AD 1600 - 1699

Hare & Hounds built according to CCSA Survey 720.942 74SQ
Robert Hattersley buried 13th December
1601-16659 deeds relating to Estate at Totley - Coke. Named in index in bundles of correspondance.Mat. Lib.
1883 Box L3
160214 April. Conveyance from Earl of Shrewsbury to the Earl's servants of land at Totley.
Catalogue of Arundel MSS.
SARC. SD. 152
 24 April. Robert Calton will (needs translating)LJRO.
 Jan. Gertrude daughter of Robert Newbould of Totley baptised.
Robert son of " " " " 
March. Thos. Dalton the younger of Totley buried.
Dronfield PRs.
 Thos. Gregory smelter of Totley (Fayles Farm?) Close at Field End. Inventory & Will.LJRO.
1602/034 March. Gervase Strelley conveyed to John Bullock of Darley and his son, also John of Norton, messuages ……..and Strawberry Lee Grange. To be redeemable on payment of £200 within a stated period.DAJ. 1967 p.90
1602/0314 March. An Indenture between George Newbould of Unthank, yeoman and Philip Gill of Lightwood. Doesn't refer to Totley but is it a Totley George?DAJ. Vol 23
27 Feb. (or March) Thos. Calton the younger buried
" " " Will & Inventory
Dronfield PRs.
1602William Ruddiard (Rudyard?) of Strawberry Lee buried 13th NovemberDRPR
1603/4Arthur Barker of Totley buried 2nd JanuaryDr. PRs.
George NEWBOULD in terris xls ijs viijd

For Kynwaldemarshe (Killamarsh), Totley, Dower (Dore)

Those relating to Totley appear to be:
Thos, CALTON in bonis iijli iijs
Robert NEWBOLDE in bonis iijli iijs
Edward BARKER gent in terris xli xiijs iiijd
Anthony BRIGHT in bonis vjli vjs
Robert BRIGHT in terris xxs xvjd
Thomas RAWORTHE in terris xxs xvjd

DAJ. Vol. 44
16036 Jan. Alice Barker of Dore buried. 
1604A rent roll of Lord Shrewsbury for 1604 is in Derby Library.
Trusley Calendar 15001- 15933 Private Estate Management Rentals p.307
Derby Lib.
 May. Agnes wife of Thomas FFEYLE of Totley buriedDr. PRs.
1605Feb. Thomas FFEYLE was "drownded".Dr. PRs.
 Sept. Elizabeth daughter of Thos. SWIFT (?) of Totley born" "
 Dec. Will of Robert BAGSHAWE (Dronfield?)LJRO.
1606Anthony son of Thos. FFEYLE (?) of Totley baptised.
Frances daughter of Robt. FFEYLE baptised
Dr. PR.
1607Ann daughter of Robert GREAVES of Totley baptised.
Hellen Woodhouse of Totley buried.
Dr. PR.
1608Will of Henry YELLOT, husbandman of Totley.
Photocopy & printed transcription. (see inventory 1618).
Will mentions; Margaret & Marie BROWNE grandchildren
Hugh, Henry, James YELLOT, sons.
Maude YELLOT, wife.
William TOWNSENDE with G.B. and R. S. witnesses.
1608 or 1589TOTLEY MILL was leased to Rowland EYRE for 21 years at 8 pence per annum plus one gelding in return for the termination of his claim to Barlow MillCh. Lib. Kiernon's Lead Industry.
1608John TAYLOR of Totley buried 17th MayDR. PR.
1609Robert WHYTE of Great Longstone, lead miner had lead smelted for him at Adam EYRE's mill in Totley (Longstone Local History Group Newsletter no. 5 Autumn 1994 - M. L. Stewart)BRED
1609An infant of Robert DALTON of Totley buried.
Ales (Alice) daughter of YELLOT of Totley baptised
Dr. PR.
1609-1701Deeds relating to Estate at Totley mentionedMPRO. 1883/L3 (Coke)
1610Sale of Hy. YELLOT, yeoman, Jas. his son and heir, to Thos. EYRE of Hassop of several closes in Totley for £100. 23 July 8 James I - details in possession of Mrs. Coke at Pinxton in large chest in undercroft of hall.Derby Lib. 17056.
c.1610 - 1687Robert ASHTON son of Robert ASHTON of Stoney Middleton and Elizabeth FAYLES? of Totley.DAJ. Bakewell Lib.
1611James SWIFT of Southwark, collar maker left £3 to be distributed among the poor of the Parish at Feast of St. David & St. James for ever.Board in Dore Infant School
1612First known use of the Wash (or Hall's House) as smelting mill
" " " Bradway or Gill's House " " 
1 October. Memorandum of Proceedings in action for trespass on the case:
Thomas Hall and Leonard Gill V. Edward Outram.
Recites that TH. and LG. on 1 Oct 1612 possessed a smelting mill and parcel called The Wash in Totley and that the watercourse to the mill flowed through land of EO. in Bradway, where on 20 Sep 1613 he erected a weir 20ft long and 3ft high and a smelting mill with floodgates whereby plaintiffs sustained £40 damages between 20 Sept. 1613 and 20 Oct. 1614. Trinity 1615 DDP 109/1 Derbyshire Misc. Deeds.
Portland Estate Muniments, Nottingham PRO. Index to this collection in Sheff. Lib.
However, the plaintiffs and others took reprisals in Oct 1613, had broken new dam and turned back watercourse.
See also 1561 & 1388 cards. See also details of Gill Family
Matlock Lib. Kiernon 622.344
Lead Industry"

SCL CM 1686
 Between 1604 and 1615 George, Edward and Philip Gill of Norton built a lead mill at Dowell Holme in Bradway, land which has not been identified. This mill could have been on the Bradway side of either the Totley Brook or the Sheaf and has not been proved to to have occupied either of the other sites in Totley.David Crossley "Water Power of Sheffield Rivers".
16127th Aug. Richard Ffayles of Totley buriedDRPR.
1613Catalogue of Arundel Castle Manuscripts.
Rental of Gilbert Earl of Shrewsbury of land at Totley. (seen but unintelligible to me)
For Half Year Lady Day.
William Ward, a tenament in lease £4. 5s. 0d.
Thom. Calton and Godfrey Calton £12
John Oates, a milne 50s.
Godfrey Calton, a tenament in lease 34s. 4d.
Robert Calton, " " 30s.
Godfrey Green " " £3. 0s. 6d.
John Morton " " 20s. 
? ? " " 10s.

Seen but difficult to read in "Secretary's" hand.
SLIB. S120
161319th April. Widow FFAYLES of Totley buriedDRPR
 Aug. Marmaduke HOULT married Ann TOTLEYChesterfield PR. SLIB.
1614Henry son of Robert GREAVES baptised
Marie BATTY of Totley buried
1615/6Ould (old) Lee wife (?) buried 31st JanuaryDRPR
1615Francis FOX of BOLEHILL, husbandman - Inventory
In 1615 supported family by farming & part -time employment. At time of his death he had a stack of wool and yarn ready for spinning, 2 pokes and five ore bags for carrying lead. Where did he live at Bole Hill?
1615Robert HATTERSLEY (Totley?) Will.LJRO.
161518 Sept. Robert BRIGHT (Totley?) WillLJRO.
 Jan. ould (old) Alice HOLMEof Totley buried.Dronfield.


24 Feb. Peter MATTEWMAN late of Totley, Will & Inventory.
Witnesses: Adam HAWKSWORTH, Robert DALTON, John MORTON, Robert BRIGHT Mentions also George HILL.
Debts owing to be paid to Peter by Humphrey (?) FOLJAMBE, William WORRAL, John DUN, Henry YELLOT.

161621 June. Edward BARKER the elder, WillLJRO
1616NETHER MILL or BURTON'S HOUSE Dore (Edward BARKER) first mentioned as Smelting Mill.MPRO
1616UPPER MILL (lead smelting) first mentioned Dore Town End, 
John WARD of Dore occupier, had 2 pickes, 2 wegges, 1 axe, 1 shovel, 1 sieve, 2 corves and 1 pitt rope - Inventory 1616
MPRO. Kiernon. 

