Dore and Totley Parochial Magazine - September 1914

September 1914

Since writing our August notes Europe has been plunged into a veritable human shambles. Battles – carnage – murder – inhuman atrocities committed – and all at the instigation of the German Emperor, who blasphemously associates himself with the Divine Creator as appointed to deliver the German Fatherland and extend its commerce and territory. Those who have followed the history of German preparation for war were not surprised, although it was too awful to expect, yet the crash has come. Eager advantage was taken by Germany to rush into the fray because of the Austrian expedition against Servia. Russia, goes to the aid of Servia, Germany declares war against Russia, and hoping that England has her hands full with affairs in Ireland and trade disputes at home she cannot interfere in support of the Triple Entente with Russia and France, she can, without opposition, violate her treaty with Belgium, and walk straight away to Paris.

By the help of God the brave Belgians were able for a time to hold back a cruel and unjust invasion until the Allied Armies were more ready to take the field, and so the proposals of a blood-thirsty Emperor have been somewhat counteracted by the disposals of an Almighty Providence. The German nation throughout the world knew of the set purpose and the time when she would strike. Her legion of spies in England were ready to harass us in various ways, such as the poisoning of our public water supplies, and other death dealing acts. Fortunately England delivered a timely ultimatum against Germany, which placed us in a safer position with respect to our Secret Foes.

Today England has called out her loyal sons from all quarters of her vast Empire. They are coming by thousands to help us in the greatest hour of peril which England has ever known. The very existence of every nation that opposes Germany today is threatened, and to rid Europe of such slavery under such an unscrupulous Monarch is what England, with others, have set their hands to accomplish. We know nothing in this favoured land of the horrors that rich, middle-class, and poor are suffering, to say nothing of those who are sorely wounded, and in every Country on the Continent of Europe affected by this war; then we ought to be all the more earnest in our deep consideration of the needs of the sufferers, and to be in constant supplication as we walk along our daily duties that god would overrule this dreadful war, and preserve our land, our homes, from the evils which follow from such condition of things.

To those who in any degree realise how quickly hell could be let loose, and how withering the effects of anger and jealousy can be, does it not come home to every one of us to throw away all angry feelings, personal animosities, unreasonable suspicions, which afflict society, working deadly havoc? These should be silenced and banished in the face of the common foe – the author of evil – and instead let there be the display of faith, hope and love. Let all Christians close in their ranks for one mighty effort to obtain an abiding peace.