Deaths of males with traceable occupations in the 15 to 50 age group - 1851 to 1879

1851Henry Longdon41 yearsAgricultural Labourer
1853Edward Vickers19 yearsAgricultural Labourer
1854James Short18 yearsCoal Miner
1857John Bishop16 yearsSaythesmith
1859Albot Peace21 yearsFarmer and Grinder
George Morton22 yearsFarmer
1860Samuel Bishop17 yearsScythesmith
1861Thomas Biggin27 yearsFarmer and Scythemaker
1862John Reaney31 yearsScythegrinder
Thomas Godburn36 yearsAgricultural Labourer
Abraham Moseley33 yearsFile Maker
1867William Coates31 yearsFarm Labourer
1871Joseph Bishop41 yearsFarmer and Scythemaker
Joseph Peat15 yearsAfflicted from birth
Edwin Taylor43 yearsFarm Labourer
1872Henry Parkin43 yearsSchoolmaster
1875Thomas Fletcher44 yearsFile Cutter
1877Thomas Fearnehough21 yearsClay Miner
1879Henry Lowe17 yearsSaw Handle Maker
i.e.9 from the steel industry
6 from farming, with 3 from farming and steel
2 miners
1 school master and 1 afflicted from birth

Unfortunately the sample was much too small to be at all conslusive, but the figures suggest the expected higher rate of death amongst the industrial workers than among the agricultural workers when these figures are compared with the proportion of workers in these two fiels, i.e. only 21% in the steel industry compared to 50% in agriculture in 1851.

There was also no great significance in the the ages of deaths, i.e. of the sample of 19:

  • 6 died under the age of 20
  • 4 died in their 20s
  • 4 died in their 30s
  • 5 died in their 40s