Dore and Totley Parochial Magazine - October 1914

October 1914

The cruel and exacting toll of war has been brought home to us in this neighbourhood in the sad news which came on Thursday evening, September 24th, of the death whilst nobly fighting for his country of Second-Lieutenant Roy Milner of Totley, in that most severe battle on September 20th. He was of a bright and cheerful disposition, beloved by all who knew him. Comparatively of tender years, yet inspired with the noble zeal of serving his country, deplorably sad to know that in his first action leading his Company he was cut down. His career if he had been spared, might have been attended with military distinction. His name will go down to posterity as one who was not afraid to face the foe and to give his life a sacrifice with all its attending hopes, for his King and his Country’s welfare. Our sympathy is with his stricken family.