1616/17Christopher GREEN of Totley, husbandman, Will & Inventory:
Had Certain Towe and Yearne 2s.
8yds. Harden Clothe 5s. 4d.
3yds. Russet Clothe 6s.
10 pounds of Wool 5s.
1616/1712 March. Robert HATTERSLEY (Totley?) WillLJRO
161717 July. Robert CALTON Will, buried 13th AprilLJRO + DRPR
1617John RAWORTH owned with John WARD of Dore the UPPER SMELTING MILL on the Redcar BrookLJRO. B/C/11
1617Edward BARKER gent. Married Dionis FANSHAWEDronfield PR.
161830 June. Will of Edward FISHER gentlemanLJRO
1618Inventory of Henry YELLOT yeoman mentions survey by Robert SKARGELL, Robert BRIGHT, George BROWNE, Thurstan GREAVES.
See will & inventory in "Sick in Body". See also year 1608.
1618Will of Henry YELLOT (son of above?)LJRO
1618Thomas SWIFTE buried 1st MayDRPR
1619Thomas CALTON mentioned as yeoman of Dronfield in Bagshawe Deeds (Eyre)SARC.
1619George WARDE of Bradfield and alice BRIGHT of Totley married at Bradfield
YorkArchSocJournal Vol. 14 p.497
SH. Lib.
161922 May. Anthony BRIGHT's Will Dronfield?LJRO
162022 May. Henry son of James MILLWARD of WALKE MILNE buried Norton Church.Norton PR.
 14 March. Anna daughter of Thomas NORTH buried Norton Church"
1620s.Recorded payments from GILL to PEMBROKE for OLD HAY MILL. Bright's PapersBrP201. SARC.
1621Deeds available at Lower Bents Farm, Penny Lane for the property.
Reference to 26 March 1621: John PRIEST of Totley , milstone maker and Ralph WOODUS of Holmesfield, husbandman on one part and John RAWORTH of Dore, yeoman on the second. Whereby John and Ralph had £12 paid to them by John RAWORTH, did grant to him all that messuage or dwelling house in or near Totley called commonly by the name of the BENTS with the barn building, garden and orchard and easements and all those 2 crofts or parcels of ground inclosed and in the occupation of the said John PRIEST and Ealph WOODUS.
1621OLD HAY MILL run by LEONARD GILL who by then was tenant of EARL of PEMBROKELJRO. B/C/11
1621Robert WHYTE of Great Longstone, lead miner, has lead smelted for him by Leonard GILL's mill in Totley. Source: Longstone Local History Group Newsletter 5 1994, article by M. L. Stewart. See WHYTE'S Inventory of 1836 in same article.BRED
162224 May. Robert GREENWOOD WillLJRO
162221 Sept. Robert MILLWARD of WALKE MILNE buried at Norton Church.Sh. Lib.
Norton Burials
1623A poore child from Strawberry Lee buried 30th JulyDRPR
162316 May. Receipts for the fee farm rents of Bradfield and Totley part of the Queens Jointure, formerly held by the Carthusian house at Coventry. 
16 May 1621 - & Dec. 1631. pp18
Sh. Lib. ( NS)
1623Date on stone over door at Totley Hall reads: G. N. 1623 W. M. 
162328 Sept. Edward BRIGHT'S WillLJRO
George Newbould was one of Newboulds of Unstone near Chesterfield (?) according to Manors & Families of Derbyshire Vol. 2. Derbyshire Heritage Series.
Yet Derbyshire Country House Vol. 2 by Craven & Stanley says that George Newbould's father William was apparently a scion of the Newboulds of Hachenthorpe Hall, married an heiress of Gill of Sheffield, whose estate it had been.
162420 Oct. In Trusley Hall Ms. Derbys. There are rental, tenants names, holdings, fines, rents, heriots? Etc., and increases in rents at following Lady Day 1625. For the Worshipful Sir Francis Cooke, a rent roll of Earl of Shrewsbury 1604Derby Lib.
Trusley Calendar
(Priv. Est. Manag.)
Ref. 15786
15001 - 15933 Rentals p. 307
1624The hundred of Scarsdale for Totley and Dore gives Godfrey BRIGHT and Henry BARKER, muskets trained; Robert BRIGHT and Edw. MOORE muskets private.Feudal History of the Co. of Derby.
Vol. 2 sect. 3
1624Ould Mrs. GREGORIE wife of Totley buried.Dronfield
1624William GREAVES, Totley, inventory. James YELLOT & George NEWBOULD mentioned, buried 1st MayLJRO.
1624John PRIEST buried 26th MarchDRPR
1625Memorandum possibly written by Lord Middleton's solicitor? or steward?
All those mines, delfes or pits of coal now in work on ? or hereafter to be digged, soughed, and put in work within upon and throughout the common and waste grounds of Totley and Totley Hollis (Hallfield, Hollin Hill) ……which premises are now in the occupation of James CHADWICKE or of his assigns and are the yearly value of -----(not given) B.E.
A particular valuation of certain small cottages and parcels of ground incroached within the waste ground of Totley and Brampton and belonging to the Honour of Peveril. Totley:-
Arthur BARKER for an encroachment
John CALLERTON (CAULTON or CALTON) for a cottage
Thurton or Robert?) GREAVES for a cottage
Memorandum also that the said James CHADWICKE doth now enjoy and take the profits of the coal delfs in Totley and the encroachments and cottages in Totley and Brampton. And he saith that he is the Learned Steward of the Courts of Record within the Honour (although now discontinued) and hath patent of that office for the term of his life and hath herewith granted the fee of -----(not recorded) B.E. marks? and the moiety of the profit for fines and compositions which hath been behind and unto him for some years last past. And so he claimeth that by the ancient customs of the Honour of Peveril he may distrain for such stipends and assuages(?) within any part of the Honour. And for want of such distress he may enter upon any waste grounds and royalties within the honour ( for Derbyshire only) and hold them either for use or for such term as the High Steward of the Honour himself hath time in such profits and at his said Stewards election and for the want of other fit? distress he hath entered upon the premises in Totley and holds them as he pretends he lawfully may. But in respect we cannot find any mention of such custom in any of the records that we have seen concerning the Honour. WE conceive that such claim as aforesaid to be inconsistant and incongruous with reason and we have therefore now returned the premises as in possession of the state and so to leave the same for further consideration.
Mi Mo 102/3
Middleton Collection
Notts. Univ. Lib.
1625 - 30Rentals of Totley Manor and the tithes of Bradfield taken for the Earl of Pembroke
Mentions Edward BARKER, tenant at corn mill (Upper Mill)
Rentals of Totley Charnicke (Charnock) Hall, Tankersley and the tithes of Bradfield
1629 pp 6.
1630 pp 8.
1625Agnes RUDDIARD (Rudyard?) of Strawberry Lee buried 26th AprilDRPR
Before 1625Earl of Pembroke was godfather to William, son of Sir William Cavendish & Bess of Hardwick"Bess of Hardwick"
David Durrant
16251 June. Anthony BRIGHT willLJRO.
162624 Aug. Anthony BRIGHT (son?) will"
162731 Oct. Robert BRIGHT will"
1627Thomas son of Ralphe MARTIN baptisedDronfield PR.
16272 Nov. Henry STEVENSON and Barbara WOOD married (was he from Dronfield or Totley?)Dronfield PR.
1627Robert CALTON, Totley, husbandman: inventory.LJRO
1628/914 Jan. Date of Thomas FISHER'S willLJRO
1629-45Reign of Charles I. Inhabitants of Totley used the Upper Mill tenanted by Edward BARKER as corn mill"Sick in Body"
1629/3012 March Post Nuptual Settlement
James BRIGHT to Francis STRINGER of Whiston and George SPENCER of Bramley. Messuages in Sheffield and Totley to stated uses; on the marriage of James BRIGHT to Anne SPENCER, daughter of William SPENCER of Attercliffe.
WWM D 574
1629Schedule of documents concerning lead mill at Dore 1629 - c1645 (which one?)Bagshawe Muniments 
Rylands Lib.
16296 Oct. Counterpart of bargain & sale, the Tithes of Totley & a cottage (sometimes a tithe barn) and a parcel of land called Little Water Long.
Witness: Thos. NEWBOULD, FANSHAWE of Dronfield to BARKER of Dore.
WC 2011
1630Deeds of BRIGHT family relating to Manor of TotleyBagshawe Deeds
3186- 3210
1630Robert GREAVES, husbandman, will. 
Neighbours were Ed. BUTLER(?), W. WILKINSON
16303 March. £1,850 paid by Stephen BRIGHT, gentleman of Carbrook and Thomas SHARPE citizen and merchant of London to Philip Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, Sir Benjamin RUDYARD Knt., Sir Robert of Westminster Knt. - all their estate in Totley alias Totingley and in all those 6 messuages, farms etc. one whereof was in the occupation of Ralph MARTYN and William WARD, another in the ocupation of Robert HEPWORTH, William STEVENSON, Thomas and Francis BARKER, another in the occupation of Robert GREEN, another in the occupation of Godfrey CALTON and Christopher NEWBOLT, another in the occupation of Robert SKARGELL and one other in the occupation of Godfrey CALTON, Richard BULLOCK, Thos. GREGORY and Ralphe MARTYN together with the appurtenances and a water corn mill (Upper Mill) in Totley in the occupation of Ed. BARKER gentleman; also a lead mill (Old Hay) or smilting house in the occupation of Leonard GILL gentleman and Mistress HALL widow, together with their weir,s forbaye etc. belonging to the said corn mill and lead mill and all services, waste grounds, commons etc.- original indenture with Bagshawe at Ford Hall.
