Population movement 1851 - 1871

Family names not appearing in 1851 census

Underlined names highlighting people born in Dore.

Name Occupation Place of Birth
William Andrew Farmer of 46 acres Derbyshire
John Askey Gardener Beauchief
George Armitage School master Doncaster, Yorkshire
Ann Bartin Coal loader Handsworth, Yorkshire
William Bartram Labourer Wymondham, Norfolk
Emelia Broomhead Laundress Lancashire
William Buxton School master & registrar Ellastone, Staffordshire
Mathew Clayton Farmer Stainbrough, Yorkshire
Charles Cooper Gardener Reading, Berkshire
John Cotterill Farm servant Woodhouse, Derbyshire
William Daniels Farm bailiff Scottow, Norfolk
Rober Dutton Toll keeper & tailor London
John Farrah Quarryman Chapel Allerton, Yorkshire
William Fisher Labourer Hallfield, Derbyshire
Matilda Fretwell School mistress Alfreton, Derbyshire
John Gill Farmer of 17 acres & scythe smith Ecclesall, Yorkshire
George Green Inn keeper & Farmer of 30 acres Fulwood, Yorkshire
Thomas Hall Labourer Hope, Derbyshire
William Hunt Coachman Messingham, Lincolnshire
Charles Kilner Filecutter Norton, Derbyshire
Samuel Knight Labourer Fletching, Sussex
Henry Lee Farmer of 75 acres Dore, Derbyshire
Joseph Marshall Filecutter Totley, Derbyshire
Thomas Mather Farm labourer Coal Aston, Derbyshire
John Melbourn Salt dealer Derbyshire
Joseph Parker Farm labourer Ecclesall, Yorkshire
Elisha Parker Farmer of 16 acres & saw grinder Ecclesall, Yorkshire
James Pickering Gardener Derbyshire
Thomas Piggat Coachman Faringdon, Berskhire
John Roberts Farmer of 105 acres Sheffield, Yorkshire
Caroline Rainey Small shopkeeper Ecclesall, Yorkshire
Joseph Sanderson Farm labourer Lincolnshire
David Schofield Farmer of 18.5 acres Ecclesfield, Yorkshire
John Siddal Gamekeeper Summerwood, Derbyshire
Mark Spitlehouse Farm labourer Stone, Yorkshire
John Stevens Carpenter Sheffield, Yorkshire
George Turner Cow keeper Fulwood, Yorkshire
Richard Wainwright Labourer Ecclesall, Yorkshire
William Wall Farm labourer Ecclesall, Yorkshire
Joseph Wilkinson Watchmaker & Shop keeper Sheffield, Yorkshire
William Wilson Snuff manufacturer & Land owner Sheffield, Yorkshire
Thomas Wroe Farmer of 57 acres Stockport, Cheshire