinder
Mary Ann niece 10 sch bT
William Green hd marr 33 file cutter bT
Sarah wife 31 bT
Cathrine dau 14 bT
Sampson son 13 file cutter bT
Maryanne dau 8 bT
James son 5 bT
Georg son 3 bT
Sarah Ellin dau 7mths bT
Jacob Green lodger widower 58 tailor bT
John Hall hd marr 62 indecipherable trade bLiverpool
Elizabeth wife 47 bLiv
Joseph Hill hd marr 29 coal miner bPinxton
Elizabeth wife 36 bT
Thomas Walters stepson 14 coal miner bT
Charles Walters stepson 9 sch bT
Susannah Hill dau 3 bT
John Storey hd marr 30 blacksmith bT
Harriat wife 32 bFulwood
William Marshall hd marr 29 file cutter bT
Mary wife 23 bT
George son 8 bT
Emma dau 6 bT
Elias son 2 bT
Joseph Marshall uncle 68 file mfr bT
John Newbould hd marr 60 labourer bDronf
Deborah wife 65 bSheffPark
Mary granddau 8 sch bT
Joshua Green lodger single 30 scythe grinder bT
John Marshall hd marr 47 file cutter bShef
Hannah wife 42 bT
Joseph son 11 file cutter bT
Thomas son 6 sch bT
Thomas Wainwright hd marr 26 labourer bBradfld
Catherina wife 27 dressmaker bT
Arthur son 2 bT
Sarah Pinder hd widow 66 scythe grinder (?) bDronf
John son single 38 labourer bT
Henry Bown hd marr 35 coal mine banksman bHognaston
Eliza wife 34 bAshbourne
Elizabeth dau 10 bT
Carles son 8 sch bT
William son 4 sch bT
Henry son 3 bT
George son 1 bT
Elizabeth Thompson visitor widow 31 bSkegby
Jonathan Hill visitor 9mths bT
Richard Wade hd marr 63 retired merchant bShef (lived Totley Vale)
Sarah wife 46 retired merchant bEcclesall
Elizabeth Darwent house servant marr 28 bMasboro or Mosboro
George Cooper house servant 14 bBaslow
Eliza Jackman visitor marr 27 tradesmans? BSh
Mary Green hd single 61 grocer bT
George Elliott hd marr 42 stonemason and beerhouse keeper bT
Hannah wife 40 bHolmesfld
Lititia dau single 20 bT
Phoebe dau single 18 bT
Abraham son single 16 stonemason bT
Samuel son 14 sch bT
George son 11 sch bT
Thomas son 9 sch bT
Hannah dau 3 bT
Joseph son 3mths bT
William Hopkinson hd marr 29 Saw grinder bT
Mary wife 28 bEcclesall
Ellen dau 5 sch bT
Jane Hogg hd widow 56 pauper bT
Emma dau 13 sch bT
Sampson Green hd marr 59 sawgrinder bT
Ketty wife 54 bT
Charles son single 19 saw grinders apprentice bT
John Pinder hd marr 30 labourer bT
Hellen wife 28 bT
Hannah dau 4 bT
Mary Dau 1 bT
John Baxby hd marr 48 stonemason bT
Leta wife 28 bT
Catherina dau 15 bT
Hannah dau 11 bT
Mary Ward hd labourers widow bHolmesfd
Hannah Watson dau marr stonemasons wife bT
Joseph son single 20 labourer bT
Hannah Green visitor single 16 saw grinders dau bT
Harriott Green visitor 14 ditto bT
Christopher Green lodger 22 labouer bT
Anne White hd widow 50 farmer 30 acrea bDronf
Eliza Barker dau single 16 bT
Joshua David (?) White son 9 sch bT
Thomas Vickers single 26 agricul lab bBrimington
Joseph Burkinshaw single 20 agric lab bSelstone Notts
Thomas Ward hd marr 40 road labourer bT
Mary wife 38 bBaslow
Matthew son single 14 road lab bT
John son 6 sch bT
Abraham son 4 bT
Joseph son 2 bT
George Ward hd marr 44 saw handle maker bT
Amy(?) wife 40 bT
John son single 18 saw handle maker bT
George son single 15 apprentice saw handle maker
Mary dau 13 bT
William son 11 appr sawhandle maker
Thomas son 9 sch bT
Joseph son 7 sch bT
Arthur son 5 sch bT
Adam son 3 bT
James Ward nephew single 20 apprentice saw maker bT
Job Green hd marr 50 farmer 40 acres bT
Ann wife 44 bDronf
Mary Ann dau single 21 bT
Eliza dau single sch bT
Albert son 4 bT
John Thos. Hogg farm servant 26 bT
Martha Logham (?) visitor booksellers wife 41 bLeicester
Oliver Logham (?) visitors son 3 bSheff
H.J.McConochie visitor 12 sch bNottingham
Sarah Pearson hd married 48 farmer 40 acres bT
George son single 22 bT
Eliza dau 13 bT
Elizabeth dau single 21 bT
Henry Mullins hd marr 24 coal miner bWaleswood Yorks
Kezia (?) wife 26 bHollinsend Yorks
William son 2 b?
Sampson Marshall hd marr 25 file cutter bT
Ann wife 21 bBradway
William son 2 bMickley
Ellis son 3 months bT
Matthew Green visitor 7 bSheff
Samuel Longden hd marr 53 Saw handle maker bDore
Mary wife 56 bT
Mary dau single 21 bT
James Green hd marr 23 joiner bBeauchief
Melicent wife 19 dressmaker bT
Thomas Dalton hd marr 35 brickmaker bT
Ann wife 21 bT
Sarah dau 5 bT
Mary ann dau 3 bT
George son 1 bT
George Dalton hd 29 marr, table blade maker bT
Ann wife 28 bT
Ann dau 3 bT
William Barton hd marr 28 brickmaker bT
Sabina wife 30 governess bSheff
Caroline Milner scholar 5 bChapeltown
Elizabeth Taylor hd scythe grinders widow bCalver
James son 13 bT
Eliza dau 9 schol bT
Mary Ann Coates grandau 6 bSheff
Jonathan Mitchell hd marr 38 labourer bT
Mary wife 35 bBaslow
Henry son 7 scholar bT
James son 6mths bT
William Robinson hd marr 38 labourer bT
Hannah wife 33 bT
George son 5 bT
William son 3 bT
Sarah Ann dau 2mths bT
George Mountford hd marr 40 scythe mfr and farmer 44 acres bShiffnall Staffs
Hannah wife 38 bNorton
Emma dau 10 schol bT
George son 8 schol bT
Frederic son 5 bT
William John son 4mths bT
George Booth servant single 21 scythe forgemans heater
Ge0rge Swift farm servant single 21 bDronf
James Yates farm servant single 16 bHallam
Thomas Pustow(?) hd marr 29 scythe forgemans heater bHillpool, Worcs
Eliza wife 27 bUpton Warren Worcs.
George Robinson hd marr 62 farmer 14 acres bBakewell
Ann wife 52 bSheff
Elizabeth dau single 19 bT
Mary Hellen grandau 2mths bT
Thomas Fisher hd marr 52 farmer 35 acres bBrampton
Jane wife 48 bBolsover
Robert farmers son single 17 bT
Jane farmers dau single 16 bT
John farmers son 14 bT
Francis farmers son 12 bT
Samuel 7 son school bT
Godfrey son 5 schol bT
William son 3 bT
Thomas 10 schol bT
Joseph Dalton hd marr 71 retired farmer bT
Elizabeth wife marr 71 bNorton
William son single imbecile bSheff
Sarah Flint sister single 77 bNorton
George Hill hd marr 45 brickmfr bHolmesfd
Elizabeth wife 44 bLightwood, Derbys
William son single 22 brickmaker bBrampton
Emma dau single 17 bDronf
Mary dau single 15
Eliza dau 11 scholar bDronf
Sarah dau 9 schol bDronf
Charles Lowcock visitor single 22 sickle smith bDronf
One house uninhabited
Charles Coates hd marr 28 scythe grinder Dore
Ann wife 25 bT
James son 2 bT
George Taylor brothinlaw single 16 scythe grinder bT
Thomas Fletcher son 16 apprentice scythe grinder bStockport
Hiram Green hd marr 53 scythe grinder bT
Ann wife 42 bBeauchief Abbey
Edward son single 24 scythe grinder bBeauchief Abbey
Edward Pinder farm servant single 16 bT
John Taylor hd marr 47 labourer bT
Grace wife 56 bDore
Mary dau single 19 bT
John son single bT
Sampson Green hd marr 31? Saw grinder bT
Hannah wife 43 bT
George son single 10 schol bT
William son 8 bT
Edward Newbould hd marr hd marr farmer 12 acres bDronf
Ann wife 55 bBaslow
Abraham Elliott hd marr stone mason bDore
Mary wife 63 bChesterf
Elizabeth dau single 22 bT
John Frankish grandson 14 file cutter bNorton
Thomas Frankish grdson 5 bHull
Sarah Elliott grddau 1 bT
Joseph Rowlinson hd marr 31 farmer 20 acres bGrindleford Bridge
Hannah wife 35 bT
John Green brothinlaw single 28 farm labourer bT
Matthew Ward hd marr labourer bT
Mary wife 30 bT
John son 10 bT
Thomas son 9 bT
Eliza dau 6 bT
Sarah dau 3 bT
John Fox hd marr 36 scythe grinder bEcclesall
Mary wife 33 bT
Thomas son 12 bT
Martin son 10 bT
Mary dau 7 bT
Hiram son 5 bT
Aron son 3 bT
Hannah dau 5mths bT
George Green single 18 apprentice scythe grinder bNorton
Sarah Green hd single 66 bT
Alfred son single 39 labourer bT
Thomas Hopkinson hd marr 53 farmer 40 acres bCromford
Hannah wife 50 bDore
Charles Hodkin single 27 farm servant bHolmesf
Ann Towndrow single 15 bBrampton
Ann Fentam visitor widow 48 bDore house servant
Sampson Hodgkinson hd marr 48 millwright bStockport
Mary wife 43 bStoney Middleton
George son single 17 apprentice to father bSheff
Ann dau single 15 bSheff
Sampson son 11 schol bT
Jonathan son 9 schol bT
Thomas son 7 schol bT
Helen dau 6 bT
John Mitchell hd marr 70 farmer 27 acres bT
Hannah wife 70 bT
Eliza grandau 10 bT
Thomas Ward single 18 farm servant bT
Robert Pinder hd marr 62 farmer 27 acres bDuckmanton Derbys
Elizabeth wife 56 bHolmesf
Thomas son widower 27 farm servant bT
Hellen dau single 33 family servant bT
James son single 20 cordwainer (shoemaker) bT
William son single 18 farmserv bT
Eliza dau 13 bT
Catherina dau 10 bT
Samuel Pinder Grandson 11
Mary Ann Pinder grandau 4 bT
Peter Pinder grandson 2 bT
Letitia Pinder grandau 6mthe bT
John Dalton hd marr 37 cordwainer bT
Sarah wife 31 bT
Samuel son 4 (?) bT
William son 9 bT
Hannah dau 7 bT
Edward son 5 bT
Peter son 1 bT
Samuel White hd marr 42 knife forger bT
Melicent wife 34 bT
Henry Thorpe nephew 6 bT
Mary Wostenholme hd marr 38 blacksmiths widow bMaidstone Kent
Henry son single 17 bT
Ann dau 13 bT
Samuel son 3 bT
Levi son 2 bT
Peter Pinder lodger (single or son?) labourer bT
Edward Turner hd marr 34 cordwainer bT
Keturah wife 26 bT
Samuel son 1 (or 7) bT
John Wragg hd marr 54 sawhandle maker bT
Ester wife 51 bDore
Samuel son single 20 bSheff
Isaac son single 15 bT
John son 12 schol bT
Joseph son 9 schol bT
Elizabeth dau 6 schol bT
Ester grandau 5 schol bT
William son 3 bT
One house abuilding

EMPLOYMENT: out of the 134 entries where the trades were mentioned:
41 farmers & agricultural workers 31%, a few had a second trade, total listed 603 acres
40 in scythe, file, knife, saw, millwright trade (15 scythes, 10 files, 9 saws, 3 millwrights, 2 knives, 1 blacksmith) 30%
15 labourers unspecified 11% but some could have helped in the industry
2 road labourers 1%
5 miners 4%
4 brickmakers 3%
8 domestic servants 7%
4 masons 3%
others total approx imately:
1 sawyer
1 joiner
1 brush mfr
2 cordwainers (shoemakers)
2 victuallers
2 grocers
1 tailor
2 governesses
2 dressmakers
1 school mistress

ShLib N622,N618

1852 Copied from typescript at Totley College 1977
Original from Kelly's or White's Directory of Derbyshire.

Coke D'Ewes, Totley Hall
Dalton, George(jun.), vict. Crown.
Dalton, John, shoemaker
Green, John, vict. Fleur de Lys
Hill ,George, fire brick maker
Hodgkinson, Sampson, millwright
Marshall, Joseph, file, scythe etc. mfr.
Millward, William, postman
Mountford, George, scythe, hay/straw knife etc. mfr. Totley Forge
Padley, Ann, infant school
Pinder, Edward, sawyer
Siddall, G., mfg. Chemist (home) Dronfield
Storey, John , blacksmith
Thorpe, John, vict. Cross Scythes
Tinker & Siddall, mfg. Chem., Mickley Lane End
Tinker, Tedbar h Green Oak ?
Turner, Edwin (?) shoemaker
Turner W & Ward G, saw handle mkrs.
Wade, Richard, gent, Totley Vale.
White, Samuel, file cutter