N.B. Sir B. Rudyard was Surveyor of the Court of Wards and Liveries.
Stephen BRIGHT had been joint tenant with Isabel HALL, widow of Thomas HALL who had been involved with the GILLS in smelting in Bradway.
"Halls of Derbyshire" 
by Tilley
942.51 S5T2
2 Oct. 1630 - 
2 Oct. 1631
"The cause why that the cleares (ie. the amounts removed) of Sheffield Pittes are not so much this last yeare (2 Oct.1630 - 2 Oct 1631) as they have beene the years before may appeare as followeth" -
Totley and Whiteley Wood pits produced a great deal also there was a milder winter. The coal in stock was of poor quality and people would not buy. Corn has been dear therefore "manie people was constrained to sitt with small fires rather then want bread; besides the great decay of the cutler trade which never was knowne to be so badde as this yeare! Brewing also slumped and these two are the best market for Sheffield coal. Lastly, the mines are hampered by a long earth wall in the main delf or bed.
By Thomas BEANE (banksman?) at the Sheffield Park Pits 1631 to Stephen BRIGHT
SB 127 BR 50
163116 Sept. John RAWORTH as exec. Of John WARD'S will sold Upper Smelting Mill, Redcar Brook.LJRO. B/C/ 11
John Ward
1631Robert GREAVES, Totley Bents, husbandman, will & inventory. 
Inventory lists: 9 foot of glass and bordes for a chamber floor
"Syke in Body"
163212 June. Grant of an Annuity, English
Humphrey Small, Yeoman of Carbrooke, and Richard Wardesworth, mercer of Sheffield, to John Bright, clerk of Benges (Co. Herts.) Annuity or yearly rental charge of £40 issuing from 3 messuages in Totley by direction of Stephen Bright, gentleman of Carbrooke, Twelve pence has been handed over as livery of siesin, 12th June.
Witnesses: Stephen Bright, Leonard Gill, William Jessoppe, James Creswicke.
Bagshawe C 3188
16323 Nov Bond, English and Latin
Stephen Bright to Samuel Legg, tallow chandler of Tiddiswall and Margaret his wife, £60 for performance of covenants.
Bagshawe C 3189 NS
1632The Manors of Ecclesall and Totley were granted to Stephen Bright in 1632 along with other properties ……..(Apparently the conyeyances are in the Bagshawe Collection) - granted by the Earl of Shrewsbury. Stephen Bright* had amassed considerable property in the Sheffield area and shortly before his death he received a grant of arms as a person of £1,000 per annum estate. As Arundel's Bailiff he had been in a particularly favoured position for absorbing estates sloughed off by the Howards and the Shrewsbuy Trustees in the years before 1640. Stephen Bright seems to have carried on an extensive trade as a lead merchant. It would appear that at least some of the lead ore was smelted into pigs at Beauchief and Totley. (see 1641 and 42) John Bright seems to have followed his father's business and to have maintained it during the Civil War but his more lucrative business was the coal pit/s at Handsworth.
The basis of the estates belonging to the Brights was that just as his father James(?) had been able as Bailiff to take advantage of the Arundel break-up in the years before 1640 so John the son especially benefited by the Civil War's revolution in land tenure as he was from the earliest days of the war, a member of the committee for sequestering "delinquents" estates.
*Stephen Bright took over Old Hay Mill at this time.
Calendar of Bright Papers WWM 8.33
1633List of Freholders of the Hundred of Scarsdale, 8th charles I, 1633, gives for Totley Georgius Newbould (was this Builder of Totley Hall 1623?)
For Dore: Edward Bright, Stephen Bright, John Raworth, Edward Moore.
Hunter Collection
163330 Oct. & 31 Oct.Two lists in one book of court rolls etc. at Sheffield Castle which concern the Earl of Newcastle each receipted by John Rolleston on the Earl's behalf.
Example of entries: "Very many ancient dedes concerning the Mannor(?) of Barley of 200 or 300 years past which though they are not useful would be preserved for their antiquity" ………hamlet held of the Abbott and Convent of Bella Capita (Beauchief) Totley …….
pp12 SB a 19
BR 206
1633Deeds relating to estate at Totley & DoreMPRO
1883/L3 Coke
16337 June. Papers at Lower Bents Farm.
Between John Raworth on one part and Ellis Poynton of Bradway, yeoman and John Poynton, yeoman. ( John Raworth's wife was Hellen and his son Michael married Margaret Poynton).
1633July. Henry son of William Greaves of Totley baptised.Dronfield PR.
1634Jan. Anne daughter of John Wilkinson of Totley buried"
1634June. Robt. son of Robert Greaves baptised."
1635Dec. Anthony Greene of Totley buried. 
Anthony Woodhouse mentioned.
1635Mention of Mr. Hall's smelting mill at Totley in inventory of Godfrey Kirk of Tideswell:
"In lead ore & smeathane? in the house and in oare & smethane? (off waste tip) at Mr. Gill's smelting house at Norton & Mr. Hall's smelting house at Totley and one half fother of lead at Mr. Hall's house. Valued XXXVli
"Lead Industry"
Ch. Lib.
1635Anthony Greene, Totley, husbandman, Will & InventoryLJRO
163615 Nov. Lease: Stephen Bright of Carbrooke to William Else of Barlow Lees moiety of Lead or smelting house in occupation of Else with moiety of dams, watercourses etc. for 21 years at £10 p.a.Crewe Muniment
CM 255/256
1636Wm. Son of William Hill of Totley baptised.Dronfield PR.
1636/7Alice daughter of William Ward of Totley buried"
16376 April. Robert Bright, Will.LJRO
1637John Bamforth, weaver of Dore left in his will:
Gave & bequeathed to poore people of Dore & Totley tenne shillings.
John Raworth was one of the witnesses & valuer of the inventory, and Jane the wife of Richard Bullocke? was mentioned too.
1638Stephen and John Bright were smelting (lead) in TotleyWWM Bright Papers 111
1638William son of William Green of Totley buried 
1638/9Rauphe Brettland, Strawberry Lee, yeoman. Will & Inventory. Had 3 spinning wheels.LJRO
163914 April. Thos. Barker of Totley buried. Dronfield Parish Records (NS)Via Feudal History of Co. of Derby.
1639John son of William Hill of Totley bapt.Dronfield PR.
1639Thomas Barker of Totley buried."
1639Assignment of lease, William Else to Anthony Urton (Ireton?) of Norton - Possessions in Totley (see 1636)
From Stephen Bright: for £32 & £10 per annum rent for moiety of lead or smelting house in occupation of ……….
Crewe Muniments CM 256. SARC.
1640Raph (Ralph) son of Raph Martin of Totley, yeoman, apprenticed to Hugh Ranson?, Norwood, cutler. 7 years 
16409 July. William Hill, Will. (was he of Totley?)LJRO
1640Frances Bearde, husbandman of Dore. Will & Inventory
William Stephenson one of valuers. Mentions Henry Stephenson owing 4s.
16409 July. Honour of Peveril. Rights of Steward.Notts. PRO (NS) DDP 24/1
164114 Dec. Bargain and Sale,English
Stephen Bright, gentleman of Carbrooke to John Bright, clerk, of Sheffield, his brother. Four messuages and farms and field ends, Sauterlays, Farr Flats and several other properties (field names given & occupiers named) all in Totley alias Tottingley for £1,440.
Witnesses: Thomas Keresforth, James Creswicke, James Howle, William Stephenson, William Wordsworth. (see 1683)
Occupiers named are:
George Wilson, Robert Green, Christopher Newbould, Francis Barker, Thomas Gregorie*, Edward Calton, William Sharpe, Ralph Martin, Godfrey Calton, Thomas Green, Robert Hepworth.
May well be worth while but in "secretary's hand" writing. Field names given.
*For Thomas Gregorie see also 1651 and 1630.
Bagshawe Collection 3190
1641/42Papers concerning the general estate affairs of Sir John Bright.
(a) Accounts
JE 51 book containing:
Desperate debts 1641 (Stephen Bright's hand)
Other debts
Rents 1642 (Ecclesall and Westwell)
Lead accounts 1641 (made at Totley and Beauchief)
The book was then taken over by John Bright in the same form as above with a note of the plate at Carbrooke on Stephen Bright's death, 13 June 1642. The estate accounts are concerned mostly with Edale, Totley, Ecclesall and property in Craven 1641- 70.
JE 51 Br 111
Also JE 52, JE 53.

