Comments on the variations in Occupations between 1851 and 1871


Very little alteration in numbers. The drop in the number of farm labourers in 1871 is almost certainly due to labourers not being as frequently specified as to type in 1871.

Steel Industry

There is a 25% drop in the number employed between 1851 and 1871. Scythe making and saw making remain dominant with the complete processes probably taking place in the village. There is no mention of the Copperas Works in 1871.

Other Trades

1871 shows some decrease in the amount of quarrying from 1851; also the brick and tile makers appear to have ceased activity by 1871. The Snuff manufacturers who appear in 1871 are William Wilson and his son, of Abbey View. (? Manufacture at Sharrow Vale)


There was a reduction in the number of miners by 1871 but one clay miner was working by 1871.