  Farmers Masons
Alsop, Charles Baxby, John
Barton J, and brick mfr. Elliott, Abm.
Fisher, Thomas Elliott G. (Beerhouse)
Green, Job Newbould, James
Hill, Henry
Hopkinson, Thomas, and butcher
Howard, John
Morton, George Shopkeepers
Pearson, Samuel Green, Sarah
Vickers. Thomas Wilkins, Thomas
Mitchell, Hannah
Newbold E, and butcher
Pinder, John
Swift, Mrs. Ann
Wainwright, John
White, Hannah
1852 9 November. Joseph Marshall died aged 68 Dore Churchyard
1852 Whites Directory Totley B.E.COPY in Ring binder Dir
1852 John Roberts bought land in Greenoak area Handley, p58
1852 New Toll Table (list of tolls) procured and placed at Green Oak Toll Bar, also Owler Bar & Beauchief toll tables repainted.
Thos. Elliott received £10/2/6 for repairs of toll houses and for toll tables.
Mr. Sampson asked for increase for carting of stone from Beauchief Quarry, 1/3 instead of 1/-. Trustees of Turnpike sought other quotes (I think he became a trustee later - B.E.)
1852 7 Aug. (See also 1863) Charles Edward Waterfall late of HMS Arrogant, son of John Gray Waterfall & Ann his wife who died aged 19. Dore Churchyard
1853 9 Oct. Keturah, neice of Joseph Marshall, and wife of Christopher Green died Dore Churchyard
1853 17 Feb. Abraham Elliott died aged 73 " "
1853 17 July. May wife of William Marshall died aged 30 " "
1853 12 Feb & 13 Aug. Totley Rolling Mill advertised for sale Sheff. Independent
1853 Spencer Hall from Ashover (a writer) writes to D'Ewes Coke "It was because I remember you saying that "The Reporter" did not reach you at Totley that I sent you the copy you name knowing you would be interested in whatever concerned the neighbourhood of Bakewell (Coke had a house there and was Land Agent to the Duke of Rutland) MPRO
1883/L3 Coke
1853 18 July. Turnpike Trustees Minute Book - New gate & stone posts put down at Owler Bar.
John Roberts of Abbeydale Park (Hall) applied for roadside pieces of land between Greenoak & Cross Scythes at a price to be agreed by trustees. He would build a good fence wall, and £50 an acre agreed including the placing of the wall & measurement was supervised by their surveyor. However, they later informed Roberts that the land was already his, awarded in the enclosure to the late Mr. Shore from whom he bought the land. Anyway, Roberts offered a piece of his land to widen the road near Green Oak.
  PROOF READ 17 DEC. 2003  
1854 25 Jan. Sarah, daughter of John & Sarah Dalton died aged 1yr. 9mths. Dore Churchyard
1854 6 July. John Marshall brother of Joseph died aged 72 Dore Churchyard
1854 14 Aug. Eliza daughter of George & Ann Dalton died aged 7 weeks. "
1854 Valuation of a ratable property in Totley. Derbyshire Quarter Sessions NS. MPRO.
1854 17 April. Turnpike Trustees were informed that there was no gate or chain on the side gate (at Mickley Lane End) at the Green Oak Toll Bar. Therefore tolls were being evaded. It was agreed that a pole or bar be placed across the lane but it had to be opened at time of bar keepers going to bed & to remain open during the night to prevent accidents MPRO D4 ATT 7
1854 Post Office Directory of Sheffield and list of places with the coaches & carriers to each includes Totley
BE copy
1855 30 April. Charlotte wife of John Howard died aged 63 Dore Churchyard
1855 23 May. Papers at Lower Bents Farm.
John Marshall deceased and William Marshall
1855 3 July. Receipt from Ann Padley, schoolteacher at Totley:
"Received from Charles Alsopp £2/10/- being one half years rent from land at Coal Aston due to me at Lady Day last as schoolmistress at Totley"
MPRO. Manor Minutes
1855 Surrey Music Hall, Sheffield was enlarged - architect: William Flockton
See biographical details by Welsh.
SLIB. See 1865 & Youden
1855 16 July. Turnpike Trustees agreed that proper road drains be put in. MPRO. D4 ATT 7
1855 15 Oct. Lead on porch of Owler Bar toll house be painted white to prevent it being injured by sun MPRO. D4 ATT 7
1855 Sale plan of Scythe Mill (Avenue Farm) gives details of mill and dam together with Oldhay Dam and Paper Mill Field. Needs photocopy. SLIB.
1855 (S) lot 4
1856 Scythe Forge, Totley sold. (map) SLIB.
1856 D'Ewes Coke died aged 82. Sh. Reg. 942 74S
1856 11 June. Ann Dalton wife of George died aged 33. Dore Churchyard.
1856 Totley Forge advertised for sale. George Mountford was scythe skelper, tenant. Working for Tyzacks? BE copy. SLIB
Sale plan
1856 William Hattersley, victualler & tanner, Owler Bar Whites.
1856 White’s Directory B.E.Copy ring bindeer  
1857 Derby Directory gives Totley 1811 acres 3r. 4p. Ratable value £1,328/2/1.
83 houses, 403 population incl, 228 males & 175 females
Lord Middleton is Lord of Manor and small landowner
T. Tinker & Co. have extensive chemical works.
Totley Vale seat of John Wheat, property of Waterfall.
Elliott Geo. & Mason & Builder
Hattersley William
To Bakewell, Buxton, Sheffield etc. call at Cross Scythes.

Caulton John, gardner to J. J. Wheat.
Green Jacob, tailor
Hill Geo., firebrick maker
Hodkinson Sampson, millwright
Padley Ann, schoolmistress
Tinker, Tedbar & Co., mfg. chemists, Totley Chemical Works.
Ward Joseph, Brook Hall
Watson John, blacksmith
Job Green, Cross Scythes
Wheat John James, solicitor
John Green, Fleur de Lys
George Dalton, Crown
1857 Whites Directory B.E. copy ring binder  
The Dukes Drive to Moss Road was one of several over the moors designed by Charles Cecil John 6th Duke of Rutland (1815-1888). Known as the Sporting Duke. Designed to give access to his Longshaw Moors  
1857 Whites History of Derbyshire mentions Totley as a small, pleasant village & scattered township on a low emminance.
A sum of £125 previously raised towards building of a school in Totley was was expended on land at Coal Aston & let for £6 p.a. for schoolteacher to teach 6 poor children. ( not used for school)
1857 20 April. Messrs. Tyzack & Sons of Totley Rolling Mill applied for ganister scrapings near the mill. Offer refused as the Turnpike Trustees wished to let the whole of the scraping along the road on one contract. Eventually they let Tyzacks do just that at £7 p.a. and remainder to a Mr. Shirt for £21 p.a. MPRO. D4 ATT 7
1858 28 July. William Hodkin of Totley died Holmesfield Churchyard
1858 19 July. Mr. Sampson to supply ganister for repair of Beauchief and Abbeydale Roads at 4/6 per yard. (broken up stone was placed in one yard high piles along roadside ready for use) MPRO D4 ATT7
1859 26 July. Auction sale of 285 acres Totley Moor, The Cross Scythes and 4 messuages and 200 acres of arable grass and woodland at Totley, ( See notice I have & map)
This would appear to be G. B. Greaves Estate. See 1839 Enclosure Claims.
1859 11 Sep. Samuel Pinder son of William & Ellen died aged 19. Dore Churchyard
1859 Mary Coates wife of William C. Coates died aged 28. Holmesfield Chuchyard
1859 Small part of Totley Hall Estate sold off by Cokes. Only parcel was Ashmore & Bresham Closes occupied by Widow Barker. Not very interesting MPRO
1859 18 April. Ceilings repaired at Owler Bar toll house. Owler Bar & Greenoak gate, doors & windows painted and a new ganister scraping machine ordered for Totley District - Turnpike Trustees MPRO. D4 ATT 7
1860 Harrison, Harrod & Co. Directory & Gazetteer of Derbyshire B.E. copy ring binder  
1860 Whites Directory B.E.copy ring binder  
1860 Circular map 20 miles around Sheffield by Francis White. 20" dia.. not particularly of interest, gives local names - Totley Bents, Greenoak Inn, Folds, Lane End. 1/2" to 1 mile. (Also mentions Paynton Lodge?) SLIB
Oakes Deeds 1246
1860 20 Nov. Sale plan, Lot 20.
4 closes of arable ground called Football Field, the Taylor Hill, New Piece and the Flat occupied by Mr. Robert Pinder, containing 12 acres 1 rood 24 perches and adjoining the estates of Duke of Rutland, Lord Middleton, Lub Fernell Esq?, and the Strawberry Lee Road.
Also Lot 21 - a close of land called Hare-hill Side or Spurr Croft, occupied by Mr Lum? Pinder, containing 2 acres 30 p and adjoining estates of Lord Middleton, Mr. Thomas Gatley, Mr John Dalton and Mr. Waterfall.
SLIB. Sale Plans 1860 (s)
1860 Wm. Coates at Peacock, Owler Bar. Whites.
1860s Totley Forge operated by Moss & Gamble David Crossley
"Water Power on Sheffield Rivers"
1861 During the Sheffield Outrages Inquiry of 1867, there was a report of an outrage committed on 8th July 1861 upon a Joseph Bolton. It was said that a can of gunpowder was thrown through his dwelling room window at Greenoak Toll Bar at Totley and that a great deal of damage was done to his house and furniture. As it turned out, it appeared to be a case of "private malice" rather than a trade union outrage. Sheffield
Outrages Book
1861 1 Oct. Joseph Bolton paid for repairs to Greenoak toll house 8/-. John Wordsworth for windows 5/6. George Elliott for repairs & painting (amount?). The Turnpike Trustee minute book refers to the incident above. Lessee of tolls, Mr. Bower offered £25 reward and the County £75 for the apprehension & conviction of offender. Trustees added £25 and authorised the repair costs to fall on the Trust. MPRO. D4 ATT 7
1861 Census of Totley microfilm N633 gives details of Totley, Owler Bar, Thickwood etc. SLIB
1861 25 June. John Howard of Totley died aged 85 Dore Churchyard
1861 12 Nov. Elizabeth wife of Robert Pinder of Totley Bents died aged 66. " "
1861 -
William Hall Coates tenant at Peacock Hotel, Owler Bar.  
1862 Whites Directory B.E.copy ring binder  
1862 Sheffield Outrages Book dicusses inquiry regarding shots allegedly fired at Joshua Tyzack of William Tyzack & Sons who was on his way home by gig to his house at Abbey Lane. A witness was his friend Ebenezer Hall of Martin Hall & Co. who lived at Abbeydale Hall. Ebenezer Hall features in the Midland Railway inquiry into the Dore & Chinley Line. He also bought Greenoak Toll Bar for £15 in 1880 See card
1862 21 April. The Turnpike Trust Wrote to Sheffield Waterworks Co. asking them to provide a quantity of ganister broken for use on the roads to repair damage done by breaking up the roads and laying pipes.
Mr. Holy(?) be discharged from in any manner interfering or meddling with roads except under Mr. Bland's (the Surveyor) approval prior.
1862 20 Oct. Board floor laid down in sleeping room at Greenoak toll house + repairs to fireplace. MPRO. D4 ATT7
1862 20 Dec. The Turnpike Trustees instucted the Surveyor to put down proper guide posts where required on the roads.
Residents of Abbeydale Road complained against the manner in which that portion of the road is repaired by the new stone being laid in a diagonal pattern & the interstices (gaps) afterwards laid on.
1862 Drakes Directory B.E. copy ring binder  
1863 25 Mar.Benjamin son of John & Sarah Thorpe of Cross Scythes died aged 19 Dore Churchyard
1863 June.Hallfield Farm advertised for sale "It is specified that the projected line of railway from Chesterfield to Sheffield will pass near the estate”. SHLIB
1863 1 Dec. Charles Edward Waterfall (Totley Grove) late of HMS Arrogant, son of John Gray Waterfall and Ann his wife, who died 7 Aug. 1852 in the 19th year of his age. Also their son John Henry Waterfall late of HM 5th Royal Lancers and previously of HM 95th Regiment who died 1st Dec. 1863 in the 31st year of his age Dore Churchyard
1863 Line proposed Sheffield - North Staffs. Railway via Dronfield & Baslow MPRO.
1863 Line Sheffield - Chesterfield MPRO
QRP2/83 (NS)
1864 Whites Directory  
C1864 Brick Jack lived and worked at Brick Kiln high above present brickyard (see cards for Brick Kiln and John Green)  
1864 Kellys Directory  
1864 31 Jan. May (Mary?) Elliott wife of Abraham died aged 76 Dore Churchyard
1864-68 Moss & Gamble at Totley Forge.  
1864 Letter from Board of Trade concerning alterations to Stoney Middleton to Greenhill Turnpike necessitated by proposed railway. MPRO D4 ATT 7
1864 18 July. New roof, privy and coal house to be provided at Owler Bar Toll House MPRO. D4 ATT 7
1864 Unwin Token Dore. Vol. V 1864 Relq. Illustatrion & Description
Buxton Lib.
1864 Saturday 26 March. Weekly Telegraph Sheffield advert. – The Public are respectively informed that an omnibus will commence running to Baslow and Calver on Sunday morning leaving the Yellow Lion Haymarket at half past nine calling at the Cutlers Arms, New Church Street and Travellers Rest , Sheffield Moor, by way of Totley and Owler Bar. A. Godber, Proprietor.  
1864 Saturday 26 March. Advert for Surrey Theatre, Proprietor Mr. Thomas Youden.
Tonight SaTurday will be presenting the celebrated drama called “Nicholas Nickleby”.
Song: Miss M. Everard.
To conclude with the successful new drama by Hy Leslie (vocalised by Mr. Frank Allen ) entitled “The Trail of Sin” or “The House of Bardsley”, a tale of old Sheffield.
Introducing new and splendid scenery by Messrs. Rowe and Roberts, of Lady’s Bridge, Sheffield; Middlewood Hall; Roche Abbey (by moonlight) etc. etc.
Doors open at half past six to commence at seven
Admission Front Circle 1s; boxes 6d; Promenade 4d; Gallery 3d; no pass-out checks given.
1864 Grinding ceased at Walk Mill when Thomas Tyzack, John’s grandson died. However, mill continued in use despite adjacent work on Midland Railway. “Glass Tools &
Tyzacks. MPRO
929-2 TYZ
1865 Kellys Directory  
1865 27 Jan. Heavy snow storm. Bakewell coach snowbound between Owler Bar and Totley SLIB. Sheffield Local Register
1865 Valuation Book for Totley SLIB
1865 Sunday Music Hall, Sheffield destroyed by fire See 1855 RB & Youdan
1866 14 April. Robert Pinder, husband of Elizabeth of Totley Bents died aged 77 Dore Churchyard
1866 John Thomas son of John & Harriet Coates died aged 3. See also 1877, 1892, 1897 Holmesfield Churchyard
1866 London & North West Railway via Stockport, Whaley, Castleton, Padley, Totley. MPRO
QRP2/65 (NS)
1866 Sheffield & Buxton & Liverpool Railway via Hathersage & Dore MPRO
1867 Abstract of Title of Henery Baron Middleton & Henry Digby WB Willoughby Estate at Totley:-
? Green Tenant of Public House ‘Fleur de Lis’ & blacksmith shop etc 310
Elliott & Ogden 2 cottages garden & file shop 300
Elliott & Ogden beer house 173
Dalton Public House ‘The Crown’ 2 cottages etc 73
Nottingham University Library Lot 7.Mi 3 E4.
1867 9 Dec. Conveyance of land (incl. forecourt to Chapel) between Rt. Hon. Henry Baron Middleton & Hon. Digby Wentworth Bayard Willoughby on the first part and Edward Turner , cordwainer, Totley on the other. BE copy

