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Ecclesall Woods Craft Course ‘Bookmaking’

This one day course will make a beautiful Coptic bound (that’s the style of stitching) journal from scratch.

You will learn practical tips and techniques on:

  • how to select papers and work with grain
  • how to form signatures
  • how to use a fid
  • how to work safely with knives, cutting mats  and  rules
  • tools  and  equipment use related to basic bookmaking
  • Coptic stitching  and  kettle stitch
  • decorative stitch techniques
  • types of thread and their uses
  • types of ribbon  and  their uses
  • types of glues  and  their uses
  • sourcing materials  and  tools
  • PPE (personal protective equipment) selection  and  use
  • health  and  safety related to bookmaking