(note - examine 
JE 51)

1642Stephen and John Bright's lead accounts. William Stevenson's disbursements for lead, 34 foder smilted at Beauchief, 32 foder and 7 pigges at Totley.BR 51 Sh. Lib.S14
See also S12-S18 NS
1642 - 1650sJohn Bright operated Old Hay & Beauchief Mills himself on his retirement from the lead business. The mill with the paper mill upstream was sold to Michael Burton (1653) of Holmesfield who let it to William Stevenson, according to Crossley in his "Water Power on Sheffield Rivers". However, William Stevenson of Dore, smilter, died 1653.
(was it his father or did he rent it prior to 1653?)

30 March. Stephen Bright's Will. Died 13 June 1642.
He is now 58 years old. He asks to be buried in Sheffield Church with his wife and children.
(1) An annuity of £5 to his uncle Ralph Martin from lands and tenaments in Totley and Dore.
(2) All property in Totley and Dore to John Bright, his son and his issue, in default of which to John Bright, vicar of Sheffield, Stephen's brother.
(5) To his brother James, £10 to buy a horse.
(8) One of the best beds and £1,000 to his wife Barbara, she being allowed to live in the house with John and her children at John's expense.
(10) The education of his daughters is granted to Anthony Hadfield and Edward Gill, Stephen's brother-in-law and son-in-law. They are to stand siesed of the first fall* of spring wood in Ecclesall and Totley to the use of the daughters…….
*NB. A fall of wood could be cut and converted into charcoal or whitecoal, kilns being erected for the same (in Ecclesall Woods).
(NS) JE(S) 2
WWM D 134
1643Anne daughter of James Greaves baptised.Dronfield PR.
1644Samuel son of James Greaves baptisedDronfield PR.
1644Will of Robert Fisher of Totley, described as milner"Syke in Body" 18.
164620 March, 20 Charles I. Agreement between Geo. Newbold of Ecclesall Co. Yorks. Yeoman and Alice his wife and John Griffith of Sheffield and Chas. Wardle of Sheffield, yeoman, to levy a fine on lands in Totley
2 messuages 60 acres of land 30 meadow 20 pasture
20 wood, 10 furze & heath. Common of pasture
For all cattle and common of apurtenances (mentions also messuages, cottages, houses, orchards & gardens in Totley and Dronfield).
Witnesses include: John Halton (or Dalton?), John Newbould, David Stainforth, ?Moseley
Probably none of them from Totley.
Coke Papers
Ref. 1881/39/7
1646Deed to corn mill & lead smelter in Bradway now occupied by Robert Ashton, John White or their assignsOakes Deeds. OD 869. SARC (NS)
1646George son of George Wilson buriedDronfield PR.
164723 June. Quitclaim for legacies under Stephen Bright's will from: (amongst others from elsewhere). Ralph Martin, yeoman, of Totley (related)SLIB. JT1 BR 185a (NS)
164724 June. Robert Fisher, Will.LJRO
1647Court of Peveril held at Glapwell. Totley entry:
Rowland Eyre for not appearing 1 shilling
George Newbitt (Newbould?) 6d
James Yelliott 6d
James Bright 6d
John Bright 6d
Widow? Bright 6d
Michael Burton 6d
Heirs of Wm. Strelley 6d
Widow Dalton for breaking the assise of ale 2d
" " " " bread 2d
John Wagg for the like 2d
MiE 1/1/151
1648Death of Dinis or Dionis (nee Fanshawe) wife of Edward Barker of Dore esq.Dronfield Church.
1648Jane Dalton of Totley buried"
1648Daughter (?) of Jas. Greaves baptised"
1648Pegge family came into possession of Beauchief Estates. 
1648Civil War seige of Sheffield Castle. 
1648April. Court of Peveril held at Glapwell. Totley entry:
George Newbould, Christopher Newbould, Jas. Yellot, Wm. Wood were fined one shilling for neglecting to make gate at the nether end of the towne towards the common.
Rowland Eyre, for not appearing 1 shilling
James Yellot 6d
James Bright "
John Bright "
Widow? Bright "
Mich. Burton "
George Newbitt "
Anne Brelsome? Widow "
George Dalton "
Richd. Garsone? "
John Yellot "
Thos. Johnson "
John Littlewood "
Francis Smith "
Willm? Wilson "
Robert Browne "
George Newbitt "
William Martin "
Henry Wilson "
Christopher Harison "
John Wagge for breaking the assise of the ale 2d?
Widow Dalton for the same "
Nott. Univ.
MiE 1/1/151
1648/920 Jan. John Streaker son-in-law of Gervase Strelley granted …… Edward Pegge all their sixte part of the Monastry of Beauchief incl. Strewberry Lee. - Potter's ArticleHunter Arch. Soc. Transactions
Vol 11, pp 47
1649Leonard Gill made over his Bradway Mill as well as lands and a corn mill to his son EdwardOD 869 PRO STAC 8/257/26
1649Court Glapwell. Totley:
John Wagge for breaking ale and bread assise 2d
William Woodhouse, the same
John Wagge, George Dalton for not filling up 
and covering the cole pitt they had opened 3/4d
Robert Mason for trespassing upon the common with 
his haye (horse?) having no right of common 3/4d
Thos. Eaton " “
Edward Gosling " “
Thomas Mellor " “
Nott. Univ.
MiE 1/1/151
164910 Oct. Stephan Bright's will?LJRO
1650A Parliamentary Commission recommended the uniting of Dore, Totley and Beauchief into a single parish for ecclesiastical purposes.Source?
1650According to Dore "Essays" Beauchief Documents BM 90 state in Totley there were 3 smelting houses, 1 coal mine & 1 paper mill.Beauchief Docs. BM 90
1650?April. Court Killamarsh. Totley:
Rowland Eyre for not appearing at this court 1/-
George Newbitt 6d
James Yellot "
James Bright "
John Bright "
Widow Bright "
Anne Beresford? Widow "
John Wagge breaking assise for ale 2d
Will Woodhouse " " " "
Jas. Greaves " " " "
Francis Smith for not appearing 6d
John Wagge " " "
Nott. Univ.
MiE 1/1/151
165027 Oct. Court Brampton (?)
John Wagge for breaking the assise of ale & bread 2d
William Woodhouse " " " " "
James Greaves " " " " "
Nott. Univ.
MiE 1/1/151
 Proof read 12 Nov 2003 
1651In the Probate Act of the Prerogative court of Canterbury is given:
GREGORY, Thomas of Totley, will (117 Grey) pr. 21 June by Anthony Woodhouse.
See also 1630 and 1641 cards for references on Thomas Gregory.
Copy in Sheff. Archives, South Yorks. List 414.
See also Thos. Gregory smelter 1602.
165122 April. Peveril Court at Tideswell. Totley:
Rowland Eyre for not appearing 1/-
Geo. Newbitt 6d
Jas. Yellot "
Jas. Bright "
John Bright "
Widow? Bright "
John Wagg "
Henry Wilson "
John Wagg for not filling up his coal pitt near to the highway 5/-
Nott. Univ.
MiE 1/1/151
165124 Oct. Peveril Court at Glapwell. Totley:
Rowland Eyre for not appearing 1/-
Geo. Newbitt 6d
Jas. Yellot "
James Bright "
John Bright "
Widow Bright "
Mich. Burton "
Rich. Garsone? Alias Peace "
John Yellot "
Thos. Johnson "
John Littlewood "
Ffrancis Smith "
Henry Wilson "
Robert Greene "
Nich. Crooke "
Ellen Martyn, widow "
Henry Wilson "
John Martyn " 
John Wagge for breaking the assise of ale & bread 4d
Widow (Dalton)? " " " " "
James Greaves " " " " "
Nott. Univ.
MiE 1/1/151
1652There were paper mills at Totley and Beaucheif and the Eyres had smelting mills at Dore and Totley and Barlow BrookScarsdale Survey
1652Survey of Derbyshire records 1,167 acres Dore, 723 acres Totley were farmed as meadow and arable land. The rest was rough pasture climbing to a height of 1,392ft Houndkirk Moor and 1,296ft on Flask Edge.
Dore had a corn mill on the Limb Brook owned by Brights of Whirlow.
Scarsdale Survey 
1653January. Godfrey Watkinson the Chief Constable of Scarsdale at General Quarter Sessions at Derby presented his accounts. He collected from the Hundred of Scarsdale according to warrant for payment of Provest Marshall at 2s 2d the trayned soldier.
Totley and Dore were in arrears of 7s 5.25d for "ye maymed soldiers".
Derby Lib.
"3 Centuries of Derbyshire Annals" by Cox.
1653First use of Owtrem End Smelting Mills run by John BrightKiernon
1653William Smith (?) of Totley buriedDronf. PR
1653Scarsdale Hundred survey noted 3 lead mills in DoreBM 80
1653/64A/cs of High Constable of Scarsdale of money raised for ye maimed soldiers.
(Totley?) NS
MPRO. Quarter Sessions 667&668
16533 May. Revocation 
James Bright to Edward Gill and Nicholas Stones, lead merchant, at Hunsworth, revoking a previous grant. Messuages and lands in Totley and Dore.
WWM d 715
1653Paper Mill in use.Dore to Dore
16535 May. Bargain and Sale, English.
John Bright of Carbrooke to Michael Burton of Holmesfield. Grant of the Manor of Totley; messuages at the Causie Head; the Harefield; the Gillfield; woodland called the Gillfield Wood; the Storthe; a water corn mill (Upper Mill), and two lead mills (one is Halls House) (or paper mill & lead mill with 2 hearths?); for £950.
Witnesses: Rowland Eyre, Gefferey Wostenholme, William Burton, Hugh Sleigh, George Brammull, William Stevenson (occupied lead mill?)
Occupiers: Edward Dalton, Nicholas Crookes (?) Michael Burton, James Bretland – water corn mill; lead mill or smilting house (Oldhay) now or late in occupation of John Wilson; other lead mill or smilting house in occupation of William Bagshawe.
Bagshawe C. 3192
1653William Stevenson, smilter of Dore. Will proved at CanterburyNo source
1653Owtrams End smelting mill, Totley in operation, earliest known date . see above.
See 1617 and 1717
16535 May. Bargain and Sale, English
James Bright of Attercliffe to Michael Burton of Holmesfield.
6 messuages in Totley (occupiers given) and those closes, lands, etc. in Totley known as Bentley, a paper mill and lead mill (Oldhay) with two hearths at Bentley, with dams, shuttles, etc. a piece of ground of about 20 acres in Dore called Oulda with the little crofts and other land in the occupation of William Stevenson, for £1,900.
Thomas Dalton, William Sharpe, William Green, William Woodhouse, Edward Dalton, Richard Bullock, yeoman.
See also 5 May 1652?
Bagshawe C. 3191
165428 Nov. William Smith of Totley bur.DR.PR
1655Richard Bullock, Totley, yeoman. Will & Inventory.LJRO
1656Robert Stephenson son of Robert, Dore, husbandman, was apprenticed to:
1. Jas. Stephenson, Dore ,cutler, 8. 1656
2. John Hartley, cutler, 4. 1661. Freed 1667
Cutlers Co. History
1657Totley and Dore make one entire township.
Totley had 723 acres, 3 smilting houses, 1 coal mine and 1 paper mill.
Dore was larger and had one coal mine, one corn mill, and 3 smelting houses.
Was 2 soldiers, now 1 soldier, 3/4 in 1657.
Survey of Scarsdale Hundred for Militia 
(although there were no major battles about that time)
Beauchief Muniments.
BM 80
1657April. Richard Bullocke appeared (only info.) Peveril Court at BramptomNott. Univ.
MiE 1/1/156