14 Dec. Sampson Hodgkinson, wheelwright, purchased from Lord Middleton Turner Croft part garden, cowhouse & pigsty, barn in ruins. House now used as shop & yard. 1acre 1 rood 28 perches for £130
Jonathon Mitchell, farmer, purchased from Lord Middleton Spout Croft, house, garden, outbuildings, part of a cowhouse. 15 perches, £90.
Matthew Ward, labourer, puchased from Lord Middleton house & garden, barn , cowhouse, part of yard and road. 11 perches, £56.
Witnesses to document were butler & valet of Lord Middelton, Birdsall Hall, Yorkshire.
9 Dec. Ward took out loan with Trustees of the Invincible Lodge held at Horns Inn, Holmesfield. Representatives who served were: George Hodkin of Holmesfield, farmer; Joshua Biggin, joiner, Dronfield Woodhouse; Samuel Biggin of Holmesfield, farmer & scythe mfr.; John Bennett of Holmesfield, saw handle mfr. Loan was £50 secured against property. Subject to the provisions of the act relating to Friendly Societies.
Matthew Ward made X his mark. See also 1900.
Pretty sure that these were tenants of these properties. Probably in families for generations. The vendors were named as Rt. Hon. Henry Baron Middleton and the Hon. Digby Wentworth Bayard Willoughby of Birdsall Hall, Yorkshire.
BE copy
1867 April. Eb. Hall bought freehold est. at Totley incl. Greenoak House for £10,000, Part of this land had been bought by John Roberts in 1852 Handley. p28
1867 21 Aug. Cherrytree Orphanage corner stone laid by John Webster, Mayor. SLIB. Sh. Reg. 94274S
1867 1 Feb. Thos Wilkin of Totley died aged 73 (born 1794) Dore Churchyard
1867 27 Sep. Sarah wife of John Dalton died aged 48 " "
1867 25 March. Valuation of tenant right on Bradway Mill Farm in Abbeydale given up by Mr. Stephen Sampson the owner to Mr. Matthew Clayton the incoming tenant as at 25 March . Photocopy & transcription. MPRO
D2784 M/E1/3?
BE copy
1868 30 Jan. Esther Wragg, widow of Totley, paid £125 to Thos. Youdan, gent. For Lower Hare Croft with the dwelling houses, shop (probably file shop?) and outbuildings which were or lately in tenure of John Wragg, Samuel Longden & Mary Wragg. Actual document in ring binder under Chapel  
1868 31 Jan. Mortgage for above.  
1868 Mary Coates vict & farmer Peacock Owler Bar Holmsf. Dir.
1868 Whites Directory B.E. copy  
1869 List of coaches Be copy
1869 Blacka Plantation was felled to provide timber for the Midland Railway, Dronfield to Dore section. Clarion 1937/38
1869 Overseers for Totley were Joseph Rollinson and William Hopkinson, guardian Benjamin Taylor Red Book. B.E.
1869 22 April. May Wilkin wife of Thos. Died aged 68. Dore Churchyard
1869 William Green & William Anthony paid for widening of Turnpike at Hikley ( Akley) Bank.
Plans, a/cs., estimates. See photocopies.
1869 Details of alterations to Turnpike Road for Railway. Letter, spec. & agreement. MPRO. 4A/TT14
1869 November. William Baker who ran horse bus from Sheffield to Dronfield on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays sold out - 4 horse, 28 seater bus; 2 horse, 16 seater bus; six cabs & carriages. New Sheffield to Chesterfield line was soon to be opened  
1870 J.G. Harrods Directory B.E.copy ring binder  
1870 Dore (new) Road built (by Duke of Devonshire) Clarion 1937/38
1870 When the Devonshire Estate sold land along the Old Hay Brook to J. G. Waterfall, the Nether Mill Dam and buildings were shown on the sale plan. David Crossley
"Water Power on Sheffield Rivers"
1870 Sheffield & Chesterfield line of the Midland Railway opened - (Totley & Dore Station, 1872). On that day Sheffield Carriage Co. announced that the Bakewell mail via Baslow had been discontinued  
1871 Population 436 (acc. to Directory)  
  Census of Totley on microfilm. Needs copying. SLIB. N746 part.
  " " Owler Bar, Thickwood, Moorwood etc. " N737
1871 Harriet, wife of William Hodkin died aged 75. Holmesfield Churchyard
1871 Line from Hassop to Dore via Calver, Holmesfield & Totley MPRO. QRP2/164
1871 Midland Railway plans, book of reference & sections including Totley. Quarter Sessions " QRP2/164/1871
1871/72 John Wragg, tax collector, Owler Bar; Mrs. Mary Coates, Peacock & farmer; Henry Peat, gamekeeper, Thickwood Lodge. Directory
1872 Johnson & Co. were tenants & operators of Totley Forge & were also grinding scythes at the Old Hay (Howder) Mill. Crossley
1872 1 Feb. Dore & Totley Station opened. It was served by both 6 or 7 weekday trains & 3 Sundays.  
1872 Whites Directory B.E. copy ring binder  
1873 Thursday, 12 June. Date of first General Meeting of Totley Brook Estate held at Royal Hotel, Abbeydale Road.
30 June. Committee meeting of above, it was resolved that the "Dam"(Nether Wheel?) be done away with and converted into building plots. All old dam stones were to be used in the construction of the new dam - which dam is this? - reservoir for estate?
SLIB. Totley Brook Estates Minutes (Archives)
1873 26 Sep. Job Green died aged 73 (born 1800) Dore Churchyard
1873 D'Ewes Coke died (not Rev. D'Ewes Coke, was he son?)  
1873 An order was made for diverting footpath from Dore & Totley Station to Dore Buxton Lib.
Cox: Calendar of Records of Derbys.
1873 23 July. William son of George and Sarah Hodkin of Totley died aged 11 years (gravestone chiselled out below this inscription) Holmesfield Churchyard
1874 Waterfall sold land along Old Hay Brook to Edmund Sanderson, Estate Agent. Nether Mill was not mapped. See 1870 David Crossley
"Water Power on Sheffield Rivers"
  11 Jan. Ann wife of Job Green died aged 67 Dore Churchyard
  20 July. John Dalton husband of Sarah died aged 60 " "
Miscellaneous papers & a/cs respecting sale of timber in Totley.
Jan. George Oates was superintending Totley Woods
5 Nov. receipts: George Coates, 150 bindings 4/6. 150 stakes 9/-
MPRO. 1881/110 George Oates A/cs. Coke Papers.
1874 Plan of Sheffield - Owler Bar & Greenhill - Owler Bar Roads including those which were disenturnpiked from Sheffield to Beauchief. Not detailed MPRO. D4/ATT40
1875 The Totley Brook Estate: Minutes:" The sum of 10/- reward for conviction of persons trespassing on the Estate property was given to Mr. Parock, the Totley Police Constable". SLIB. Archives.
1875 Timber Sales Book. Coke's Woods at Totley. George Oates Accs.
5 Jan. Samuel Pinder 300 Bindings 9/-
20 Jan. John Green 100 Stakes 6/-
100 Bindings 3/-
29 Jan. Geo. Peat 1,000 Beesom staves 12/6
200 Bindings 6/-
13 Aug. William Firth 400 Stakes £1/4/-
30 Rails 10/-
" Henry Howard 100 Bindings 3/-
30 Rails 6/8
" Mr. Poole 200 Stakes 12/-
" Mr. Denton 40 Bunch Bean Rods 16/8
" Thos. Kilner Cordwood £1/7//6
" Hunt Esq. 750 Stakes £2/5/-
975 Bindings £1/9/3
George Oates a/cs.
1875 Plans & Valuations of Totley. SLIB. VT4.
1875 Directory - Cricket Inn recorded as "Cricketers".  
1875 William Tyzack of Abbeydale was tenant of Old Hay Mill & Totley Forge which was owned by James Addy until 1879 - Sale Plan 2 Feb 1879
Tyzacks owned Totley Rolling Mill with Cupola & old slag hearth. They used the Rolling Mill as a grinding wheel, & leased the cupola & old slag hearth to the Eyem Mining Co.
This period saw the invention of reaping & mowing machines. Tyzack, Sons & Turner 1st first English firm to make knife sections for them

