Coronation Day

On Tuesday, June 2nd 1953 we got up at 4am and Dad drove us to London from Isleworth and parked our car very near to the route of the procession. I was ten years old and my sister and brother were younger.

We got into a good position near St. James' and got ready for a long wait in the pouring rain. A lot of people had periscopes.

The Grenadier Guards lining the route also had a long wait as we watched as one fainted and fell in the road. People threw boiled sweets into the road and the guards picked them up with their sword tips!

At last the Queen drove past in her beautiful golden coach, then we had to wait for her to return after her coronation.

We were all pretty wet by this time and my mother's white raincoat was stained royal blue where she had leant against one of the stands of seats. As we walked back to the car, my father took off his soaking hat and dropped it in a litter bin!

We returned in the evening to see the fireworks, but we didn't see much as we all went to sleep!

Fiona Willetts