1659/6015 Jan. Elizabeth Calton, widow, Beauchief. Inventory. Photocopy.SARC. 414 DN 163
165919 May. Wm. Woodhouse, Totley, buriedDronf.
165919 Jan. John Greene of Totley buried"
165929 April. Honour of Peveril Court (held where?) mentions:
Henry Greaves, John White, John Wilson, as attending for jury duty.
Also: James Browne, William Reynolds, George Metham, Thomas Needham, Thomas Clark (?) Thos. Stubbing, Thos. Heath, Thos. Key, William Fellowes, Roger Ward.
They set fines for not appearing, also:
David? Alotson for incroaching on ye highway - no fine given
John Hatkinson of Killnamarsh for brewing without licence 4d
Every Brewer for breaking the assize of ale 3d
" Baker " " bread 3d
Robert Green of Totley for not cutting his hedge in Green Lane: 1shilling 
Richard Bullocke of Totley for ye like 1 shilling.
Thos. Woodhead of Overcroft for not making his part of the pinfold: 5 shillings
Henry Tonkinson of Overcroft for his meanure troubling the highway: 1 shilling
Nott. Univ.
MiE 1/1/153
(BE copy)
1660Robert son of John Greene of Totley baptisedDronf.
1661Robert Stephenson son of Robert, Dore, husbandman, was apprenticed to John Hartley, cutler. 4 yrs. See also 1656.Hist. Cutlers Co.
1662Survey Totley & Dore. £ s d
9s per annum amounts to 850 10 0
1,500 acres of common @ 1s 6d per acre 112 10 0
11 smelting mills & one corne milne 110 0 0 
1 coal delph 10 0 0
The Rectorie valued at a 15 part revenue 56 14 0
1139 14 0 
Why big increase from 6 to 11 smelting mills?
BE copy
1662Michaelmas. Court of Peveril at Glapwell:
Needs copy. Also occurred in 1663.
Mi Mp 101/1/3
Nott. Univ. Lib.
1662 or 6320 Sept. Lease. According to an assignment of lease on 23 March 1673/4 the original lease was awarded to Robert Greene the elder of Totley, blacksmith, by John Bright of Sheffield. (see Hearth Tax 1670)Bagshawe C3193
Sheff. Lib. NS.
1662Michael Raworth, Totley Bents, yeoman. Will & Inventory.LJRO
1662Robert Fisher, Totley, milner. Will & Inventory.LJRO
1663James son of John Taylor, Mosboro, cowper, has been apprenticed in 1655 to Robert Brownell, Wark Mill, Norton, and was "freed" 1663Hist. Cutlers Co.
166411 June. 
Robert Greene the elder and Robert Greene the younger of Totley, husbandmen, by their indenture of assignment in the 16th year of King Charles the Second, demised, assigned and set over to Christopher Greene one cottage or tenament wherein Christopher Greene did inhabit and dwell in Totley. And those closes or parcels of lands commonly called or known as Greeneflattes, The New Close, The Banke, The Holmehead Meadow, and one half or part or moiety of the Middle Waferlonge etc. That moiety or half part lying westward; also one orchard adjoining the said cottage or tenament with part of a garden (that is to say) the east end so far as the Crabtree westward, the east end of the Fold, as it is now marked out, the east end of the barn standing on the north side of the said Fold and the east end of the Hayhouse standing on the south side of the said Fold, with all ……..
Term, balance of 21 years. Annual rent of £6 of current English money payable as before.
+ map by B.E.
414 D/D84
1664Court of Honour of Peveril, held at Glapwell. Totley:
Francis Burton for not appearing at this court 1/-
Rowland Eyre the like 1/-
John Bright " " 1/-
Matthew Boothe " 4d
Nicholas Crookes 4d
John Bennett 4d
Christopher Yellott 4d
Richard Northe for breaking the assise of ale 4d
William Woodhouse for the like 4d
Nott. Univ.
MiE 1/1/150
1665/662 Feb. Richard Bullock, Totley, yeoman. Will.LJRO
1665Deeds relating to Totley mentioned.MPRO. 
Coke 1883/L3
1665April. Courts of Honour of Peveril (Leet & Baron Courts) Held at Glapwell. 
(Other towns attending at these courts were Tibshelf, Ryecroft, Brampton, Normanton, Pinxton, Killamarsh, Calow. Must have taken half a day on horseback to get there - no wonder few attended despite being fined for not doing so.)
Francis Burton for not appearing at this court 1/-
John Bright 1/-
Henry Greaves 1/-
Christopher Yellot 11d
Richard Northe for breaking the assise of bread and ale 13d
William Woodhouse for same 13d
Nott. Univ.
MiE 1/1/150
1665Oct. Court held at Glapwell? Totley:
Francis Burton for not appearing at this court 1/-
Heirs of Rowland Eyre " " 1/-
Henry Greaves 11d
Christopher Yellott 11d
Richard Northe for breaking assise of ale 4d
William Woodhouse for same 4d
Nott Univ.
MiE 1/1/150
1666Edward son of Edward Cawton of Beauchief deceased was apprenticed to Thomas Wylley, scythesmith 1666Hist. Cutlers Co.
1667Ref. to Godfrey Caulton, Robert Greene, Lyonel Martin renting from John Bright at this time.See 1679 document
166720 Oct. Peveril Court, Tibshelf.
Totley: John Bright for not appearing 3/- ?
Richard North for breaking ale assise 4d
William Woodhouse " “
Mary Greaves, widow " “
Nott. Univ.
MiE 1/1/154
1668Peveril Court, Glapwell.
John Bright for not appearing 1/-
Robert Greaves " 6d
John Littlewood " 6d
Joseph Calton (Dalton?) 6d
Henry Barbar 6d
Richard North for breaking ale assise 4d
William Woodhouse " " "
Anne Greaves " " "
Mi Nott. Univ.
16691 Dec. Counterpart of apprenticeship indenture (English)
George Greaves son of James Greaves of Totley in the parish of Dronfield bound to John Morton of Dore? in the parish of (illegible) blacksmith for seven years.
(Why no James or George mentioned in Hearth Tax?)
Witnesses: Anthony Bright (see Hearth Tax 1670)
Aeneas Drable
James Britland - by mark? (see Hearth Tax 1670)
( Almost illegible) NS
Loan deposit
SC 16437
Derbys. Deeds
1669Michael son of William Stone of Dore (deceased) was apprenticed to (1) James Stephenson, Warkmill Leyes, cutler (Dec? or del) 9 1699. (2) John Winter, cutler 5. 1674. "freed" 1691.Cutlers Co. Hist.
1669Edward Pegge made an estimate of the annual value of his estates and mentions:- 
Item. 2 parts of Strawberry Lee in my hand half rate £7. 10. 0
Item. The half year's rent as I now receive from the 
tenants at Beauchief & Strawberry Lee is £84. 11. 7
1669Court Fines. Peveril Court, Tibshelf.
Totley: Robt. Greaves 1/-
Thomas Johnson 6d
John Littlewood 1/-
Anthony Woodhouse 8d
Robt. Greene 4d
Nicholas Crook 4d
John Martyn 4d
Francis Raworth 1/-
Richard Greaves 1/-
John Bennett 4d
Matth. Booth 4d
Henry Greaves -
Christopher Yellot (Hole Fields?) - difficult to decipher
For Totley Coal Mines £2
Totley rents? Joseph Calton 4d
Robert Heaton 4d
Edw. Dalton 4d
Owing at Totley. H. Greaves 1/-
Evans/ 4d
Edw. Dalton 4d Stone getting at Totley
Will Dalton 4d
Henry Burton 2/-
Wm Bretford? 1/-
Mi Nott. Univ
1670A Thomas Calton may have been living at Beauchief Hall as tutorSee 1671 card
167026 Nov. Receipt for rent due to Earl of Arundel from Bradfield, Totley, Tankersley and Charnock Hall.SLIB. (NS)
SB 66 BR 185A
1662 - 70The Derbyshire Hearth Tax Assessment 1662 - 70 edited by David G. Edwards of Derbyshire record Society, 18, Mill Lane, Wingerworth, Chesterfield.
Hundred of Scarsdale. Pages 154/155.
Dore & Totley grouped together as follows: ones ticked are from Totley:
Chris. Yellot (Elliott?) (1)
Geo. Newbould (Totley Hall?) (2 Hearths)
Christopher Greene (1) Blacksmith
Robert Greene (1)
Lyonel Martin (2) Smilter
Francis Raworth (1) Lower Bents Farmhouse?
Francis Barker (1) Also Mr. Fran. Barker (5)
Francis Woodhouse (1)
James Britland (3)
Thos. Fisher (2) of Whirlow Mill (Milner)
Anthony Woodhouse (1) 1704 house? Proved will of Thomas Gregory in 1651.
Anthony Bright (6) + (1)
Matthew Booth (1) (see 1682)
Rob. Greaves (1)
Rich. Greaves (1)
Ralph Wilkinson (1) - doubtful Totley
Ralph Hepwood (Hexwood?) (1) – doubtful Totley
Hen. Greaves (1) + (3)
Thomas Dalton 1
Will. Green 2
Rob. Oveliner? (1) – doubtful Totley
Will. Woodhouse (2)
Simon Swiffte (1) – doubtful Totley
16718 Aug. Mortgage by Hy. Barber of St. Dunstans in the West of London, joyner of the Blacksmiths Company to Francis Burton of Dronfield Esq. of the Hallcroft etc. Totley.MPRO. 1181
Derby Lib. 
(Mrs. Coke)
1671Deeds relating to estate at TotleyMPRO. 
1883/L3 Coke
1671Edward Pegge purchased Manor of Dore from Francis Burton. Ring binder Beauchief Abbey & the Pegges?.
1671A Thomas Calton is mentioned as a tutor to Pegge children probably living in Beauchief Hall.
Paid Mr. Tho. Calton £1. 10s. etc. - see photocopy
Could this be one of Totley Caltons? There was an Edward there in 1641 and a Thomas Calton in 1613.
SLIB.BM 1006
Accounts 1671.
D.A.J. 1967 p.100
1671A lead smelting mill at Dore - Limes or Lim Mill or Cliffe Mill? - belonging to Edward Pegge had various tools:- see Chesterfield Library leaflet on Mills.
First recorded mention of mill as smilting lead.
Sh. Lib.
(BE copy)
1671Edward Dalton - scorer at Burtons "House" smelting mill at Dore for its tenant John CaveSCL ACM 2/34.
PRO. E190/307/13,16
16721 June. Release by Hy. Barber of London to Fras. Burton of Dronfield of the Manor and Manor House in Totley.
Totley Hall? Otherwise why in possession of Mrs. Coke
Derby Lib.
Mrs. Coke.
16722 Dec. Examination of Hannah Bright of Dronfield, spinster accused of theft. Totley? (NS)MPRO. No 300 Derbyshire Quarter Sessions
1672Edward Dolton, senior, Totley, husbandman. Will & Inventory.LJRO
1672Dore & Totley had 6 smithiesMatlock
1673Dronfield Glebe Terrier mentions 2 cottages belonging to Francis Burton in Dronfield. 
or 1675
23 March. Assignment of Lease, English.
Christopher Greene, husbandman of Totley to Lyonell Martin, smelter, of Totley.
A cottage being the Headhouse in Totley in which Greene lived , with closes called Greenflattes, Newclose, the Bank, the Holmeshead Meadow and one moiety (described) of the Middle Wafer Long being part of the premises leased by John Bright of Sheffield to Robert Greene the elder of Totley, blacksmith, in a lease dated 20 September 1663 for the remainder of the term; for 20 shillings and £6 annual rent. The original lease was of a messuage in Totley and the Crofte, Middle Wafer Long, Holmeshead Meadow, Greeneflatts, Newclose, the Bank, Rankhill Storthe and the Great Leanley; for 21 years at £12 yearly rent. The premises here assigned to Martin were (earlier) assigned to Christopher Greene by Robert Greene the elder and Robert Greene the younger. (see 1663)
This could refer to Cannon Hall. According to Dawson who lived there in the 1960s there was a valuation of the hall in 1675 of £6 per annum.
Also mentions: Christopher Yellot, Anthony Greene, Nicholas Gooding?
Bagshawe C. 3193

