Dore Visual Archive 2014

In 2014 the Doreways Group produced two volumes of visual archives for the Dore Village Society. As these archives are in paper form, we have recreated them in digital form to allow more people to view these great images. The archives show images taken of a variety of aspects of the village including the street life of Dore, the shops and businesses in Dore, Dore in bloom, village events etc. We have combined the two archive files into one gallery for ease of viewing, however, you are more than welcome to view the original hard-copy photographs in the DVS office.

This work has been created by the Doreways Group for the Dore Village Society. Photographed and compiled by Elaine Nicholls. With contributions from John Eastwood and Dorne Coggins. Re-created online by the Dore Village Society.

We hope you enjoy the gallery.