MPRO. 929-2TYZ.
See also "Glass Tools & Tyzack.
1875 Formation of Abbeydale Rise Estate Co. to develop Devonshire Road and Brinkburn Vale Road. See ringbinder under Devonshire Road.
1875 Last Will of Esther Wragg of Chapel Lane mentions Turner & Baxby. See B.E. copy.
1875 Valuations Map and OS map showing railways BE copy
1875 Date on Totley Grange gatepost.  
1876 12 June. G.H.B. Ward, Editor of Clarion Handbook, The first Rambler etc., was born, son of a Sheffield mechanic, died 1958? Clarion Handbook 1958/59
1876 10 June. Esther Wragg died – see above.  
1876 Whites Directory B.E. copy ring binder  
1876 Ebenezer Hall bought Abbeydale Park Est. from John Roberts Handley p28
1876 Mr. F. W. Thompson, former butcher of Totley, said his family started butchering in Dore about 1876 - not in directory under that name.  
1876 Coke's Timber Sales in Totley.
7 June. Clement Needham: Carting oak bark to Beauchief Station £4/17/6
Repairs to walls 1/18
15 July. Thos. Andrew: Carting oak bark to Beauchief Station 1/7/6
24 Aug. George Hodkin & others: For felling & cutting wood as billed 33/16/9
For peeling oak bark as billed 22/7/9
" Thos. Wainwright : Repairing wood fences during 1874 & 1875 2/19/6
" " " " up to Aug. 1876 3/13/6
11 Dec. Geo Hodkin : Felling poles & cutting & ranking (sorting?) cordwood 10/10/-
8 June. William Topliss from hedgerows: 8 oak trees, 161ft. at 1/9 £14/1/9
25 ash trees, 342ft. at 1/- 17/2/-
3 spruce, 8ft. at 6d 4/-
From Barker Wood: 26 beech & other poles, 99ft. at 3/14/3
" Great Wood: 29 small poles (or larch), 307ft at 1/3 19/3/9
18 beech, 53ft. at 7d 1/10/11
108 elm, 653ft. at 9d 24/9/9
2 scotch, 6ft at 6d 3/-
204 small poles of larch, 180ft at 8d 6/0/0
1 July. " 207 oak poles, 1621ft. at 0.5d
241 " " 1856ft. at 0.5d 108/5/4
3 alder poles, 19ft. at 1/- 19/-
13 July 33 small oak poles, 1/- 2/4/-
99 oak poles, 717ft. at 1/2 42/16/6
8 larch or small poles, 12ft. at 1/- 12/-
13 July. William Topliss from hedgerows: 11 oak trees, 307ft. at 1/9 21/ 7/3
6 ash poles, 8ft at 8d 5/4
16 puncheons (pit props) 4/-
12 small poles, 54ft. 1/16/-
11 Dec. From hedgerows & woods: 16 cords of cordwood at 4ft 6" high at 7d 5/12/-
47.25 " " 5ft " " 8d 24/10/-
Geo. Oates a/cs.
1877 Stone post approx. 30" high on grass triangle at top side of junction of Mickley Lane and Baslow Road. First time I noticed it was 1976. It is St. John's Church boundary?
Another stone is in stream below Gillfield.
1877 2 Jan. New Church School opened in Hillfoot Road.  
1877 Coke Timber Sales in Totley
6 March. Totley Hall Woods. Geo. Oates. £300/-/-
29 March " " 72/9/2
Receipts - sale of timber from Totley Woods
26 Dec. Sold to William Topliss from the Sheepwash Plantation
109 small poles )
34 rail poles ) 495ft. 24/-/-
1 ash tree )
1 poplar tree )
22 Aug. Wainwright. Repair to wood fences including nails 12/5/3
10-29 Sep. Geo Marples. For thinning plantation. 3 weeks at 20/- 3/-/-
3 Oct. Geo. Hodkin. Cutting cordwood & assisting to measure wood 9/-
* Cordwood for use in charcoal making was underwood cut into 4ft. lengths & stacked in piles each containing about 2 tons of wood & were called cords. + diagram.
Payments cont.
13 Feb. William Topliss. Fencing Totley Woods as billed 4/13/4
13 Feb. W. S. Coke. Cash on a/c of wood sales 300/-/-
19 March. Thos. Wainwright & others for repairs to wood fences & walls 11/2/3
" Samuel Turner, smith, for nails for repairs to fences at Totley woods 2/1/-
28 March. Geo. Oates bill for superintendance of woods at Totley from Jan. 1874
to March 1877 + payment omitted? at Brookhill Woods 48/19/3
" W.S. Cokes checque to balance a/c 72/9/2
George Oates
Total receipts 1874 -77 £536/5/3. Payments £536/5/3 less £372/9/2 paid to Coke.
Geo. Oates a/cs.
1877 4 Aug. Conveyance of land & cowhouse at Totley Bents from Matthew Ward to Samuel Ward BE copy
1877 3 Feb. Articles of agreement. Photocopy. (note penalty clause at end) MPRO. D4A/TT11
1877 3 Feb. William Green and William Anthony, contractors of Totley were paid £93/10/- for widening the road below Owler Bar. Actually at Totley Rise just above bridge - map calls Old Hay Brook, Totley Brook (incorrect) Very little detail.
4 Jan. Estimate for above
Spec. of work required
Turnpike records
of Owler Bar.
" D4A/TT9
  Quantities table " D4A/TT10
  Contract for Green & Anthony " D4A/TT11
1877 Plan of proposed improvements at Totley surveyed by Skargill & Clark, Sheffield  
1877 11 May. Harriet wife of John Coates of Totley died aged 39yrs. John Thomas Coates son, died 4 May 1866 aged 3. Also 3 children who died in infancy in same grave at Holmesfield. Also Mary Eliza, daughter who died 19 March 1892 aged 18. See 1866 & 1897 Holmesfield Churchyard
1877 Jonathon Pinder, father of May Coates (wife of William) died aged 77 (see 1859) Holmesfield Churchyard
1877 Mr. Aldred complained to Owler Bar Trustees of racing which took place on the roads of Dore & Totley on Sunday afternoons. Owler Bar Turnpike Trustees Minute Book MPRO. 4A/TT7.
1878 Licensed Victuallers Asylum erected.  
1878 Totley school children = 170
Dore " " = 160
Door to Dore 1989
1878 Coke timber sales at Totley
5 Jan. Turner, Pearson & Elliott for new wood gates & repairs £2/15/-
9 Jan. George Hodkin for cutting wood for repairs to fences & hanging gates 10/6
16 March. George Hodkin, repairs to gates & fences 1/17/6
April. " " 1/16/-
27 Feb. Thos. Kilner for 52cwt. of cordwood at 9/- per ton 1/3/-
To balance due to Geo Oates 15/17/6
Geo Oates A/cs.
1879 Whites Directory B.E. copy ring binder  
1879 Pegg-Burnell of Beauchief Collection. SLIB
1879 Abbeydale Estates of Ebeneezer Hall in Dore & Totley SLIB
1879 12 Sep. John Grey Waterfall died. (born 29 Sep. 1802) Dore Churchyard
1879 Old Hay Mill grinding troughs mentioned in bill of sale for James Addy's Estate. Sale Plan. 2/12/79
1879 Addy sold Totley Forge presumably to Tyzacks David Crossley.
"Water Power on
Sheffield Rivers"
1879 21 April & 21 July. (see Glover Road card) Making of Glover Road as short cut to Mickley Lane to avoid tolls at Greenoak Owler Bar Turnpike Trustees Minute Book MPRO. 4A/ TT7
1879 Timber payments to Coke.
4 Jan. Geo Hodkin & others for notice boards & putting up, repairs to fences £3/4/6
17 May. Geo. Hodkin for flashing? wood fences & for nails 1/13/6
" " " for looking over woods to keep out trespassers for
year ending 25 March 1879 2/-/-
1880 1 Nov Toll bars abolished.
13 Dec. The Trustees of the Owler Bar Turnpike Road conveyed Owler Bar Tollhouse and 2 others to Duke of Rutland for £100.
Also Ebeneezer Hall paid £15 for Greenoak Tollhouse (about the going rate for toll houses), the porch and front of which projected into the road.
Before this time, the Tollkeeper had been a man called Thompson - see GreenOak Inn card. Hall would pull down porch and front window and "throw" site into road and build a fence wall in line, now staked out.
Eb. Hall bought Toll House with garden for £15

Owler Bar Turnpike records
BE copy


Handley. p28
1880 Coke timber sales
4 May. Geo. Hodkin for repairs as bill £4/-/-
Geo. Oates as per a/c. £7/13/9
1880 21 July. Edward Tozer, Chief Magistrate & Mayor of Sheffield led a party in about a dozen carriages from Freemasons Hall in Sheffield. They left about noon and passed through Totley about an hour later. They were bound for Baslow and a ceremony at the Wheatsheaf and to lay the foundation stone for Baslow Hydro - the Directors included Henry Pawson (Sheffield printer) and Mr. W. K. Marples (Totley Hall).
See details of Hydro in "A Short History of Baslow & Bubnell" by John Sheldon, p73.

Bakewell Library
1880 9 Dec. Isaac Wragg, handle maker of Totley, mortgaged 4 dwelling houses, Chapel Lane. See details. B.E.
1881 Population 671 1883 Directory
1881 Cokes sold Totley Hall to W. K. Marples for £2,250.  
1881 29 Nov. Tyzacks sold Totley Rolling Mill to Ebeneezer Hall of Abbeydale Hall. Sale plan 29/11/81
1881 5 July. Conveyance of two freehold cottages at Totley (Bents) between Tedbar Tinker, farmer, Bradway and Henry Mitchell of Bole Hill in the Parish of Norton, labourer. Refers to an indenture of 18 Dec. 1867 between Jonathon Mitchell on the one part and John Hixon and Tedbar Tinker of the other part, conveyed by J.M. to J. H. & T. T. Refers to one cottage in occupation of Walter Willis, other unoccupied, and bounded on or towards north on herediteraments new or late of Sampson Hodgkinson, on south Strawberry Lee Lane, on east herediteraments (new cottage) belonging to Clement Needham, and towards west an hered. now or late of Sampson Hodgkinson ……. £150 paid.
Witness: Thos. Henry Wilkinson, East Parade, Sheffield
1881 Wm. Frederick Armitage, victualler, Peacock. Whites Holmsf Dir
1881 Kellys Dir. B.E. copy ring binder  
1882 4 Feb. High Court of Justice, Queens Court Division:
Writ between Tedbar John Tinker of Bradway, plaintiff, and Jonathon Mitchell, defendant. We command you J. M. of Totley that within 8 days of service of this writ ------appear at suit of T. J. T. The plainiff's claim is to recover possession of a croft of land in Totley Bents called Great Spout Croft with the cottage, buildings & conveniences thereto belonging in occupation of J. M. the defendant. All which said premises contain by admission 1,600 sq. yds. or thereabouts…….and for mesne profits.
Original in possession of
Anne Ross,
21, Marstone Cres.
BE copy.
1882 April. Totley Woods. Geo. Oates: £42/11/4 MPRO. Coke Sales of Timber.
1882 Eb. Hall bought further land at Totley Rise, both sides of Baslow Road, from Wm. Tyzack & others Handley. p28
1883 Totley Hall extended for first time when additions to Lowfield (east) wing were made by owner K. Marples. (he died same year) Totley College typescript
(copy BE)
1883 14 May. Victoria Gardens opened See card
1883 Plans for Abbeydale Park. SLIB. AP1
1883 5 June. Report on John Thorpe. beer retailer, fined for not having licence.
3 May. " " “ “ vegetables delivered free to Totley.
Sheff. Independent.
1883 In summer 3 men of Dore heard that there was much work to be had in Lincolnshire during harvest time - they walked there but did not find any work. Clarion Ramblers Handbook 1935
1883 Henry Outram, cab proprietor fined for driving furiously with his horse & carriage in dore on 26 March 1883.
6 April. Also reported that concert held at Licenced Victuallers Institute in aid of Totley Orphanage
Sheff. Independent
6 April 1883.
1883 Dore & Chinley Railway from Midland Railway at Dore to Midland Railway at Chinley. MPRO. QRP2/195
1883 Kellys Directory  
1883 24 July. Traction Engine accident at Owler Bar – see Owler Bar Inn and Sheffield Independent photocopy (B.E.). See 11 Jan. 1884 for report of court roceedings. SLIB. Microfilm.
1884 15 Jan. See article in Sheffield Independent titled “Earl Fitzwilliam’s Hounds at Beauchief”. Gives account of Hunt through Eccleshall Woods, Dore Moor, Blackamoor and across to Barlow. SLIB.
1884 12 Feb. William Ardern Milner bought Totley Hall for £2,850  
1884 William Frederick Armitage, Peacock Inn.
George Creswick, farmer, Owler Bar
1884 Plan sections Midland Dore & Chinley Railway. MPRO. Quarter Sessions Book
No. 195/1884
1884 August. Appointment of Trustees for Totley Chapel BE copy
1884 Dore, Totley & Holmesfield Agricultural Show started on Dore Cricket Field.  
1884 Directory gives Totley 4,852 acres including 4 acres water. Whites
c.1884 Brick Kiln at rear of present Brickyard last worked about this time Brick Kiln card
1885 7 Dec. approx. Wm. Fisher, farmer of Totley, was charged with assaulting Thos. Pinder of Baslow and Clement Needham. Pinder had visited Totley to vote. In the evening he went to the Crown with his son-in-law Needham. Pinder had got to Totley between 3 and 4 and went to the Cross Scythes but was not turned out. He might have had 2 or 3 glasses of whiskey there and afterwards called at the Fleur de Lis where he had a glass. After that he went to vote. After voting he went to the Crown. Samuel Bird, railway porter, was present. Sheff. Independent.
(BE copy)
1885 Details of deviations at Totley. Dore South Junction curve. Plans, sections. N.S. MPRO. Quarter Sessions Book
1885 18 cricket matches played at Recreation Ground, Totley Bents. Source?
1885 Application for licence mentions 70 houses in Old Totley and 175 in New Totley- Totley Rise. Victoria Gardens card & binder
1885? 25 May. Navvy stike - employees of Mr Marples asked for increase of 4d to 3/6 per day. He sacked them and employed new gang. Date?
1885 14 May. Joseph Mountain, Chairman of Gardens Co. of Totley unsuccessfully applied for permission to sell spirits at Whit Week - report. BE copy Eckington Petty Sessions.
1885 Plan of deviation of Dore & Chinley Line at Dronfield & Heanor. Buxton Lib. (NS) Derbys. Cal. Of Records.
1885 Plan of deviation at Totley, Dore south Junction Curve MPRO.
QRP2/200 (NS)
1885 Hassop & Padley Railway from Midland Line at Hassop to Dore & Chinley at Padley Wood via Stoney Middleton MPRO.
QRP2/201 (NS)
1886 8 Feb. John Fox of Totley died aged 70 Dore Churchyard
c.1886 Totley Rolling Mills closed W.T. Miller. "Water Mills of Sheffield".
1886 Dore & District Ploughing Society formed  
1886 Feb/March. Great Snowstorm. 40 men worked for days cutting roadd from Owler Bar to Wooden Pole. William Hutchinson Brougham (1884 - 1903 at Peacock) asked "Limbrick" Ward who lived near Hall Farm, Totley to clear snow from Pub. G. H.B. Ward
1886 28 Dec. 37 yr. old journeyman painter of Brightside found frozen at side of road between Stoney Ridge Toll Bar and Dore Moor Inn. Taken to Inn (where he'd had a drink last night before setting off for Sheffield). Dr. Aldred came from Dore and pronounced him dead. Charles Booker the local gamekeeper had been called & he'd managed to organise a trap to take him to Dore Moor. However, it took about an hour before the unfortunate chap arrived in a frozen state.
Deceased brother-in-law of Manchester said deceased had left M/cr. on 23 Oct. to walk to Sheffield but had been taken ill on the road and went to stay at Chapel-En-Le-Frith Workhouse. "He was a good walker and could have got his living as a professional pedestrian had he tried!"
Verdict: Death from exposure. At inquest on 1st Jan.
Derbys. Courier.
Chesterfield Lib.
1886 12 Nov. Mrs. Keturah Turner conveyed a piece of freehold land which was to form the entrance forecourt to the Methodist Chapel for £10 (original B.E.) Keturah was widow of Edward Turner (cordwainer). Trustees of the Chapel, Rev. Alfred Freeman, Circuit Superintendant Minister, Thos. Coke, W.H. Allcard?, F.H. Cockayne, T.T. Haig, G.H. Hovey, James Lamb, Abel Priestly, Thos. Roberts, W.W. Slack, Wm. Ward, Peter Wragg, Samuel Pearson of Holmesfield, farmer, Joseph Baxby, postmaster, George Wostenholme, scythe maker, both of Totley. Becopy
1887 (approx.) Geo. Bridge Ward took his son G.H.B. Ward to Strawberry Lee Farm (in Tommy Mottram's time) with his young men’s class on New Years Day. Clarion?
1887 8 Oct. William Fearn Pinder died aged 55. Dore Churchyard.
1887 19 March. At Eckington Petty Sessions. John Crooks, scythe grinder, was accused of breaking into scythe warehouse at Bradway and stealing 68 scythes belonging to Peter Furniss. Crookes had some days before visited Furniss and asked if he could grind scythes there but Furniss said he couldn't employ him. A few days later the scythes were stolen during a break in. 10 of scythes were found in Bradway Tunnel and Crookes was questioned but not charged by police. However, Crookes had told Furniss that he'd found some scythes in a field. Crookes didn't appear for sentence and an arrest warrant was issued.
However, on 26 March he was fined 14/6 and said he'd only stolen them because he wanted work. Furniss admitted that Crookes was a good grinder
D.C. Ch. Lib.
1887 26 March. Samuel Howard, landlord of Dore Moor Inn summoned for keeping open outside permitted hours. P.C. Burford had found 11 men drinking at 3.45 pm. - they were fined either 5 shillings or 2 shillings and 6 pence and came from Ecclesall & Sheffield (all manual workers) The landlord's wife had asked them if they had come from more than 3 miles away, and the landlord had his case dismissed as there was reasonable doubt! D.C. Ch. Lib.
1887 10 Oct. Special meeting of Midland Railway to consider support for Dore & Chinley Railway. Ch. Lib. Article in Derbyshire Times
1887 24 April. At Dronfield Petty Sessions John Coates of Dore and Christopher Carter of Lydgate (Holmesfield) summoned for creating an affray at Totley on 8 April. This was second offence for Coates and he was bound over for £5. (He was also summoned for assaulting his father-in-law. Outcome not known). Ch. Lib.
D.C. December 1987
1887 3 Dec. John Thompson summoned for contagious sheep "
1887 25 April. Some little boys from Sheffield were summoned at Dronfield for damaging the underwood in the Duke of Devonshire's plantation at Dore. P.C. Burford caught them and P.C. Congreave corroborated --------. Mentioned that there were thousands of people in Dore on Easter Monday. No fine, but the boys had to pay costs of 4/6? D.C. Ch. Lib.
1887 5 Sept. 3rd Annual Exhibition of Dore & Totley Horticultural and Floral Society held in Cricket Field lent by Mr. Farnsworth. Mr. Jefferson of Totley Grange & Mr. Smith of Totley Hall among judges ( James Hunter Smith was head gardener at Hall ). Mr. W.A. Milner of Totley Hall sent flowers. D.C. Ch. Lib.
1887 7 Sept. Eliza Gill, grocer of Totley summoned at Eckington P. S. for selling adulterated coffee ie. 50% coffee, 50% chicory. Lt. Col. Shortt, Inspector under Food & Drugs Act said it had been sold by small boy in shop. No fine but Gill had to pay costs.
She was Post Mistress, grocer, provision dealer and beer retailer at Totley Rise in 1891.
D.C. Ch. Lib.
1888 Kellys Directory B.E. copy ring binder  
1888 In Totley Brook Estate Minutes for 1888 mention is made of a proposal to build Navvies Huts on the field adjacent to the Estates Dam. Mr. Greaves is the owner of the field, formerly Duke of Devonshire. SLIB. Archives
1888 Work Started on Totley Tunnel.
22 Sept. "First sod of Dore & Chinley Line cut at Edale - stabling at Royal Oak, Chapel-en-le-Frith made ready for many horses and a room in the town was reserved for engineers and contractors on the railway.
What had been believed to be No.1 shaft was not on the line of the railway and had been abandoned. First of shafts is 12ft. square and 32ft. deep had been commenced about 300yds. beyond No.1. No.2 has been marked, cut for starting. However, because of impending winter it would not be possible to employ many men before spring. Where are workers to take up lodgings? Dronfield Local Board has asked the contractors Oliver & Co. to send them to Dronfield and Totley Garden Co. had offered the use of their range of buildings for that purpose but no decision had been made"
See Totley Tunnel card

