The Burials at Dore Church 1893

Underlined names indicate Smallpox deaths.

Name Address Date Age
Elizabeth Warburton 39 Carr Lane, Sheffield January 2nd 58 years
Charles Henry Crane Totley January 4th 19 months
Thomas Jeffreys Dore January 15th 39 years
Christopher Taylor 62 Gilpin Lane, Sheffield January 31st 76 years
John Ashton Cricket Inn, Totley Bents February 12th 39 years
Lily Williams No 4 Shaft, Totley Moor February 17th 7 days
James Barton 59 Hyde Park, Bradbury March 2nd 72 years
Arthur Blakemore Totley Bents March 12th 30 years
Mary Ann Blakemore Totley Bents March 13th 12 weeks
Elizabeth Jane Carter No 4 Shaft, Totley Moor March 14th 5 months
Susannah Unwin Ringinglowe March 18th 1 year 11 months
Kate Blakemore Totley Bents March 18th 2 years
James Williams Green Oak, Totley April 5th 24 years
Sophia Elliot Holmesfield April 5th 62 years
George Henry Bishop Barkers Row, Dore April 6th 39 years
Anne Louise Wolstenholme Rolling Hills, Totley April 6th 14 months
Benjamin Gittens Hill Side, Totley April 11th 38 years
Mary Crooks Totley April 17th 72 years
Florence Bishop Totley Moor April 24th 3 weeks
Elizabeth Martin Green Oak, Totley April 24th 10 years
John William Holthan Hill Side, Totley April 24th 2 years
George Frederick Lockett Totley April 25th 5 months
Thomas M. Richardson Burbage House, Dore Moor April 25th 5 weeks
Alice Marstin Green Oak, Totley April 26th 11 years
John Thomas Lavers The Huts, No 4 Shaft, Totley Moor April 28th 21 years
Lily Eliz Agatha Goodgroves Totley Bents July 5th 4 months
Thomas Leach Totley Rise April 30th 47 years
Mary Fox Totley Bents May 3rd 75 years
Joseph Preston Green Oak, Totley May 5th 3 weeks
Walter Holtham Totley May 5th 5 months
Thomas Fuller Green Oak, Totley
Died at Small Pox Hospital, Totley
May 15th 38 years
Joseph Mountain Queens Club House, Totley Rise May 25th 60 years
Walter Jackson Totley Bents May 27th 10 months
George Richardson Totley Moor, Totley May 29th 39 years
Frederick Russell Green Oak, Totley
Died at Small Pox Hospital, Totley
May 31st ?
Emma Ashby Brick Houses, Dore June 2nd 42 years
Jenny Heer Totley Rise June 6th 2 years
Elizabeth Freeman Red Huts, Totley Lowe June 9th 18 days
Emily Bird Small Pox Hospital (late Heeley) June 16th 1 year 11 months
Joseph Moseley Ryecroft Farm, Dore July 6th 65 years
Renée May Coldwell Victoria Road, Norton July 22nd 6 months
Elizabeth Ann Wright Old Wag Wheel, Totley July 25th 23 years
William Turner Totley July 30th 33 years
Hannah Rollinson Money Brooks, Totley August 6th 78 years
Phyllis Ethel Steer Dore August 8th 6 months
Robert Unwin Causeway Head, Dore August 20th 77 years
Caroline Lowe Dore August 26th 5 years
Daisy Davis Totley Rise September 5th 2 days
Rosetta Law Totley Bents September 7th 14 years
Edward Peat Yarncliffe Lodge, Padley Wood September 21st 65 years
William Stevenson Totley Brook Road, Dore September 28th 70 years
David Hunter Porsett Dore New Road October 6th 7 months
John Coates Taylor Court 4, Newton Lane, Sheffield October 9th 46 years
Frank Taylor Dore October 16th 3 years
Alexander Anderson Tower House, Dore New Road October 27th 6 years
Martha Mallinson Totley Brook Road, Dore November 13th 67 years
Ann Thorp Hill Court 4, Eldon Street, Sheffield November 14th 47 years
Samuel White Totley December 13th 85 years
John Leach Barn Cottage, Totley Rise December 20th
Ellen Russel No 4 Shaft, Totley Moor December 28th 2 years 2 months
Thomas Davy Totley Rise December 29th 5 weeks
Mary Ann Boxter Totley December 29th 2 months