More of Dore's history

BRELSFORD, Vernon, A History of Dore and Totley (1953). The fullest history, with a lot of descriptions but little analysis. 

BULLEN, Roy, ed., The Old Days in Dore: A History of Dore, drafted by J. Hancock, 1896 (1988). Short history by a local Dore man, with notes by a very knowledgeable editor. 

DOE, Vanessa, ed., Essays in the History of Dore in the Nineteenth Century (1977). The work of an extramural class, covering life in the community, industry, roads and trackways and the Dore and Chinley Railway. 

Dore to Door, No.s 1 onwards, 1986 onwards. For memoirs and other historical items, indexed at Sheffield Local Studies Library. 

DUNSMORE, Josie, ‘I, Richard Furness …’ (1991). Lively standard work on Dore’s most famous resident, a schoolmaster of many parts. 

DUNSTAN, John, The Story of Methodism in Dore, 1790 – 1907 (1980). History of the chapel and its people, set in the local context. 

DUNSTAN, John, The Origins of the Sheffield and Chesterfield Railway (1970). About a Victorian development on the edge of Dore but of immense importance in its history. 

DUNSTAN, John, and LOWTHER, Leslie C., Christ Church: The Parish Church of Dore in the City of Sheffield (1972). The story from the most earliest mention in 1633, with a guided tour of the interior of the 19th century building. 

DUNSTAN, John, and MILLICAN, Roger, The A to W of Dore: The Story of the Village’s Road Names (2002). Including the development of the roads and many of their interesting features, with sketch maps by David Heslop. 

EDWARDS, Brian, Dore, Totley and Beyond (1996). Substantial collection of pen-and-ink drawings with notes about them. 

GIBSON, William R., History of Dore (1927). Not so much a history as a rag-bag of snippets, but unequalled for its anecdotes about local characters. 

HOFFMAN, H.C., King Ecgbert and the Treaty of Dore (1969). Authoritative short study by a Dore-born historian, published as a follow-up to the unveiling of the Dore Stone. 

SMITH, Tony, Historical Notes about Bradway, revised edition (1999). Informative on the Abbeydale side of the ancient parish of Dore. 

YOUNG, Betty, and GARLAND, Elizabeth, From Dore to Dore: Some Local Walks (1973). With geological information and also historical notes updating Brelsford and Gibson. 

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