Dore Neighbourhood Forum

After nearly four years of intensive research, consultation, debate and drafting, involving public consultations and workshops, working groups, nearly 50 steering group meetings and Neighbourhood Forum approvals, the Dore Neighbourhood Plan and its accompanying Policies Map have been completed and, as required by Planning Regulations, formally submitted together with various supporting documents on 20 September 2019 to Sheffield City Council and the Peak District National Park Authority.
In October 2014 the complete membership of the Dore Village Society was designated a Neighbourhood Forum for the Dore Neighbourhood Area, which lies half in the Peak District National Park and half in the City of Sheffield for development planning purposes.
There follows a substantial collection of documents recording the origin and activities of the Dore Neighbourhood Forum and its appointed Steering Group and the development of the Dore Neighbourhood Plan.
Now that our Plan has been formally submitted to the Local Planning Authorities, it is largely out of our hands, but Sheffield City Council now has legally regulated obligations as to how it processes the Plan through four further stages:
1. A public consultation exercise which asks the question of respondents whether the Dore Neighbourhood Plan meets the Basic Conditions required of a viable Neighbourhood Plan.
2. An Examination conducted by an independent expert to establish whether the Dore Plan meets the Basic Conditions taking account of the comments received from respondents.
3. Decisions to be reached by our Local Planning Authorities on whether the Dore Neighbourhood Plan requires amendment in the light of the Examination to be acceptable.
4. The holding of a Referendum of registered Dore electors to determine by a simple majority of those voting whether what emerges from the earlier stages as the proposed Neighbourhood Plan is to be accepted as part of the Local Development Plan against which planning applications in Dore are decided.

Sheffield City Council has now reached the stage at 1 above. It is launching on Tuesday 14 September a legally required public consultation on the Dore Neighbourhood Plan formally submitted to the Council last September and validated by them for consultation. The Consultation lasts for 6 weeks and responses can be made online by visiting the Council website at and turning to the Dore Neighbourhood Plan heading. The Council site will display all the key documents relating to the Dore Neighbourhood Plan including the Plan itself and the Policies Map and will explain how to express your views on whether this is a properly prepared appropriate Plan for Dore Neighbourhood Area. To save time in accessing the documents you can read the submitted Dore Neighbourhood Plan HERE and the Policies Map HERE.

The Dore Village Society and the Dore Neighbourhood Forum encourage those who live or work in Dore to read the plan and provide comments on it to show how much interest there is in this document produced by the community for the community.

Introduction to the Dore Neighbourhood Forum

The Dore Village Design Statement, 2005

  1. What is a Neighbourhood Forum?
  2. Background to the Dore Neighbourhood Plan
  3. Submitted Dore Neighbourhood Plan, September 2019
  4. Programme of Activity
  5. Steering Group and Working Group memberships
  6. Minutes of the Steering Committee Meetings
  7. Minutes of the Working Groups' Meetings
  8. Items of Correspondence:
  9. Dore to Door article by the Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee 
    explaining the background to neighbourhood planning in Dore: its history, how the work is currently being organised, and what the working principles and objectives are.
  10. (Available Soon) Further background explanations of the Neighbourhood Planning Process
  11. Map of the Dore Neighbourhood Plan Area
  12. Minutes and Feedback of Public Meetings
  13. Analysis of Returned Housing Questionnaires
  14. Pre-Submission Consultation on Draft Dore Neighbourhood Plan
  15. Evidence Library of documents submitted with the draft Dore Neighbourhood Plan: [for a fuller explanation of each document, see the item marked ** below. Except where marked, all the documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF)]