DVS Newsletter 4


The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held on Thursday, 16th September, 1965, at 8.0 p.m. in the Church Hall. The agenda will include (a) discussion of the redevelopment of the centre of the Village, (b) a proposal to widen the objectives of the Society to include those of a Village Association centred on the Old School, (c) a list of possible minor objectives concerning footpaths, grass areas and trees (see overleaf), (d) election of the committee for 1965-1966. Nominations for the latter, proposed and seconded by members of the Society, may be sent to the Secretary beforehand, or made at the meeting. All who live or work in Dore are invited. Please make every effort to attend.

A year ago, the society was formed to “preserve and to enhance those features and amenities which are of value to the community of Dore, and to encourage developments which will improve them.” Regrettably the first of a number of demolitions of old property has just occurred. The Committee opposed the destruction of Mr. Moseley’s shop, but was unable to prevent it. A campaign is needed to ensure that any redevelopment of the centre of the Village reflects the wishes of the community.

The Committee are working with the Trustees of the Old School towards establishing a Dore Village Association which would use the Old School as a Village Centre. This could provide a meeting place for local societies, for adult educational classes, for youth and general social activities, for the Sunday school, and perhaps eventually for better library, baby clinic and crèche facilities than are now available. A proposal for setting up a Dore Village Association will be made at the AGM.

Subscriptions are due for renewal and will be collected at the meeting. A large membership is needed to give weight to our proposals.

Signs in the centre of the Village have been cleaned. A short part of the footpath of Limb Lane has been removated – but does the camber of the road tilt the wrong way for cars going downhill?

A list of possible MINOR OBJECTIVES has been made, which the society could pursue during the year.


This terrace of three 17th century cottages is due for demolition in 1968 unless they are renovated to the requirements of the public health authority.

FOOTPATHS – the following are either non-existent or in poor condition – to the danger of the pedestrians:

  1. From 11, Savage Lane, along High Street (east side) to Rushleigh Court, Dore Road.
  2. From Scout Hut, Rushley Road to Greens’ new shops in Causeway Head Road.
  3. Townhead Road (south side) from High Trees to Blacka Moor Road.
  4. Limb Lane (west side) from Parkers Lane to Ash House Lane (except for the repaired part)
  5. Cross Lane.

FOOTWAYS (i.e. not alongside roads) – the following could be ‘pramways’ with a good surface and no blocks-

  1. Dore Road to Vicarage Lane, alongside Rushleigh Court.
  2. Across the recreation ground from Newfield Lane to Townhead Road.
  3. From the Meadway to Townhead Road – a stile blocks the path.

STONE WALLS in Limb Lane, Cross Lane and elsewhere are in urgent need of repair.

GREENS – areas of grass at the following places are suggested:

  1. On the east side of the High Street when redevelopment occurs (part of the “Dumb-bell” scheme).
  2. Around the tree and telephone box by Greens’ shops in Causeway Head Road.
  3. An island where Vicarage Lane enters Church Lane (100 years ago this was called Cat Croft Green).
  4. An island where High Street enters Dore Road.
  5. On the east side of where Vicarage Lane enters Dore Road, by Shaws’ development.
  6. Repairs to the grass islands at each end of Drury Lane.

TREES – rows of trees are suggested for the following sites:

  1. West side of High Street and Savage Lane from Devonshire Arms to the Old School when redevelopment occurs.
  2. Causeway Head Road (east side from Cross Lane to Greens’ new shops).
  3. On the frontages of Shaws’ new houses in Dore Hall Close.
  4. Furniss Avenue.

DISUSED STREET LAMPS in several parts of the Village need removing.