D.T. Ch. Lib.
1888 Railway Miss Millard, daughter of Dore & Totley Station Master was going to school at Totley Rise with 2 sisters when they were attacked by a large collie dog. She was bitten severely on the leg - dog was destroyed later that day. D.T. Ch. Lib.
1888 29 Sept. Railway. North Derbyshire being resorted to largely by navvies seeking work on the Dore & Chinley Railway. Yesterday 2 visitors of their class were apprehended at Stoney Middleton for larcenies in that district. D.T. CH. Lib.
1888 March. Deep snow in the area. Over 500 sheep perished D.T. Ch. Lib.
1888 25 Feb. Tunnel An article in the Derbyshire Times regarding the building of the Dore & Chinley Line discusses proposal and objections to it D T. Ch. Lib.
1888 28 Jan. John Creswick, farmer, was summoned for obstructing highway at Owler Bar as his vehicle (cart?) had broken and he'd left it with his load of lime overnight - he was fined one pound. D.T. Ch. Lib.
1888 Railway Details of Chinley South Curve. MPRO. QRP2/210
1888 18 Aug. Railway. F. Mayfield of Bradway died suddenly at his home - he was 2nd ganger of platelayers on the Dore length of Midland Railway. After he got home and he'd had his tea he went to assist Mr. J.T. Tinker, farmer at Bradway, with his hay. Then he complained of stomach cramp and died between 4 & 5 in the morning. D.T. Ch. Lib.
1888 Tunnel Friday evening, Rock Mining Co. of London tried experiment to test their new machinery in a field at Totley Bents. Boring machinery weighed over 4 tons constructed to work by compressed air (although it wasn't tested well enough yet). But had to use steam power drills 20ft long, 3.5" diam. and gave 350 blows to the minute, 36" apart and working in a triangle. Additional apparatus can befitted to drill up to 7 holes at a time. The first 3 holes went in 10ft & were charged with 20 lbs. of Nobles gelignite (just introduced). The report was heard a mile away. Capt. Penrose, Head of Rock Mining and Mr. T. Eaton, mining engineer of Totley, Manager of Works, descended shaft and ascertained that gelignite had reduced the rock to small pieces which can easily be removed with pick & shovel. On Friday, when fractured rock was removed, it was found that the rock had been shattered for 5ft. beyond the 10ft. holes, and 45 tons were made removable. The experiment was considered highly satisfactory and Rock have therefore decided to immediately use the compressed air equipment.
6 Oct. Activities increasing at the Chinley end - cottages being sought by many navvies. Materials & plant arriving daily with horses stabled at Chapel-en-le-Frith. Contractors offered to take a 5 year lease on the British School there, but there were difficulties in arranging it.
22 Dec. George Griffiths, miner or sinker, employed on Dore & Chinley Line sinking No.3 shaft near the Cross Scythes, Totley "James Bembridge with him in shaft approx. 12ft. square. Preparing for an explosive charge, three holes had been drilled into rock which had to be filled with gelignite which was affected by the frosty weather and became hard. Griffiths used long stick to push gelignite into holes thus causing an explosion. His head was smashed and body badly hurt. Two men raised him to the surface and medical men summoned. Griffiths died shortly after - Bembridge was unhurt except for a black eye.
The following March - see 1889 - a fund-raising concert was held in Dore
Ch. Lib.
Derbyshire Times
25 Aug. 1888.

D.T. Ch. Lib.