1674Cliffe Mill, Dore Town End (Edw. Pegge) last mentioned as smilting millMPRO. Kiernon.
1674Limes or Lim Mill, Dore (Edw. Pegge) mentioned as lead smelting mill" "
1675Robert Wilson son of Thomas the late? Husbandman, apprenticed to Richard Jackson, the Warkmill, Norton, cutler (8)- 1675Hist. Cutlers Co.
1676Nether Mill or Burtons House last mentioned as smelting mill (Edward Barker)

When Thos. Slater of Hope had lead there at time of his death. 

Possibly this was Burton House Smelting Works also known as Dore Smelting Mill, operated by Francis Burton during his ownership of the Manor of Dore 1658 - 1671
Mat Lib. Kiernon

LJRO. B/C/11
Thomas Slater
19 Oct. 1676

Meredith 1967
1676From this date Dronfield Parish Register more detailed:
Mar. Christopher son of Richard Greaves baptised (Dronf.)
Sept. Ellen daughter of Francis Woodhouse " "
Sept. John son of Christopher Yellott " "
Oct. Elizabeth daughter of Christopher Yellott " "
Elizabeth " " John Potts gent " "
Martha " " Robert Green " "
Feb. Ralph son of Henry Wilkinson " "
May. Daughter of Thomas Storer? "
1676Thomas son of Richard North of Totley husbandman was apprenticed to Robert Crookes scissorsmith (11) 1676. Freed 1687.Hist. Cutlers Co.
1676Will & Inventory of John Martin of Dore smilterLJRO
1677March. Sarah daughter of Eaneas Rotherham baptised Dronfield
John son of Thomas Bennett " "
April. Martha daughter of William Wells junior " "
May. John son of Richard North " "
Sept. Moses son of James Dalton " "
Oct. Matthew son of Francis Barker " "
Allira? Daughter of Edward Hill " "
Dec. Robert son of Richard Dalton " "
Edmund son of John Littlewood " "
Allira? Daughter of William Woodhouse " "
1677/8Richard Bullocke, Totley, yeoman. Inventory414D/D84. SARC.
167812 July 1678. Probate accepting Anne Raworth his sister executee & legacee of Will of Francis Raworth, labourer & yeoman of Totley Bents.
Also Inventory at Lichfield
Papers at Lower Bents Farm.
1678The lead mill at Totley was sold by Francis & Helen Burton to John Bagshawe of Great Huckelow, Cornelius Clarke, Mr. E. Rotherham + James Bretland. 
1678June. Final Concord John Bagshawe (of Great Hucklow), Eneas Rotherham, James Bretland, plaintiffs, V Francis Burton & Helen his wife. 6 messuages, 6 cottages, 1 leadmill (at Old Hay), 12 gardens, 100 acres pasture, common etc. in Totley & Dore for £50Crewe Muniments
CM 284
1678March. Ellen daughter of Susannah Unwin baptised Dronfield
April. Sarah daughter of Thomas Dore " "
May. William & Thomas sons of William Turner " "
Sept. William son of Henry Wilkinson " "
Edward " " Thomas Dalton " "
167823 Oct. Inventory, Anthony Woodhouse.MPRO. 
414D/ D132
1678/79Poll Tax for Harthill Would appear that they had an immigrant from Totley although unnamed.Poll Tax
167910 April. Bargain and Sale, English 
John Bright, Esquire of Leeds, to Henry Atkinson, Esquire of Leeds, and Thomas Chappell gentleman of Sheffield. Property in Totley, leased to certain tenants (named) to raise £300 to pay an annuity of £18 to Ruth Dixon according to the will of Johanna Bright (her mother) of Little Woodhouse, widow, the originally designated Executors Sir John Bright and Edward Gill having withdrawn from the trust.
Witnesses: Marmaduke Machell, John Greenesmith, Ralphe Woodhouse.
Enclosed with the names of the tenants acknowledging the conveyance.
Jas. Britland, JB, Ralph Hepworth, RH, Francis Woodhouse & Mary Woodhouse, Francis Barker &George Newbould (signed name). - who are tenants?
Bagshawe C. 3194.
167910 April. Bargain and Sale
John Bright, Esq. of Leeds to Thomas Dixon, gentleman of Little Woodhouse. Messuages etc. in Totley with closes called Overcroft, Nethercroft, the Crofts, Middle Wafurlong, Little Croft, Holmhead Meadow, Greenflats, Banks, Rankhill, Great Leanley, and Humphrey Croft; for 5/- and the surrender of a counter bond of £500 to John Bright, Dixon having entered into a bond to Anne Binnes widow of Wakefield, for payment of a debt of Bright's which Dixon now pays.
Witnesses: Henry Atkinson, Alexander Horne, Glehill Balle,
Thomas Hawley, John Wilson and John Bright. 
Mentions 3 farms. Tenants: Robert Greene, Lyonell Martin (R) Mary Woodhouse, (signed with interesting marks) - see file. Also mentions Godfrey Caulton in ref. to 1667 leases.
Bagshawe C. 3195

