Local and National Government

Sheffield City Council is the local authority for the Dore area. Click here to be taken to their home page from where you can find out about a range of services.

If you wish to report any of the following issues, here are some useful numbers and direct web links. When contacting any of the following, please keep a note of the reference number you are given. 
Contact your councillors (below) if you've already reported an issue and not received satisfaction, or if you think a bigger issue is involved requiring action for the community. Councillors are also available for consultation at their monthly surgery, held on the second Saturday of each month (10am - noon) in the DVS Office above Dore Old School.

Burglar alarms and noise nuisance0114 273 4651
Car parking0114 273 6158
Dog fouling0114 273 4651
Graffiti0114 273 6895
HGVs - please also note the date and time, registration number, name of the vehicle operator and, if possible, take a photograph0114 273 6677
Litter and fly tipping0114 273 4567
Pest control0114 203 7410
Potholes and damaged pavements0114 273 2567
Road Drains0114 203 7410
Roadside trees                                                                                                           
Street lighting 0114 273 4567
Trading Standards0114 273 6289
Waste collection 0114 273 4567

Contact Details for our city councillors:

Joe Otten (Liberal Democrat)
Telephone: (0114) 273 5517 
E-mail: joe.otten@sheffield.gov.uk 
Colin Ross (Liberal Democrat)
Telephone: (0114) 235 1948 
E-mail: colin.ross@sheffield.gov.uk 

Martin Smith (Liberal Democrat)
Telephone: (0114) 273 5517
E-mail: martin.smith@sheffield.gov.uk 

Dore falls within the Sheffield Hallam parliamentary constituency and the Member of Parliament is Olivia Blake (Labour Party). You can contact her via email to olivia@oliviablake.org.uk or by telephone at 0114 272 4964. She does not currently hold a surgery in Dore. You may also write to her at the House of Commons.