D.T. Ch. Lib.
1888 24 Nov. A special meeting of Dore & Totley Horticultural, Agricultural and Floral Society at Dore Schoolroom to consider extending scope of Society's operation. President John F. Atkinson. Next Annual Exhibition to be held in Dore Cricket Field for cattle, horses and hurdle jumping. D.T. Ch. Lib.
1888 20 Oct. Sinking of shaft at Cartledge Meadow which was the only one permitted in the Cowburn Tunnel - at the other end navvies working on 3 sets and diverting a stream. A number of joiners are constucting a wooden house for the foreman of the navvies and a large number of huts shortly to be built here and in Edale Valley. D.T Ch. Lib.
1888 13 Oct. Railway. Charles Hukin, file cutter of Totley summoned for defacing railway ticket by scrubbing out date - spotted by Albert Pope, porter ar Dore & Totley Station. He was fined £1/5/- or 14 days. D.T. Ch. Lib.
1888 3 March. Commercial traveller set fast at Owler Bar (Snow?) Derbys. Courier
1888 25 Feb. Majesty's mails through Dore Moor "
1888 10 Jan. Dore Moor in affray "
1888 3 March. Owler Toll Bar snowed up. "
1888 26 May. Runaway wagon near Cross Scythes. Village blacksmith repaired it. "
1888 23 June. Poaching in Totley Brook, damage to water sport while nesting. 3 Dore men fined. "
1888 5 May. Robert Andrew fined 5/- for not sending children to school "
1888 Nov. Edward Harris, tunnel labourer at Totley stole basket & 16 eggs the property of Mrs. Thorpe a local grocer. Her son Benjamin called 7pm. at the Cricketers Inn on his rounds and passed Harris coming out. Afterwards, the goods valued 3/6 were gone. Later, Ben's brother William saw Harris in Cross Scythes and followed him and noticed he was carrying the basket. P.c. Burford was called & apprehended Harris but received kicks to the legs. P.c. stated that navvies went around in gangs and police needed protection. Harris received 6 weeks hard labour (a change from tunnelling) D. T. Ch. Lib.
1889 22 Jan. George Maxfield, Thomas Brown & William Chantrey, Totley fined for being drunk. Fined 6d. "
1889 During digging for the Totley Tunnel, water was pumped out at a rate of 2.5 million gallons a day, (up to 5 million on bad days), for 5 months. See Totley Tunnel card
1889 Sale particulars of cottages at Lane Head. Derb. Lib. BE copy
1889 10 Aug. William Henry Green , age7, was knocked unconscious when he fell off a high wall while playing with friends. D.T.
1889 20 April A miner known by the name of "Gunner" was on scaffolding near the bottom of No.1 shaft when by some means or other the poor fellow fell from the scaffolding a distance of several feet onto the bottom of the tunnel heading, falling on his head & face which were cut in a dreadful manner. Medical assistance was summoned and he was taken home. He is now recovering, but will not be able to follow his employment for some considerable time. D.T.
1889 25 May On Monday navvies employed by Mr. Hughs a subcontractor on the Dore & Chinley Railway struck for an increase in wages. Upward of 80 navvies were employed in this section in making an embankment at 3/2 per day. They asked for 4d a day more but this was rejected, so they all left. The following day several fresh hands were engaged who had been in neighbourhood in search of work. Many more were still wanted. D.T.
1889 25 May. On Wednesday forenoon a youth named George Pethers, 17, of Green Oak, Totley met with a rather serious accident. It appears that he was engaged to grease the tip wagons at Totley. To do this it was necessary for him to go under the wagon and on this day as he was doing just that, a horse was attached to the wagons to move them. His right knee was trapped and seriously injured D.T.
1889 25 May. On Wednesday afternoon a miner known as "Devon Jack" was standing on scaffolding by Totley Tunnel mouth to reach the heading of the tunnel when he fell to the level of the line, several feet, coming into contact with bind & shale. D.T.
1889 1 June. On Wednesday morning James Thorpe a miner met with a rather serious accident when he fell off some scaffolding and fell to the level of the line. He was taken to the surface when it was discovered he had a broken leg. Thorpe had previously been working in a tunnel at Halifax where he had the misfortune to break the same leg. D.T.
1889 8 June. Thomas Handley, joiner of Totley, was charged as Secretary of the Pride of Totley Lodge of the Order of Druids with having misappropriated £20 of the funds. He argued that he had a wife and 6 children and was fined £1 plus repayment. D.T.
1889 15 June. On Wednesday a miner known as "Linton Charlie" had a large quantity of soil fall on his back sending him with full force against a wagon. His head cut 4" in length. He was stitched up by a medical man. D. T.
1889 10 Aug. On Monday afternoon a somewhat interesting cricket match was played at Dore Cricket Ground between Dore Cricket Club and a team drawn from men working on the Dore & Chinley Line. The Railwaymen batted first scoring 101 for 2, whilst the Dore team didn't have time to bat. It attracted much interest in the neighbourhood and amongst the navvies and miners who turned out in large numbers. D.T.
1889 30 Aug. Matthew Shemwell & Elijah Wainwright, labourers, Totley, found drunk 5 Aug. Fined 15/- & 10/-. Bench remarked that the conduct of people in that neighbourhood was getting very disagreeable. Courier
1889 28 Sept. New offices erected by contractors near Dore Station. The cutting through the spoil bank to the main line is in progress and a great number of navvies are being employed there. It is believed that a short tunnel 100 - 150 yards long under the corner of the woods, two or three stone bridges have been erected for the accommodation of land owners and are ready for girders. The large bridge on Abbeydale Road is also ready for girders but little work has been done between Abbeydale Road and Totley Brook. The steam navvy will be employed around the tunnel for a long time yet. The position of the new line is 12ft. below where it now stands. Tunnelling in active progress with miners taking out lengths then bricklayers will be sent in to arch the tunnel. The No.4 shaft has water that masters the pumps. It was decided to let the No.4 shaft stand until heading was driven through from shaft No.3. when shot put in and hole blown the whole of the water came down the heading of the tunnel in full force carrying miners tools, sleepers and all before. D.T.
Ch. Lib.
1889 10 Sept. Well respectably dress clerk from Sheffield exposed himself in a field at Totley to Alice the wife of Arthur Bradley. 40/- fine Courier
1889 21 Sept. Four Mission workers among the navvies on the Dore & Chinley Line. One was based at Dore. The contractors, Midland Railway, Dukes of Rutland & Devonshire all made good sized contributions. D.T..
Ch. Lib.
1889 7 Dec. Alarming accident in crane shaft - 3 men injured by fall of bind from side and on the same day another was struck by a brick falling down shaft. DT
1889 31 Dec. George Williams of Totley Bents, miner assaulted. Courier
1889 23 Aug. Clement Needham, beerhouse keeper (The Grouse) summoned at Dronfield Petty Sessions for having on his premises 4 quart and 8 pint measures which weren't stamped as required by Act of Parliament. Lieut. Col. Shortt who summoned Needham had been into the Grouse on 14th February and seen Needham's niece - only one measure had been slightly deficient however. Needham said measures had been in beerhouse about 20 years (!) They weren't aware that they had to mark anything over 1 pint. They were fined £1.
John Eaton, landlord of Crown summoned for selling gin 40% under proof - 5% above the limit. Shortt saw Eaton's daughter and gave her a bottle to fill with gin and gave her 6d for it then saying that he was going to use it for analysis. Defendant said he'd gone by a table and wasn't aware he'd put in too much water, and anyway he'd had cards placed in the rooms stating that all spirits sold were diluted with water. Shortt said there hadn't been a card in the passage where he bought the gin. Eaton was fined £1. 0s. 6d.
John Alton, landlord of the Cricket was similarly fined 10/- + 10/6 costs.
Charles Mackness, shopkeeper of Totley was fined £1. 0s. 6d. for selling coffee adulterated with 67% chicory. He said he bought it as coffee and sold it as such.
1889 23 March. A sad accident befell a miner who is known as Devon Jack at No.4 shaft. This man who is over 50 years of age & others had commenced work at 6 o'clock and shortly afterwards a large piece of slate fell down the shaft and struck the unfortunate man on the head cutting it across the scalp & rendering him unconscious. Little hope is entertained for his recovery. D.T.
Ch. Lib.
1889 19 Oct. Temperance meeting for railwaymen. D.T. p.2
1889 Jonathon Thompson opened butchers, Totley Rise.  
1889 Cottages at Lane Head sold.
I seem to remember hearing somewhere about these cottages being let out to Railway Navvies, which would be about this time, or are these the older cottages lived in by White, Green and Lowe?
SLIB. Particulars
1889 The Dore and Totley Union Church started in the iron building near the station & moved to Totley Brook Road in 1908. History of U.R.C.
1889 The Grouse Inn was in existance behind present building. According to Needham the landlord it had been in existence about 20 years. D to D
1889 20 April .On Monday afternoon a man who is known as "Dick" was engaged in shaft sinking near the tunnel mouth when a piece of bind fell down the shaft & cut him severely across the top of the head. He was taken to the surface where his injuries were treated. Ch. Lib.
1889 23 March. "Splendid run" with Barlow hounds on Tuesday with Mr. W. Wilson of Beauchief Hall as Master. They chased a fox from near Barlow and pursued it up over Holmesfield Mickley, past Totley Orphanage (now Cheshire Home), up through Gillfield Wood and here the hounds began to close in. At the top it left the wood and made for Totley Brickyard where he came to grief and was killed by the hounds after 1 hour 50 minutes "splendid and exciting" chase during which the hounds scarcely lost sight of him. The Master took Reynard's head while the brush was given to a Mr. A. T. H. Barnes. Ch.Lib.
D. T.
1889 30 March. Derbyshire Times published results of Dore & Totley Ploughing Match. Ch. Lib.
1889 21 Sept. Mission work among navvies & important educational movement D. T. p.3
1889 6 Sept. An occasional licence for a fete at Victoria Gardens was turned down by the Magistrates (applicant: Joseph Mountain) Ch. Lib.
D. T.
1889 April. Dore & Totley Ploughing Match on sloping ground produced good results on Samuel Elliott's land in Dore. 1st prize £1/10/- to Joseph Wragg, labourer for Mrs. E. Hall at Abbeydale Park, 2nd prize of £1 to Samuel Pearson, son of Totley farmer. Very enjoyable dinner at Devonshire Arms after. D.T.
1889 23 March. Hathersage Oddfellows Society about to erect a dozen dwelling houses on account of Dore & Chinley Railway passing through the village. Ch. Lib.
D. T.
1889 13 April. A meeting of owners & occupiers called by Mr. G. Ormerod because of the large increase in moles. He had contacted Mr. Gregory of Curbar who was molecatcher for Dore and who had come along to offer his services for 1.25d. per acre (p. a.?) for a term of 2 years.
Held at Totley School.
Ch. Lib.
D. T.
1889 13 April. New Post Office opened Monday after by Mr. Gill of Totley Rise. During past 6 months a large number of influential businessmen had come to reside at Totley Rise owing to the new railway which is in progress. Letters had not been delivered till nearly 10 o'clock which caused considerable inconvenience. The Sheffield Head Posmaster had approved the opening of the Totley Rise Post Office and it was expected that deliveries would start at 7a.m. and despatches at 6. 15 p.m. "
1889 13 April. Vestry Meeting on Friday evening considered scheme by Totley Brickyard to lay down tramway by side of highway at Totley Bents along the top side of the Recreation Ground - it was rejected unanimously. Rev. Aldred also said that the Commissioner had recommended that the Parish of Totley & Dore should be transferred from Ecclesall Bierlow Union to Bakewell Union for Poor Law Purposes. "
1889 30 April. Bradway House (?) near Dore & Totley up for sale - details Ch. Lib. D.T.
1889 23 Feb. George Thynne, miner, Totley, charged with stealing from John Royles, tailor, on highway at Totley, two waistcoats on 9th inst. The tailor had offered the waistcoats for sale at the Cricketers Inn, then went on to the Crown where one man tried one on and walked out but was stopped. Royles, not having sold them, put them in a bundle attached to a stick and put it over his shoulder. 20 - 30 yards along the road to Dore he heard someone running behind him, then a man took the bundle off the stick and ran away. The tailor followed him for some distance then lost him, so went to both pubs but couldn't find him. A Samuel Ware? who lodged and assisted at the Cricketers corroborated. P.C. Barford went to Thynne's house at Totley Bents and saw him wearing one of the waistcoats. Prisoner said he'd been drunk and had a mother and father to keep. Not known what sentence was. Dronfield Petty Sessions.
Derbys. Courier
1889 Feb./March. Samuel Ward summoned for beating his wife Fannie - interesting reading. D.C.
1889 9 Feb. See full report in Derbyshire Courier which reads as follows: (I only precised this in my book)
The work in connection with the construction of the Dore & Chinley Railway at Dore end is progressing rapidly. Delay has been caused by by a landowner not giving up some land to the contractors which they required. Since they obtained possession a fortnight ago, considerable progress has been made. A new signal box erected and sidings put in off main line which runs into a field adjacent to Dore Station and which is now being used as a contractors storeyard. Stables, workshop and other buildings have been erected. An overland line has been commenced which goes from the storeyard and crosses the highway opposite. Should open weather continue, a temporary line will be completed and ready for use in a week and will thus take an amount of heavy traffic off the roads. There are upwards of 200 navvies employed in making the open cutting up to the tunnel mouth at Totley Bents. The soil which has been removed out of the cutting up to now has been used for for the overland line to be raised down Totley Brook. At the tunnel mouth a shaft has been sunk upwards of 60ft. deep to level of line. A 10ft. heading has been driven 300 yards in a tunnel in N.E. direction. When miners had driven about 80 yards it became necessary to sink another shaft owing to quantity of water which came upon them and this shaft (No.1) is being used for pumping operations. A 25H.P. boiler has been fixed and used to supply steam to work pump. Pumping operations are continuous both night and day and at times not sufficient to keep down water for miners to continue work. About 100 yards from this is shaft No2 which is used for workers to descend. A steam crane is here employed (see photo B.E.) to draw out the bind, metals having been laid and crane after drawing bind to surface is set in motion and thus runs on the metals to any particular place required to deposit stuff and this saves a large amount of manuel labour. About 200 yards further on is No.3 shaft. The miners here have been busily engaged in sinking and have commenced driving a heading. A number of miners huts have been erected near to No.4 shaft (Rifle range now) and will be used by navvies as soon as they are ready. Navvies huts have also been erected at Totley Bents and those completed are now occupied. Provision stores were opened Saturday. At present there are 400 persons have been employed on works and in the course of 3/4 weeks several hundred will be added. The Totley Moor Brickyard Co. have now completed a tramway from their yard along the foot of Totley Moor to No.4 shaft and have commenced to deliver bricks on a contract to deliver several million bricks in a stipulated time.