1679Grace Woodhouse, Totley, spinster. Will & Inventory
Witnesses of inventory: Ralph Hepworth, George Newbould (signed)
Died at mother's house, Mary Woodhouse in Totley.
Brothers Ralph, Robert, Anthony, sister Alice Brailsford. Cousin Alice Woodhouse.
Godchildren: George Newbould, Alice Woodhouse (daughter of Francis), Eliz. Norton.
Witnesses of will: Mary Woodhouse X
Mary Glossop Widdow X
Alice Woodhouse X
Ralphe Woodhouse X
"Syke in Body" (BE)
1679Jan. Susannah daughter of John Potts baptised Dronfield
Henry son of Lionel Martin " "
Mary daughter of Aeneas Rotherham " "
Susannah daughter of James Dalton " "
Feb. Sarah daughter of Thomas Bennett " "
Ann daughter of Robert Greene junior " "
Ann " " Robert Heaton " "
Grace " " Richard North " "
1680Estate at Totley in name of Aeneas RotherhamSLIB. LD 176 -90.
BGDS (15).
Title Deeds 24.
16805 May. Will of Francis Raworth proved - see 1678LJRO
16807 Aug. Will of Matthew Booth, husbandman, Totley.LJRO. Copy in SARC 414D D88
1680April. Thomas son of Thomas Dalton baptised Dronfield
July. Joshua " " John Littlewood " "
William son of William Turner “ “
Aug. Francis " " Francis Woodhouse " "
Sept. Sarah daughter of Robert Heaton " "
Oct. William son of William Wells jnr. " "
1680Joseph son of Ralph Wilkinson, Totley apprenticed to :
1) Jonathon Kullrand, cutler, (8) 1680
2)Thos. Twigg, scythesmith (3-6) 1684. "Freed" 1687.
Hist. Cutlers Co.
168023 April. Lease by Robert Moore of Clements Inn to Fras. Burton of Dronfield for £682 of a Capital Messuage in Totley and several closes there.MPRO. 1881.
(Mrs. Coke)
1680/17 Feb. Reconveyance: Thomas Dixon Esq. Oulderman of Leeds and Ruth his wife, sister of John Bright of the first part; Henry Atkinson Esq. of Leeds and Thomas Chappell gent. of Sheffield of the second part; to Sir John Bright of Badsworth and Henry Lyddle of Ravensworth Castle Co. Durham, with the consent of John Bright Esq. of Leeds. All the land originally conveyed to Dixon (see 10 April 1679) and to Atkinson and Chappell to secure an annuity of £18 to Ruth Dixon under the will of her mother, Joanna Bright. The legacy has now been secured on a third part of the fee farm rents of the Manor of Leeds conveyed by Atkinson to Henry and Seth Skelton as Trustees.
Witnesses: William Horne, Samuel Foxcroft, Thos. Redshawe, Robert Speight, 
Thomas Nicholson.
Bag. C. 3196
168125 May 1681 Ralph Brettland, Strawberry Lee, yeoman. Will & Inventory414D/D87
1681April. Edward son of Edward Dalton baptised Dronfield 
Sept Elizabeth daughter of Aeneas Rotherham " "
July. Elizabeth " " William Woodhouse " "
Joshua son of John Potts (Hallfield) " "
Oct. Rebecca daughter of James Dalton " "
Nov. Samuel son of Thomas Dalton " "
Dec. Hannah daughter of Richard North " "
Matthew son of Edward Hill, Monnybrook (Monnybrooks) " "
1681/2The leasor is John Bright of Grays Inn.
Francis Barker of Totley messuage etc.
George Newbould of Totley 2 messuage etc.
Robert Greene of Totley messuage etc.
Francis Woodhouse of Totley messuage etc.
James Britland (of ?) Close
Lionel Martin of Totley messuage etc. 
Mary Glossop and Mary Hopworth (Hepworth?) (of?) Closes
Mary Woodhouse of Totley messuage etc.
Leases available at Sheff. Lib.
1682Deeds relating to Dore & Totley mentioned in Coke - ref. above?MPRO. 1883/L3.
168229 Sept. MISC. DOCUMENTS
34th year of Charles II there is an indenture declaring use, following the levying of a fine in respect of a messuage at Attercliffe to Eaneas Rotherham of Totley, Parish of Dronfield, Co. Derby, yeoman and Sarah his wife (and others).
Misc. Docs. 1-233.
016-942745. SLIB.
168210 Dec. Bagshaw lands at Totley of Wheatfields 3 acres & Meanfield 3acres & dwelling? occupied by Matthew Booth. Indenture mentions Thomas Dalton, yeoman
(Meanfield is mentioned as 3 acres near the Farfields)
Could be St. Georges - 1693 refers to John Trickett (Tricketts Wood)
Needs further study.
SARC. OD 1293
1682Dronfield Glebe Terrier mentions Thos. Calton 
!682Jan. William son of John Dalton, Monnybrooks baptised Dronfield
Feb. Robert son of Henry Wilkinson " "
April. John " " Robert Heaton, Totley " "
May. Bernard " " William Wells, " " "
Christopher son of John Yellott " "
16831 Dec. Bargain and Sale, English 
John Bright of Grays Inn (previously described as of Leeds) to Sir John Bright of Badsworth and Henry Liddell of Ravensworth in the Co. of Durham. Property in Totley (as in Bagshawe 3194,3195). See card 10/4/1679). Originally granted to John Bright from Stephen Bright in 1641; for £1,652; reciting the transactions of Bag.C. 3194,3196. Henry Liddell releases all his claims to the property. 
(with receipt)
Bagshawe C. 3197
1683Deeds relating to Totley Estate (Coke) has mention. Does it refer to above?
One of these documents mentions Henery Woodhouse, Mary Glossop & others who I think are Lyonel Martin, Mary Woodhouse, Robert Greene etc.
MPRO. 1883/L3
1683July. Ann daughter of Aeneas Rotherham baptised Dronfield
Oct. May " " Thomas Dalton " "
Dec. Mary " " John Potts, Hallfield " "
16832 May. Sale by Fras. Burton of Dronfield to Robt. Moore of Clements Inn of 2 parcels of land in TotleyDerby Lib.
17304 (Coke)
16833 June. Lease and release. James Dalton, yeoman of Totley to Sir John Bright of Humphrey Croft Dole
See also 1686 card (same one?)
BGDS. 3198/99
1683Presentation of Dore & Totley Constables of Quakers absenteeism from devine services.
MPRO. Quarter Sessions. No. 340.
16841 Dec. Strawberry Lee Sale - Parliamentary BillBagshawe 3201.
16841 Dec. Bargain and Sale (draft) English.
John Bright Esq. of Grays Inn to Sir John Bright of Badsworth and Henry Liddell of Ravensworth Castle (Co. Durham). Property on Totley, Overcroft, Nethercroft, The Croft, Holmhead Meadow, Greenflatts, New Close, Banks, Rankhill Storthe, Great Leanley, Greenflat, Humphrey Croft for £1, 652. Recites the various leases etc. relating to the property since 1641. (see 14 Dec 1641)
Bag. C. 3201.
1684Feb. Helen daughter of Robert Heaton baptised Dronfield
April. Mary " " Edward Dalton " "
June. George son of George Britland " "
Thos. " " Thomas Storey (?) Totley Bents " "
Nov. Gabriel daughter of William Wells " "
1684Deeds relating to land at Totley. See 10 Dec. 1682SARC. OD 1293
1684Joseph son of Ralph Wilkinson, Totley apprenticed to :
1) Jonathon Kullrand, cutler, (8) 1680
2) Thos. Twigg, scythesmith (3-6) 1684. "Freed" 1687.
Hist. Cutlers Co.
168423 April. Matthew Booth, Totley, husbandman. Inventory.LJRO.
SARC. 414/D88
1685Eneas Rotherham, Totley, chandler. Will & Inventory.
Mentions: James Bretland, Francis Hounsfield, Anthony Rotherham, 
Jno. Rotherham (junior), Elizabeth Rotherham, Francis Burton.
Sons: John Rotherham, Aeneas jnr.
Daughters: Sara & Anne Rotherham.
Wife: Sara.
Father: John Rotherham.

