Population movement 1827 - 1851

Family names not mentioned in enclosure award of 1827

Underlined names highlighting people born in Dore.

Name Occupation Place of Birth
John Aldred Incumbent of Dore Rotherham, Yorkshire
Humphrey Adley Farmer of 18 acres Derbyshire
David Bell Gamekeeper Welburn, Yorkshire
Thomas Bamford Tailor Sheffield, Yorkshire
Thomas Booker Farmer of 100 acres Norton, Derbyshire
Hannah Bollington Shop keeper Dore, Derbyshire
Thomas Baston Miner Wadsley, Yorkshire
Robert Beswick Agricultural Labourer Baslow, Derbyshire
Thomas Biggin Farmer & Scythe Maker Norton, Derbyshire
John Coulton Groom & Horse Clipper Westmorland
Vinson Dyson Wire Drawer Thurgoland, Yorkshire
William Drury Agricultural Labourer Dore, Derbyshire
Thomas Eydes Saw Handle Maker Thornhill, Derbyshire
Thomas Fearnehough Scythe Maker Greenhill, Derbyshire
Christopher Fidler Quarry Man Dore, Derbyshire
John Fletcher Farmer Totley, Derbyshire
Samuel Ford Blacksmith Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire
John Fox Scythe Maker Norton, Derbyshire
William Holland Coal Miner Polesworth, Warwickshire
Emmanuel Hodgkinson Brick maker Derby, Derbyshire
John Hill Coal Miner Derbyshire
Henry Longden Agricultural Labourer Dore, Derbyshire
Elizabeth Law Farmer of 13 acres Darnall, Yorkshire
George Morton Farmer of 20 acres Dore, Derbyshire
Thomas McKelley Agricultural Labourer Ireland
Johnathon Moore Surgeon Sheffield, Yorkshire
Mary Nadin School Mistress Dore, Derbyshire
George Naylor Agricultural Labourer Derbyshire
George Norman Game Keeper Youlgreave, Derbyshire
George Osborn Farmer of 25 Acres
Brick & Tile Maker
Norton, Derbyshire
Henry Parkin School Master Longstone, Derbyshire
George Peace Farmer of 64 acres and Grinder  
Joseph Pickin Agricultural Labourer & Besom Maker Atherton, Staffordshire
Henry Pryor Farmer of 150 Acres Sheffield, Yorkshire
Thomas Reeves Farmer of 60 acres Ogmison[1], Derbyshire
Charles Revitt Painter (Portraits and Landscapes) Sheffield, Yorkshire
John Robinson Agricultural Labourer Wardlow, Derbyshire
Mary Redish Laundress Totley, Derbyshire
William Skinner Toll Collector Knaresborough, Yorkshire
John Swindon Agricultural Labourer Ecclesall, Yorkshire
Samuel Smith Agricultural Labourer Ecclesall, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Sec Farmer Dore, Derbyshire
Samuel Sykes Coal Miner Ecclesall, Yorkshire
Robert Thorpe Agricultural Labourer Whitlington, Derbyshire
George Trotter Pauper Coalminer Ecclesall, Yorkshire
Joseph Ward Farmer of 17 acres Dore, Derbyshire
John Wilbraham Manager of Copperas Works Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Thomas Wildegoose Agricultural Labourer Hathersage, Derbyshire
Joshua Wood Scythe Maker Ecclesall, Yorkshire
William Wragg Quarry Labourer Fulwood, Yorkshire
James Wright Miner Brampton, Derbyshire

[1]: During transcription we were unable to clearly make out the town/city name here. If you have further information about this resident of Dore to help clarify the records, the Archives team would welcome anything you may have to add.