We Want Your Ideas

Over the years the Dore Village Society has undertaken or supported a wide range of activities, meetings, projects and other initiatives. The ideas for these have come from many sources and the DVS committee has been pleased to encourage and support them. We are now looking for new ideas and would like to invite people to put forward suggestions for anything which they think will be of benefit to Dore and its residents.

We are interested in proposals which could
• add to or improve amenities in the village
• protect or improve the local environment
• provide information about any aspect of Dore
• preserve or improve features of historic or public interest

Suggestions can be for a wide variety of activities or projects including events, meetings, exhibitions, publications, research into local issues, surveys, renovating or maintaining items of historical significance, improving local amenities, etc.

The DVS is prepared to meet the cost of proposals which it accepts but we would prefer that the proposers are willing to organise and carry out their projects. This not an essential condition because we don’t want to inhibit people from putting ideas forward therefore we would be willing to help proposers put together a team to carry out their ideas.

If you would like to submit a proposal please send us an outline describing:
• what you want to do or what your proposal is
• why, and how this will benefit Dore and its residents
• how much you think it will cost and what the money will be spent on

If you are proposing a project that you will undertake or oversee can you also let us know:
• how you will undertake the project (what you will do)
• who will be involved and what they will do
• when you would like to start and how long it will take
• how you will make the activity or results available to the residents of Dore so that the largest number of people can benefit from your idea, either directly or by being inspired to undertake an activity themselves.

Please send proposals to either of:

Keith Shaw
120 Townhead Road
Sheffield S17 3GB
Email: keith@keithshaw.co.uk

David Bearpark
60 Blacka Moor Rd
Sheffield S17 3GJ
Email: davidbearpark@hotmail.com