See "Syke in Body" for Will & Inventory.
1685July. Grace daughter of Widow Littlewood baptised Dronfield
Sept. Thos. Son of Thomas Fisher " "
Elizabeth daughter of William Cloves? " "
Oct. John & James sons of John Dalton, Monnybrooks " "
Christopher son of John Green " "
Ann daughter of Christopher Yellott " "
Henry son of Robert Greaves, Totley Bents " "
William son of Thomas Dalton " "
Feb. May daughter of Edward Newton(?) " "
John son of Francis Heaton " "
Francis son of John Potts, Hallfield " "
16868 June. Lease and Release
James Dalton, yeoman of Totley to Sir John Bright of Badsworth.
A dole known as Humphrey Croft Dole adjoining the north fence of a close owned by Bright for £20. See 1683 - same thing?
Bag. C. 3198, 3199
1686April. Samuel son of Robert Heaton baptised Dronfield
Ann daughter of George Bullard " "
May. Rachel " " James Dalton " "
Oct. George son of William Turner " "
Dorothy daughter of John Dalton, Monnybrooks " "
168723 Nov. Copy of Will of Sir John Bright of Badsworth (section concerning Totley underlined).
c) messuages in Totley purchased from his nephew John Bright deceased.
d) Three roads (or roods?) in Totley purchased from James Dalton to his wife Susanna (Bright) for life.
Bag. C. 3202
See also (NS)
WWMD 165, 165a
JE(S) 18
1687Thos. son of Richard North, husbandman, was freed from his apprenticeship 1687 .
See 1676
Hist. Cutlers Co.
1687Joseph son of Ralph Wilkinson, Totley apprenticed to:
1) Jonathon Kullrand? Cutler (8) 1680
2) Thos Twigg, scythesmith (3-6) 1684. Freed 1687.
Hist. Cutlers Co.
1687John son of John Littlewood late of Totley apprenticed to Robert Crookes, scythesmith (11) 1687. Freed 1715.Hist. Cutlers Co.
1688Mary Hepward, Totley. Inventory.LJRO.
1688Francis Burton of Dronfield (Parish) Canterbury WillsMPRO.
1688-90Action brought by Strelley Pegge of Beauchief, against, Samuel Dalton and William Green with regards to whether Strawberry Lee belonged to Beauchief as a separate entity and therefore not liable to taxation etc. Samuel Dalton and William Green must have been collectors for Totley in Parish of Dronfield.
G.R. Potter article on Beauchief Abbey. Hunter Arch. Soc. Transactions, vol. 2 or 11, 1981, p46.
Further details there - Samuel Dalton and William Green took 3 sheep of 40sh. Price, presumably in lieu of tax assessment.

B.E. copy
16908 Feb. Papers at Lower Bents Farm.
Between Robert Fisher of Totley ,yeoman and Edmond Masland of Totley, baker, and Elizabeth his wife.
Papers at Lower Bents?
169010 April. Assignment from Rebecca Fisher one of the daughters of Thomas Fisher of Whirlow Mill, millerPapers at lower Bents?
16908 April. Release from Edmund Masland (alias Marstin) and Elizabeth and Robert Fisher to said Robert Fisher. See also 1693.Papers at Lower Bents?
1690Robert Newbould, Totley, baker. Inventory.LJRO.
1690Francis Woodhouse, Totley. " See 1689"
1691A true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods, chattels of Strelley Pegge late of Beauchief Hall in the County of Derby, deceased, taken, valued and appraised the 14th Day of December Anno Domini, one thousand six hundred and ninety one, by Thomas Burley, John Rotherham Jnr., Godfrey Webster and Charles Dixon as followeth -
At Strawberry Lee
Item, seaven score weathers (castrated rams) and seventy five ewes - or £53 . 10 . 6.
Item, hey (hay) there - £3 . 6 . 8.
Item, one cow in calv'd (in calf) £2 . 10 . 0.
Although the greater part of the walled-in land at Strawberry Lee (now about 90 acres) probably was cleared and almost certainly walled in later than 1691 and the rudely shaped fields are earlier than the Totley Act of 1839, it is apparent that cleared land and haymaking was common at Strawberry Lee before 1691 and the Blackamoor pasturage good for sheep.
Clarion Ramblers
1691William son of William Turner, Totley apprenticed to Thos. North, scythemaker (10) 1691. Born either 1678 or 1680 so his age would be 11 or 13?Hist. Cutlers Co.
1691Edward son of Edward Dalton, blacksmith , apprenticed to :
1) Charles glover, cutler (10.5) 1691
2) John Guest, cutler (8) 1693. Freed 1702
Probably the Edward born 1681, therefore he would be 10 when apprenticed
Hist. Cutlers Co.
1692Thomas son of David Green, Hathersage, shepherd to Nan Lewis, Beauchief Abbey, cutler (8) 1692Hist Cutlers Co.
1692Strelley Pegge, Beauchief. Will.SARC. S. Yorks. List 414.
1692Thomas son of Thomas Dalton, Totley apprenticed to Richard Carr, filesmith (8) 1692. (born 1680? aged 12?)Hist. Cutlers Co.
1692Edward son of Thomas Dalton, husbandman, apprenticed to Joshua Woofinden, cutler (8)" "
1692Henry Greaves, Totley Bents, husbandman. Inventory.LJRO. & SARC.
1692Henrie son of Thomas Storie, Totley, labourer was apprenticed to Wm. Webster, cutler (11) 1692.Hist. Cutlers Co.
1693See 1691 Edward Dalton. 
16931 & 2 May. Lease and Release. Edmond Marstin alias Marsland and Elizabeth his wife and Robert Fisher.Lower Bents Papers?
169318/19 Jan. Meanfield and Whitefield near the far fields, where John Trickett lived.
(mentions Jas. Dalton, yeoman and William Outram)
SARC. OD 1293.
1693Accounts relating to Totley holdings belonging to Sir John Newton in the accounts of William Eyre of Highlow (who changed his name to Archer).BGDS. 312.
1693Rents and Arrears." (NS)
C1694Richard Bagshawe introduced reverberatory furnace, Olda Lead Mill. 
1694/5Constables presentations for Dronfield (Totley not listed separately)MPRO. (NS)
Quarter Sessions
Nos. 515 & 555
1696Anthony son of James Dalton, labourer, apprenticed to: 
1) Geo. Harrison, cutler (8) 1696
2) John Yool, cutler, (12 weeks) 1704. Freed 1706
Hist. Cutlers Co.
1696Inventory of John Turner of Dore? sincker 
1696James Britland, yeoman. 3 turnbarrels (winding gear) amongst his pitt gear - Will & InventorySARC.
1696Window Tax imposed for each dwelling: Less than 10 windows 2 shillings
10 - 20 6 "
The tax was amended in 1709. 20+ 10 "
1696John Potts of Hallfield, yeoman. Will & Inventory. 
Mentions coalmines, Strawberry Lee Meadow.
1697Pegge of Beauchief and a Totley Freeholder wrote to Lord Middleton with reference to his tenant George Britland being prevented from getting his coals on Totley Moor by Bright of Dore and Stone of Bradway stopping ------? up sough. Query the above account.
Mentions Strawberry Lee weather being frightful. Also mentions Willoughby's tenant George Greaves.
Nott. Univ. Lib.
MiE 1/1/117.
B.E. copy.
1698Dronfield Glebe Terrier refers to chapelries belonging to Dronfield Parish. Paragraph on "Dore Chapple" by churchwardens. There is nothing at all that we can hear of or learn that belongeth to this chapple and when there is a curate the inhabitants themselves pay him as they can agree by the way of contributions only. The customery dues of the Easter Role in Dore and Tottley as followeth: For every cottage that hath a smoak (chimney?) one penny, every cottage with a garden two pence, every messuage four pence, for every new calved cow, one penny halfpenny; for every strapped milch cow, a penny; for every swarm of bees, one penny; the offerings from every single person above the age of sixteen, one penny; the offerings due from all married persons, two pence each; from all servants whether male or female, a farthing at the shilling; according to the wage they receive. For all persons exercising any mechanical trade four pence and for every foal four pence.
Peter Pinder was one of the churchwarden signatories.
See 1701 etc.
1698Lionel Martin, Totley. Will and Inventory.LJRO. & SARC.
1698Christopher Green, Totley. Inventory." "
1699Cornelius son of James Dalton, Totley apprenticed to Peter Haukard
(1) cutler 1699 "Freed" 1707
(2) son of Cornelius, cutler freed 1738 ??
Hist. Cutlers Co.
1699Rolandus Cawton (tailor), Dore & Rebecca Bishop, Ecclesall married Sheffield,SLIB. Sheff. P.R.

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