Dore and Totley Parochial Magazine - May 1918

May 1918
The following lines have been sent to us for insertion. They will appeal to all our readers.


Never downhearted, but always gay,
Marching along in your absent way;
Casual, slapdash, and covered with slush,
Eager and keen for the glorious “push.”

Tommy, you’re always just the same,
Everywhere ready to “play the game,”
Is there a grouser who can resist
Such an invincible optimist?

You and your brother, the British Tar,
What a magnificent pair you are,
Sticking it all for your country’s sake-
You are a marvel and no mistake.

Did you not feel there was Someone there,
One Who your agony seemed to share?
In the same battle you both have bled,
He, too, for Freedom His blood once shed.

Flung Himself into the deadly strife,
Saving His comrades, He gave His life;
Saving from tyranny, slavery, sin,
Helping us Life Everlasting to win.

Raising us up to be Sons of God,
Bravely to tread in the steps He trod,
Gallantly under His flag press on.
“Over the top” till the war is won.