1889 18 June. Sale of Fanshawe Gate incl. cottages at Lane Head See plan & details BE copy. Ch. Lib
1889 2 March. Report in Derbyshire Times. No.1 shaft 60ft. deep, No.2 60ft., No.3 40ft,. No4 30ft.; Nos.3 & 4 connected by heading having been driven. Lower down the valley 80 -100 employed on excavating surface. Many joiners erecting wooden houses, there being no houses to be got in the neighbourhood.
Men working 3 x 8 hour shifts or 10 hours when they don't have to contend with flooding of the works.
At Chinley, work proceeding with vigour.
D.T. Ch. Lib.
1889 12 Oct. J. Dyson, Stannington, pipe manufacturer, used traction engine without licence on 27 September. William Lomas appeared in court saying locomotive was his property as he had taken over the business. It was brought up that it had a plaque on it marked Dyson 8991 by P.C. Burford. The licence that Dysons held was for Yorkshire and the traction engine when it was stopped was near the station. Lomas to pay costs. D.T. Ch.Lib.
1889 19 Oct. Temperance meetings for railway men Sunday morning and evening at Totley Recreation Ground to hear lectures on Temperance. D. T. Ch.Lib.
1889 26 Oct. Robert Lowe, Auctioneer, held his half-yearly sales at at Thos. Bowns at Cross Scythes last week. There were 98 beasts, 15 sheep, 24 horses, 40 pigs etc. Very large no. of buyers present from surrounding districts, Worksop, Doncaster, Rotherham etc. Bidding spirited and excellent for prices.
Milch cows £15 - £22, Heifers £14 - £20, Stirks £8 - £11, Bulls £12 - £20, Ewes 46s - 62s, Lambs 30s - 40s. horses & pigs in good demand.
Mr. W.A. Milner of Totley Hall awarded 1st prize for best acre of turnips a few days earlier at Agricultural Show. (Survey: not many people had 1 acre of turnips!)
D.T. Ch. Lib.
1889 November. Man named Yorkie hurt head in fall of bind. Last week another tunneller hurt his head when when a mortar board fell on him D.T. Ch.Lib.
1889 November. Tommy Marshall (known as Tommy Roundhead) fell and hurt his shoulder. He received sympathy from his friends who knew him well from following harriers & hounds D.T. Ch. Lib.
1889 23 Nov. George Hodges, brick mfr. & traction engine owner of Burton-on-Trent summoned by Overseers of Dore & Totley for damaging the highway by putting excessive weight on it with his traction engine pulling a wagon loaded with bricks. Edward Dalton. Surveyor of Highways, said Hodges carried on business of brick manufacturer at Totley Brick Co. & employed a Traction engine which had travelled some 100 yards into Totley & estimated damage at £37/8/8. Defence said that total damage per annum for last 2 years was only 16/8 p.a. because traction engines rarely passed over highways in that area. The Overseers judged that he must pay costs for excessive & extraordinary traffic. D.T. Ch. Lib.
1889 16 March. Monday evening saw a concert in the Schoolroom at Dore. Proceeds to the widow & children of George Griffiths of Whittington Moor, a miner killed 13 December 1888 on Dore & Chinley Line. Dore Brass Band played, there was pianoforte, duets, recitals and Miss Oxerlay (?) sang "Don't put my father's pictures up for sale!” Dore Minstrels sang too. D.T. Ch. Lib.
1889 23 Feb. Navvy arrested for bigamy committed in London to where he was returned for arrest. D.T. Ch. Lib.
1889 Dore & Chinley Line plan of deviation - Cowburn Curve (NS) Buxt. Lib. Derbys. Cal. Of Records
1890 Approx. 1890 there were rows of navvies huts opposite the offices quarters (Brookhill Farm) on Moss Road. (also navvies smallpox hospital) Clarion 1937/38
1890 16 Feb. John Thorpe of Cross Scythes died Dublin aged 90. Dore Churchyard
1890 Midland Railway, new land at Dore MPRO. QRP2/222
1890 Wark Mill demolished used originally in fulling of cloth a process whereby cloth was pounded to make it more compact. The use of water power succeeded the treading of the cloth. By 1804 used as grinding wheel but was also for a time used by Ibbotsons of Hathersage as a paper mill. It closed as a scythe grinding mill under Tyzack, Sons & Turner. Machin?
1890 Revised map of Totley area. BE copy  
1891 Totley. Refers to Victoria Gardens consists of 10 acres ground well laid out, comprising cricket ground, lawn tennis and archery ground and lake with pleasure boats, also large pavilion well lighted and decorated and holding 10,000 people.
See also Victoria Gardens card.
Totley had 671 people, 1804 acres 12r 37p, ratable value £3,221
Parish Clerk, William Barton; Sexton, Joseph Parker.
Sub P. O. Master, Joseph Baxby at Totley, Totley Rise P. O. John Gill, Receiver;
Surveyor of Highways, Edward Dalton.
Assistant Overseer, Joseph Rollinson.
Voluntary School Totley (mixed) built 1875, enlarged 1881 for 300 children. Average attendance 150. Miss Louisa Yates, Head Mistress. Assts. Martha & Agnes Yates.
Station Master Dore & Totley - Mark Millard.
See list on back of card.
LJRO. Kellys Derbys. Directory
B.E. copy ring binder
1891 822 inhabitants ?? Directory 1901
1891 Midlands, Dore & Chinley Railway alteration of levels at Hope NS.
" " & Sheffield " widening etc. NS
MPRO. QRP2/220
1891 Joshua Tyzack built Avenue Farm, the Tilt Shop & building. Rebuilt as barns one of which bears date 1901. Av. Farm. BE.
1891 Dore & Chinley Railway widening. Quarter Sessions, book 220 (NS) MPRO. PL/SE4/R6
1891 Chinley School Board report on unsatisfactory state of School due to attendance problems of children of railway workers. D.T. 11 July 1893 page 3.
1891 14 Nov. Local residents at Padley complain about disgraceful scenes with railway workers. D.T. page 6.
1891 15 Jan. Terrible explosion in tunnel at Edale end (Cowburn?) 1 man killed, terribly mutilated without death, others badly injured. D.C?
1891 18 Jan. Wm. Waller, platelayer, Totley, death at Totley - P. C. Jones D. C?
1891 12 Feb. Joseph Bergers? Drunk & disorderly at Totley - P. C. Jones. D.C?
1892 14 Sept. The (Sheffield) Council directed the attention of the Sanitary Authority for Dore and Totley district with regard to their sewage which was being dicharged into River Sheaf. P497 Municipal affairs in Sheffield SLIB
Furness 352. 042-S?
1892 26 Oct. The (Sheffield) Council confirmed the resolution of the Borough Hospital Committee that the smallpox patients from Handsworth should be temporarily admitted to Lodge Moor Hospital on payment of £2/10/- per week by the Local Authority. This course was also adopted by the Local Sanitary Authority for Dore (and Totley?) District where disease assumed an epidemic character among the navvies constructing the Dore & Chinley Railway. - Municipal Affairs, Sheffield. SLIB. Mun. Aff.
1892 1 March. Several cases of sommonses brought at Dronfield Petty Sessions.
John E .G. Pinder, Totley Bents , farmer against William Jowitt and Thomas Elliott, labourers, Totley. Pinder went to Cross Scythes with his cousin "to pay over some club money" and others came in drunk and a fight started. Later same night Pinder was assaulted by Charles Henry as he was on his way home from the Cross Scythes (all defendants said that Pinder had started the fighting). Second case dismissed. First case, they were bound over to keep the peace
.Derbys. Courier.
1892 20 Feb. Traction engine damage to Dronfield roads Courier
1892 16 Feb. James Thompson & Frederick Wilson, navvies of Totley summoned for poaching at Dronfield Woods - they didn't appear. P. C. Chambers said he found on Thompson 4 purse nets (for pegging over rabbit holes), a ferret in a bag (which he produced) and a rabbit. On Wilson he found 3 purse nets. Warrents granted for their arrest. Dronfield Petty Sessions.
1892 (only read Jan - March 1892)
23 Jan. Totley right of way case refers to (probably Chapel Lane) footpath being used by carts to take coals and other goods to cottages.
29 Jan. Mission Room Totley Rise Wednesday night meeting - attraction being mock trial given by party of young men from All Saints Church, Sheffield - room well filled.
1 Feb. Rope runners foot run over at Totley, Thomas (Short)?
Miner called Evans seriously injured by falling timber in tunnel , taken to hospital.
5 Feb. Wednesday evening on instruction of Derbyshire County Council W.A. Milner in the chair - a most successful lecture and demonstration on butter making given in Schoolroom by Miss Margaret Barrow, winner at London Dairy Show in 1889. Very large audience.
!5 Feb. Annual Ball in aid of Dore Musical Recreation Society held in Dore Schoolroom Friday night. Room was tastefully decorated, dancing kept up to the strains of Dore String Band until 3a.m.. Good attendance. Lengthy programme conducted by Mr. Taylor.
Mr. Marshall of Dore supplied the refreshments
Sheffield Telegraph.
1892 Driver of 4a.m. Express from Sheffield to South reported to Mr. Millward, Dore & Totley Station Master that he'd run through a flock of sheep between Beauchief & Dore. Mr. Millwad proceeded very quickly towards Beauchief and found a great number of sheep on the line near Tyzack's Dam (Abbeydale Works) and 14 were dead, the rest being squandered about up & down the rails, Mr. Millward proceeded towards Beauchief Station where he stopped 4.25a.m. train from Sheffield. The flock numbered 90 and were the property of the late Mr. Sampson at Beauchief Abbey Farm from where they had escaped under the fence Derbys. Courier
1892 23 Aug. Traction engine accident Dore Moor Derbys. Courier
1892 1 Oct. " " " Ecclesall Road. " "
1892 22 Nov. " " obstruction Dore " "
1892 16 July. Advertisment: Royal Mail Steamers to U.S. & Canada.
Saloon 10 - 18 guineas. 2nd Class 6 guineas. Steerage Class £4.
Free lands grant of 160 acres with bonus to settlers.
Sailing from Liverpool weekly
1892 Diversion of Totley Brook Road for Railway discussed in Totley Brook Estate Minutes SLIB. Archives
1892 10 Jan. Elizabeth wife of Charles Howard died aged 73. Dore Churchyard
1892 19 March. Mary Eliza daughter of John & Harriet Coates of Totley died.
See also 1866, 1877, 1897.
Holmesfield Churchyard
1892 Sketch of Totley Hall front and plan. Good. See BEcopy. MPRO.
D2647M/ Z1/1
1892 12 Nov. Charles Short, a rope runner on one of Railway Co's locomotive engines received injuries whilst shunting. Trapped against buffers. Injuries to chest - removed to hospital in Sheffield. Derbys. Courier.
Ch. Lib.
1892 22 Nov. Sam Thorpe, farmer, dore charged with allowing horse to stray on road. P.C. Bowers spoke to him. D.C?
1890s 1890s Post. Dep. Arr.
Dore & Totley Station 11.45am 6.45am
6.57pm 3.28pm
Totley Rise Sub Office 6.38pm 6.55am
Dore Sub Office 11.26am 4.32 pm
Sheffield Postal History
1892 6 Dec. Traction driver fined for being on highway during prohibited hours - name? Derbys. Courier.
1892 31 Dec. Dog cart & carriage race Castleton - Sheffield via Dore Moor. " "
1892 6 Dec. George Bennett, unsettled, Henry Anderson, labourer, Totley, Frederick Jones, labourer, Henry Miles, labourer, Geo. Reynolds, miner and Thomas Williams, labourer charged by John Frank Eaton with wilful damage to wooden shed to amount of 5/- at Totley 3 Dec.. Mr. Eaton employed at Totley Moor Brick Co. and then men had broken in and stolen wood and coal and made a fire. P. C. Jones found them at 11pm - one defendant said it was a drunken spree reet thro' the lot of us! P. C. Jones said Police receiving frequent complaints. The place was over run with navvies. Fined 5/- & 1/- damages.
2 navvies later sent to gaol for sleeping out at Totley.
" "
1892 17 may. At Chapel-en-le-Frith Union Workhouses agent for Mr. Edwards for that portion of the line from Chinley to Hope presented Matron of Workhouse a Miss Palmer, nurse at infirmary with illuminated address and purse containing 20 guineas which had been subscribed by navvies at railway works in recognition of kindness towards those of their number who had had to seek refuge in the workhouse infirmary through accident or illness. Only a week later one new employed labourer was in the infirmary. Derbys. Courier
1892 2 Feb. William Baker, navvy, charged with assaulting P.C. Jones at Totley. Officer went to cabin at Totley Bents and found 30 tramps sleeping their. He told them to clear out and defendant picked up stones and threatened him and then ran at him and butted him with his head in the stomach - gaoled for one month. Derbys. Courier.
1892 23 Jan. Edward Robinson, 24, ganger went to stay with an old friend at Rowlands Lodge House, Chesterfield Road , Dronfield - William Stewart McKay, tunnel miner on the Dore & Chinley Line. After returning from "a few glasses" Robinson fell downstairs fracturing his head. There was no handrail. Presumably died. Derbys. Courier.
1892 Totley Hall east wing further extended by W.A. Milner. - Totley College typescript BE copy.
1893 18 March. Brass Band Concert planned for Victoria Gardens at Eckington Sessions. Said 5,000 paid for admission last year. Superintendent Faulkner objected because he'd heard complaints about it last year although applicant denied it. Refused. See April 1893 - licence granted Derbys. Courier
Ch. Lib.
1893 April? At Eckington Court John Julian Sims of Sheffield applied for occasional licence at Victoria Gardens, Totley on occasion of band contest. The Magistrates has refused licence 2 weeks before on grounds it was unnecessary. 5,500 came last year. Licence granted. Derbys. Courier
Ch. Lib.
1893 22 April. At Dronfield Petty Sessions Eliza Bennett, a married woman of Totley was summoned for assaulting Fanny Grainger. There was a cross summons for abusive language - both bound over to keep the peace. Derbys. Courier
Ch. Lib.
1893 April. At Eckington Petty Sessions Maria West, a married woman of Totley summoned by sinitary Inspector for wilfully exposing without disinfection certain clothing which had been exposed to smallpox at Totley on 6 March. Stated there'd been 60 or 70 cases in Totley. The woman had had a case (of smallpox) at her lodging house and had thrown the bed clothing into the lane. It was thrown back to the house but thrown back again. Fined £2 with 25 shillings costs or 1month in gaol. Derbys. Courier
