Dore Show

The Dore Show 2019 will be held on Saturday 7th September in the Old School, the Methodist Church Hall and on the village green. 

Show us your skills!

Most of you will already know what Dore Show is about because, hopefully, you will have attended the event on several occasions. We think it represents a link to the traditional, homely village shows of the past which were about produce and other home-made items.
It is a popular formula that has served us well over the years, along with entertainment that has varied in type and regularity. That will continue but we have become particularly aware of the ingenuity and range of abilities that our residents possess, and want to encourage more of these at the Show.
So, this year we want to put the emphasis even more firmly on you being creative, through expressing yourself with your exhibits and by exploring the new craft stalls we have booked. We have slightly shaken up the class list, partly for a bit of a change, but mainly to introduce new classes which we hope will appeal to more of you.
NEW! In addition to the new stalls, there will be one on which you can display an example of your own particular piece of craft based handiwork. One item each please, and there will be a small charge of £1. We don’t really want to restrict what you do, but it must be limited in size for obvious reasons so no fourteen-foot long wyverns like the one on page 37! If you wish to sell your item, just attach a price.
Admission to the Show this year remains at £1 per adult, with under-16s admitted free. Refreshments will be available in the Methodist Hall and a raffle and auction will be held. If you’re entering, please pay attention to the rules and be sure you’ve got everything right. Vegetable animals must be made of vegetables, not fruit, and fruit jam must be made from fruit, not vegetables. And yes, chillies are fruit - they contain seeds!
See you on September 7th,
Christina Stark
Dore Show Chair 2019

Dore Show Timetable

08:45am Registration of entries commences

10:30am Registration of entries closes

1.45pm Sale of programs for entry to events and exhibits commences

2:00pm Show opens

2:00pm Oughtibridge Brass Band and The Tuneless Choir performing at half hour intervals

3:30pm Presentation of Cups and Shields (in the Old School)

4.15pm Raffle draw (in the Old School)

4:30pm Exhibition closes

4:40pm Charity Auction (in the Old School yard)

5.00pm Removal of exhibits from the Church Hall

5:15pm Prize money to be collected from the Old School (or after the auction ends)

6:00pm Dore Show 2019 ends

How To Enter

Come along with your entries to the Old School for classes 1 - 50 (Vegetable & Fruit, Flowers, Domestic, Wine and Junior sections) and to the Methodist Church Hall for classes 51 - 65 (Textiles & Handicrafts, Visual Arts and Photography sections) between 8:45am and 10:30am on Saturday 7th September.
Entry forms can be obtained on the day, from Hartley’s Fruit Cabin in the village, or you can download and print your own: click here.

Show Rules

  1. Except where otherwise stated, entries are open to all providing they abide by these rules.
  2. The Show Committee and its agents shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any exhibit or other property brought into the Show area by the exhibitor.
  3. The Show committee shall not be liable for any loss or injury sustained by any entrant or visitor.
  4. All exhibits must be registered in the show area between 8:45am and 10:30am on the day of the show and accompanied by the entry fee of 50p per exhibit (including Junior classes).
  5. Exhibitors may make up to two entries in any class.
  6. No exhibit should have previously won a prize in an earlier Dore Show.
  7. Plates and vases will be available if required for the staging of exhibits. Cakes entered in the Domestic section should be on disposable plates and covered with cling film.
  8. The Show Committee reserves the right to refuse any exhibit and in the event of such refusal shall not be required to give any reason or explanation.
  9. The Show Committee may decline or return entries in the event of there being insufficient space.
  10. The Judges’ awards as to the relative merit of exhibits shall be final and on all other matters the decision of the Show Committee will be final.
  11. Cash prizes for each class will be 1st £5, 2nd £3, 3rd £1. The Judges may withhold or modify any prize in a class if insufficient entries are received, or the exhibits are considered undeserving of the prizes.
  12. Cash prizes can be collected between 5:15pm (or as soon as the auction is finished, whichever is the later) and 6:00pm from the Old School (large room). Any prize money not collected by 6:00pm will be added to our annual charitable donation.
  13. Exhibits in the Methodist Church Hall may be removed between 5pm and 6pm. Exhibits in the Old School may not be removed before the auction is finished. This is usually at about 5:15pm and must be removed by 6:00pm.
  14. The Show Committee will welcome the donation of exhibits for public auction in aid of charity immediately after the exhibition closes at 4:30pm.
  15. Any exhibits remaining after 6:00pm become the property of the Show Committee.
  16. Exhibitors and visitors to the Show shall comply with the directions of the Stewards.

The Founders Cup will be awarded for the outstanding exhibit of the show. 

Show Classes 2019

Vegetable and Fruit Section

1. 6 pods of runner beans

2. 6 pods of garden peas

3. The longest runner bean

4. 3 onions - 200g or less

5. 1 vegetable marrow

6. 4 potatoes - one variety

7. 4 beetroot

8. 1 cucumber

9. 5 tomatoes- one variety

10. 8 cherry tomatoes

11. Any other vegetable

12. 4 dessert apples

13. 4 cooking apples

14. A tray of mixed vegetables including salad

15. Any other fruit - 5 items of the same fruit

16. A bunch of mixed herbs in a jam jar

17. A pumpkin or squash

18. 3 courgettes

19. 5 carrots - with tops and tails

Flower Section (vases can be provided)

20. A vase of 5 dahlias - arranged to effect

21. 3 cut home grown flowers

22. A miniature arrangement in a teacup

23. 3 roses - any container

24. A foliage plant in a pot

25. A vase of mixed flowers

26. A vase of sweet peas

27. A floral arrangement of home grown flowers

Domestic Section 

28. 12 cheese straws

29. A ginger cake - any recipe

30. A Victoria sandwich to a prescribed recipe: weight of two hens’ eggs in margarine or butter, sugar & white self-raising flour, pinch of salt and a little water baked in two 6 or 7 inch tins, sandwiched with raspberry jam, sprinkled with caster sugar.

31. A lemon drizzle cake

32. A chocolate cake

33. A Swiss Roll

34. 4 Scones

35. 4 decorated cupcakes - judged on decoration only

36. A loaf of homemade bread

37. Savoury flan

38. A jar of chutney

39. A jar of lemon curd

40. A jar of fruit jam

Drinks Section

41. A bottle of homemade wine

42. A bottle of home brewed beer

Junior Section(up to and including age 14)

(Entries must be children’s own work and show their age.)

43. An original Lego construction - base no bigger than A4 paper

44. A vegetable animal (Y6 and under)

45. Garden on a paper plate (Y3-Y6)

46. Art on a plate (Rec-Y2)

47. Painting on a pebble

48. Design a book cover (Y2-Y6)

49. A sock puppet (Y6 and under)

50. 4 decorated biscuits - judged on decoration only

Textile and Handicraft Section

51. An item made using paper craft

52. An item of fabric clothing

53. A handmade knitted item

54. Any soft toy

55. Open handicraft any medium

56. A crocheted item

57. A quilted item

Visual Arts Section (minimum age 15)

58. A watercolour portrait: animal or human

59. A watercolour painting ‘My Holiday’

60. A painting in any other medium or mixed media

61. A monochrome drawing - any medium

Photography Section

(Photographs must be at least 7” x 5” and no more than 12” x 8” in size. Photographs should be unframed but may be mounted on plain card.)

62. A black and white photograph - any subject

63. A colour photograph- ‘A single flower’

64. A colour photograph- ‘Dore Village’

65. A colour photograph - ‘Texture!’

If you have any suggestions about the format or content of the Show, or you would like to help with the organisation and planning for next year (or with activities on the day), please send an email to