Dore and Totley Parochial Magazine - November 1914

November 1914

Since writing our last notes we have had sad instances of the awful results of war. Belgian refugees are residing in the neighbourhood, kindly treated and helped by sympathising friends. Then there is a company of wounded Belgian soldiers at an improvised hospital, where they are well looked after by a large number of capable nurses, and where everything is done for their comfort and welfare. No doubt we have arrived at a very critical stage in the conduct of this terrible war. Englishmen cannot afford to neglect any means of help and assistance in bearing some part of the burden imposed. Many thousands of brave men are going in a constant procession to the front, and thousands more are preparing. It is our duty to be constantly in fervent prayer that God will bless our armies in their life and death struggle for the cause of Right, justice and Freedom, and graciously deliver us from the unthinkable horrors of German despotism.

Do we need to be reminded as to why Britain is at war? For three reasons: 1. To save her good name; 2. To save the life of herself and of her Empire; 3. To save the freedom of the democracies of Europe.

St. John’s Hospital, Abbeydale.

The Committee wish to express their sincere thanks to the Rev. J.A. Kerfoot, Vicar of St. John’s, Abbeydale, for the use of the Church Rooms for the Belgian Wounded, and to all friends for the generous gifts of money, food, clothing, etc. their only regret is that they are unable to acknowledge everything individually, as many of the gifts were handed in without a name being given.