Ch. Lib.
1893 7 Jan. Thos. Baker, labourer gaoled 14 days for assaulting P.C. Jones at Totley - Dronfield Petty Sessions. Derbys. Courier
Ch. Lib.
1893 5 Feb. "Humpy" Baker, labourer, Dronfield fined 10/- for being drunk at Totley. D.C.
1893 Kellys Directory  
1893/94 See Edward Bagshaw "The New Derbyshire Railway" R. B. copy.
Describes the Line & surroundings.
Ch. Lib.
1893 Totley Tunnel was opened for goods traffic. See Totley tunnel card.  
1893 The average attendance of the Church School in Hillfoot Road swollen by the railway families was 143 (in 1899 it was 121. D to D.
1893 Mary Fox wife of John Fox of Totley died aged 75. Dore Churchyard
1893 Graves in Dore Churchyard marked sp (smallpox) full up. “ “
1893 Ebeneezer Hall gave £3,000 for the building of St. John's Church Rooms (now in 1991 Post Office sorting office) Handley
1893 27 May. William Booker, gamekeeper to Duke of Rutland saw 4 navvies with 2 dogs beating for game near Wooden Pole. He ordered them off and they went towards Owler Bar followed by Booker. One man took up a cinder and threw it striking Mr. Booker in face whereby he fell to the ground and navvy kicked him. As he got back to his feet and struggled with him 3 cyclists came along and one fetched a police officer who handcuffed the navvy, Henry Turner who was taken to Dronfield Police Station. Booker was badly bruised from top of forehead down side of face and was not at work for some time.
Prisoner was remanded.
Derbys. Courier.
Ch. Lib.
1893 15 July. George Wallace alias "Cockney", a miner of Totley charged with house breaking into house belonging to Sarah Tongue. A gold watch & chain, a pair of spectacles and silver watch were taken - remanded. Derbys. Courier.
Ch. Lib.
1893 22 Nov. Government Inspectors travelled over the Dore & Chinley Line with railway supervisors . Derbys. Courier.
1893 21 Oct. Temporary stoppage at No5 shaft. Some time ago boring had started and about 200ft of 700ft. had been reached. But then brick or some hard substance had fallen into hole so water had filled to 90ft. depth with this blockage.
Last Monday a number of officials and department heads travelled over the Dore & Chinley Line to make final inspection before opening for goods traffic. They left Chinley at 11 in two saloon carriages & proceeded along line to Dore carefully inspecting works along way.
Derbys. Courier
1893 8 July. A farmer called Smith died when struck by lightening. Derbys. Courier.
1893 23 Aug. John Holton (Alton at Cricket?), hotel keeper, Totley fined for calling Station Master a ------ white haired old -----! Fined 5/-. Derbys. Courier.
1893 Robert William Gainsford living at Totley Hall when his firm Gaisford, Fenton and Nicholson manufactured an elaborate piece of "plate" presented by the town (Sheffield) to Earl Fitzwilliam. Gainsford born 1773 Worksop. Died 1852 aged 79 Worksop. Municipal Affairs
Sheffield 1843-93
1893 James Russell aged 16 charged with carrying gun at Totley on 27 Sept. Supt. Faulkner said use of revolvers was getting much too common in the district and might before long be the cause of a serious accident. The P. C. stated that 3 youths, James Russell, his brother Thomas aged 12 and thomas Spring aged 14 were playing together in the road when James produced a revolver from his pocket which he said he'd bought the previous Monday in Sheffield. He discharged several shots one of which passed through the left ear of his brother who was treated by Dr. Aldred. The boy's father at once destroyed the five chambered revolver. Defendant fined 4/6 and 12/6 costs or 7 days labour. D.C.
1894 13 May. Dore & Totley Line of Midland Railway opened for passenger traffic from Dore & Totley to Chinley where it joined the Millers Dale - Manchester Line.
(A railway chronology of the Sheffield area pamphlet by Procter (P)
See Totley Tunnel card, & my book on Totley Tunnel.
1894 Mr. Parker Hydes of Nether Edge took off from Botanical Gardens and passed over Totley at 300ft. before landing at Tutbury Vickers, “Old Sheffield Town”.
1894 28 April. Joseph Wragg, labourer & Sampson Green (who was constant offender - see 5 May 1894) broke into shop of Charles Dickenson stealing 1/2lb. Kidney value 4d and also breaking into house at Bradway Bank. Maurice Fox was witness. Derbys. Courier
1894 12 May. Report on Dore & Chinley Line - was passed by Board of Trade Inspectors two weeks ago, reported to be in excellent condition. 2nd July mentioned as opening date with excursion to Southport from Sheffield. D.c.
1893 10 Feb. Still considerable amount of work to be done before line opened for passengers. A considerable no. of stonemasons are employed in erection of station houses, booking offices etc. at Edale, Hope, Bamford & Hathersage, but navvies have made complete exodus from the district with the exception of a few who have pitched their tents on the summit of Cowburn whilst they are engaged in sinking vent shafts for the Tunnel and which are now over 100 yards deep. Work here is being considerably impeded by water the force of which gets greater as sinking progresses. D.C.
1894 20 Dec. Totley Parish Council Minutes. First Meeting. 1894 – 1908
W. A. Milner, chairman. Heald Unwin, James Green. John William Harrop V.C. Thomas Bown. Benjamin Thorp. John Vickers.
Meeting to be open to public and held monthly.
SLIB. CA 53 (1)
1894 2 Aug. Ann wife of Henry Waterfall died (b. 15 march 1812) Dore Churchyard.
1894 13 Dec. John Howard (son of John) died aged 69. “ “
1894 Totley Hall extended - J.D. Webster , architect SLIB. 927-2SQ
1895 Totley Parish Council Minutes.
24 Jan. Parish council wanted to know more about the Recreation Ground and believe it was given by Charles Coke.
21 Feb. Jas. Green to be empowered to open locked cabinet belonging to Parish Council and now in Totley School.
4 March. P.C. read out Enclosure Award relating to Recreation Ground.
21 March. P.C. Udall wanted to know how money given by the Midland Railway and contractor paid for tunnelling under Rec. Ground was to be expended - they had left an open drain across the Rec.
18 April. Heald Unwin & Job Green appointed Overseers. Mr. Hodkin Surveyor of Highways and asked to divert the drain.
13 June. D.C. (District Council) to be asked to obtain a supply of water for domestic purposes to 4 cottages on Totley Hall Lane belonging to Mr. Moseley, via Sheffield Water Co.
Mr Williamson, school caretaker be awarded 1/- per night for his services at Council Meeting.
17 Oct. Parish Councillors T Bown, gent.; James Green, wheelwright; John William Harrop, tailor; W.A Milner, Barrister-at-Law; Benjamin Thorpe, grocer; Heald Unwin, farmer; John Vickers, grocer proposed that Rec. Ground be fenced in.
There was a complaint about the state of the Smallpox Hospital.
SLIB. Archives. CA 53 1-4. Totley Parish Minutes.
1895 Old Hay Wheel closed by 1895 David Crossley "Water Power on Sheffield Rivers"
1895 Whites Directory B.E. copy ring binder  
1895 Bulmers Directory B.E. copy ring binder  
1896 1 Aug. Sarah wife of John Thorpe of Cross Scythes died aged 81. Dore Churchyard
1896 30 Nov. Parish council discussed relaying of cricket pitch at the Recreation Ground.
Also agreed to accept tender from Mr. Holding for winter eating by sheep for £1.
1896 15 Oct. Totley P.C. wrote to Midland Railway Co. asking them to erect a station at the signal box at Totley Bottoms (T.B. Road?).
1896 Sheffield United Gas Light Co. estimated 25 lamps & posts on Abeydale Road from Totley Brook to end of company's gas main at £93/3/1. Rejected SLIB. P.C.
1896 5 Aug. George, husband of Sarah Hodkin of Totley died aged 71 years. See 1911 Holmesfield Chuchyard
1896 14 May. The pinfold in Hillfoot Lane be the place for depositing refuse Parish Minutes.
1896 Details of new roads in Dore - Midland Railway - Quarter Sessions Book N.S. MPRO. 246/1896
1896 See Mr. Hancock's memories in booklet "The Old Days in Dore" BE copy
1896 23 Jan. Parish Council. Provision of allotments discussed.
Fencing to Rec. Ground: £300 - £400, continuous wrought iron fencing.
Continuous fence 2/9 per yard. 3 turnstiles 39/- each. 1 field gate 9ft. by 4ft 6" high to match fences with cast iron posts and self fixing bases, fixed & painted, 2 coats £4/9/- etc.
Mr. Lowes tender was accepted.
It was proposed to write to the District Council that house situated at Lane Head lately occupied by Mr. Clifford(?) Watson and owned by William Thompson be unfit for human occupation.
There were also complaints about various drains.
P. C. complained to Thos. Earnshaw, Broomhall St. Sheffield, asking him to remove 5 or 6 loads of broken pots and other rubbish dumped on Rec.
2 March. Ralph Bullimore? of Totley Bents asked to rent Village Green for 5/- per annum.
Mr. Hardy , tenant of cricket Inn complained about entrance to Rec. Didn't want turnstile in front of pub, but P.C. said none other than pedestrian access accepted.
Sheff. Archives
CA 53 1-4
Totley Parish Council Minutes
1896 15 April. P.C. Open out drain course(?)
1896 4 May. P.C. Summons taken out, and lay pipes across Rec. to trough to provide Totley Bents residents.
1896 21 April. P.C. complained to Norton Rural district council about state of footpath from Monnybrook to turnpike known as Moorwoods Footpath.
1896 Whites Directory  
  Totley 100 Years Ago.
In 1896 the Parish Council decided that the pinfold in Hillfoot Road was the place for depositing rubbish. You may think that the choice was not ideal being at the side of the school playground!
The Totley Parish Council wrote to the Midland Railway asking them to erect a passenger station near the signal box at Totley Bottoms. Presumably this was the area by the footbridge on Totley Brook Road. As readers will know this request was made again by various people in more recent years. All to no avail!
In 1896 the Parish Council received an estimate from the Sheffield United Gas Light Company of £94. 3s. 1d. for providing 25 lamps and posts on Abbeydale Road from Totley Brook to the end of the company's gas main. I'm not sure where that end was but presume that it may have been near the Cross Scythes. Anyway despite periodic complaints about poor street lighting, the Parish Council turned down the offer.
Alf Tilley was lighting gas lamps in Totley, riding through the district on his bicycle carrying a short ladder, until the 1950s. Locals will remember that Alf later served as "Parkie" at Greenoak.
It was in 1896 when the Parish Council discussed the relaying of the cricket pitch at the recreation ground in Totley Bents. They agreed to accept a tender from Mr. Holding for winter eating of the grass by his sheep for £1.
It is only in the last year or so that David Holding stopped cutting the grass with his mighty bat playing for Totley Cricket Team.
Incidentally, the 1896 Directory still lists Victoria Gardens at Totley Rise although I am sure that it was not still flourishing as a pleasure ground. However the maps about this time noted that Abbeydale Club occupied some of the ground.
20 May. Totley Parish Council refused to light a bonfire on a high hill (Duke of Devonshire sent letter requesting it). Although G.H.B. Ward in Clarion 1937/38 says that Edward Sampson states that bonfire was lit on Strawberry Lee on top of hill west of the farmhouse. Minutes
CA 53 (1)
1897 20 May. Stone wall built in pinfold to separate trough from cattle. Minutes
1897 The H.M. Inspector was to speak favourably of dore & Totley Schools in report. BE copy
1897 1897 Totley Dole Account Receipts.
Gisborne £5. 0. 10.
Wostenholme 1. 10. 0.
Shepherd 1. 0. 0.
Green 2. 0.
Revill 6. 8. 0.
£14. 0. 10.
Dore Village School Charity Boards
1897 9 may. John Coates died aged 65. See also 1866, 1877, 1892. Holmesfield Churchyard
1897 Henry Mitchell of Backmoor, Norton, died 10 Aug. Mentions Sarah Ann Mitchell, widow; Mary Ann Biggin his daughter and wife of Samuel Biggin. Was Henry son of Jonathon 1867? Tedbar Tinker had conveyed the freehold cottages at Totley Bents. to Henry Mitchell 5 July 1881. Had Tedbar Tinker had the mortgage?
21 Sept 1897. Probate of Will of Henry Mitchell deceased.
(James E. Wing, Solicitor, Sheffield)
This is the last Will ----- of Henry Mitchell of Backmoor in the Parish of Norton, roadman. Wife Sarah Ann Mitchell. Daughter Mary Ann Biggin wife of George Samuel Biggin - two freehold cottages at Totley Bank (Bents) - gave his mark X.
Witness: James E Wing, solicitor, Herbert Skelton, Backmoor.
Date of will - 20th day July 1897. Died 10th August at Backmoor, Norton; had lived there. Gross value of Estate ; £20. 11 s. 0d.
Original of Will & Probate in possession of Mrs. Anne Rose, 21 Marstone Cres.
(sister of Roy and presumably daughter or grand-daughter of Sarah).
Probate Division, Derby.
1897 2 April. John Burgess, labourer of Spinkhill was charged for being in persuit of game on land occupied by Mr Frith in Totley. John William Stone, gamekeeper to the Duke of Rutland corroborated this. Eckington Woodhouse and Staveley Express
Ch. Lib.
1897 2 April. Harry Nicholson, retired publican (at Crown) was fined £3 for mistreating a horse
1897 May. George Parker, labourer and john Parker of Totley, mason assaulted William Smedley a Totley farmer. The row was about turning Cricket cClub away fron Totley.
1897 Minor offences at Dronfield Petty Sessions  
1897 Midland Railway. New roads and footpaths at Dore NS MPRO QRP2/239
QRP/246 & 274
1898 Midland Railway. New land at Dore. NS MPRO. QRP/2/268
1898/9 Whites Directory  
1898 Totley Chapel extended.  
1898 24 March. The first official Longshaw Sheepdog Trials were fixed for Totley Moss but had to be abandoned on account of severe snowstorm. Held on following day in Timothy Field near Longshaw. Sheff. Clarion Handbook 1927.
1898 Sketch of Monnybrook Farm See R.B.
1899 Until 1899 Henry Howard lived at the farm on the corner of Hall Lane and Baslow Road where the Post Office now stands. Was he son of John Howard - see 1851 census.
Henry was 27 and single in 1851 which means he was born approx. 1824. John Howard, the father, came from Uttoxeter while his wife aged 58 was from Sheffield.
Charles, the eldest son at 30 was single and born in Ecclesall .
There was also Eliza, single, aged 24 and Samuel (18) who was single and a sawyer.
John Howard was farming in Totley in 1829 - Derbyshire Directory.
See Howard card BE.

See also "Methodism
in Totley"
1899 Mr Frederick Foulston appointed Asst. Overseer for Totley at £5 p.a. Council Minutes.
Council Minutes: Mr. Gregory on 19 April to carry on his job as molecatcher. Instead they decided to employ Mr. Weldon of Bakewell, and in case of refusal to advertise in the Derbyshire Times. But in July they decided it wasn't their responsibility any more. P. C. SLIB.