Celebrating the Coronation in Nigeria

In the 1950s my father was working in Nigeria as Chief Accountant for the Eastern Region and obtained tickets for my twin sister (Hazel) and myself for the Coronation in the Colonial Stand in East Carriage Drive.

It was a grey wet day and we had a huge umbrella and a large union jack.

The atmosphere was electric and we heard all the service over the loud speakers. The much awaited procession was incredible and I remember especially seeing Queen Salote of Tonga braving the weather in her open carriage. She got special cheer from us as Hazel and I waved our flag.

In the evening after our dinner with friends in Stanstead we had a special toast for our reigning monarch.

'God save the Queen and God bless her.'

Little did I know that my future husband was marching past, an officer cadet from Eton Hall.

S Wilkinson