Medals and Trophies of the 1930s

The medal on the left was presented to Les Burnell on winning the Sheffield Amateur League Championship in the 1935-36 season. It is inscribed Amateur Lge 1935-36, Dore F.C. Burnell.


Shown on the right is Les Burnell's prize winner's medal, awarded by the Sheffield and Hallamshire League in the 1930s. It is inscribed Sheffield & Hallamshire County and the Sheffield crest at its center is traditionall enamelled in green and blue.

Ben Biggin won this plaque in 1934 as a memento of winning the Dore Challenge Shield. It reads:

Memento of Dore Challenge Shield
Dore F.C.
1931-32 1932-33 1933-34
presented to Mr Ben Biggin (Captain)
by the donor of the D.C.S. Mr Starnaud Creake