Dore Parish Council Minutes - Sheffield Archives CA54 2

15 October 1914
Wounded Belgian soldiers resident in St John`s Schoolroom, Abbeydale, under auspices of British Red Cross. 

17 December 1914
Mr Veall Chairman of Dore Parish Council has been requested to attend a meeting at Derby for purposes of protecting life and property in the district, in event of invasion by the German Army. 

18th February 1915
7 Belgian refugees are housed in the parish. Further houses maintained for this. 20 Belgian soldiers in St John`s Schoolroom. 

Lights to be deadened as requested by War Authorities. 

15th June 1915
List prepared of all 17 to 39 years old as requested by Derbyshire Recruiting Committee – 115 single, 126 married, total 241. 

15th March 1916
For duration of War Sheffield City Council would not attend any fire in the parish of Dore. Dore will rely on extinguishers already provided and a 60 ft hosepipe, which will be purchased and deposited at Dore Post Office. 

19th November 1918
Question of a War Memorial in memory of and as a duty owed to the gallant men of the parish who have fallen in War. To discuss with Totley. 

General meeting of ratepayers [over 100] to consider some form of memorial. A committee formed. Also Peace Celebrations. Voluntary subscriptions to be invited for cost of memorial

[ 14 August 1919 Steps to be taken to preserve the memorial on the village green erected in memory of the fallen in the Crimean War. 27th January 1920 estimate for replacing & refixing the stone slab known as the Crimean War Memorial. ] 

23rd June 1921
War Memorial delayed on account of illness of the sculptor. 

Mr Wright of Nurseries on Dore New Road stated he would be responsible for upkeep of garden around Dore War Memorial without payment. 

At this time part of Norton District Council. [Taken from VCH slips Local Government]