The Archives and Heritage Collection contains a variety of material describing and illustrating Dore, its history and development, the lives of people who have lived here and the social changes which have taken place over the years. 

Most of this information has been gleaned from records and items collected over the years, and stored in the DVS office in the Old School. While some of this is not suitable for inclusion on a website (for example, physical artefacts or documents containing personal information) a lot of it lends itself to display in this format. Consequently we have embarked on the collation of information on a thematic basis. The first of these themes is “Dore in the First World War” and this can be accessed from the menu item under the heading Archives and Heritage Collection. 

As well as being included on the website these themes will also be available to view and inspect in a collection of files held in the DVS office. 

This section of the DVS website is under continuous development (and by its nature will always be “work in progress”). As such we welcome any comments or contributions you wish to make, or items and information which you can provide to help us make a more complete record of Dore and its development. 

For more information or to provide contributions please email Dorne Coggins at