Farmers and Acreage - 1851

Underlined farmers show other occupations.

Humphrey AshbyDore Moor18 acres
Joseph BarkerAbbeydale30 acres
Thomas BigginDore Fields22 acres
Thomas BishopDore17 acres
Thomas BookerDore100 acres
George BurrowsBrickhouses15 acres
John CoatesCausey Head40 acres
Edward CowlishawMoorside33 acres
George ElliotDore12 acres
Sarah Fearnehough16 acres
Hannah FlintCauseway Head30 acres
John FlintDore39 acres
Mary FrithCauseway Head42 acres
George FurnissBadgers House90 acres
Samuel GodberDore24 acres
Thomas GodburnAbbey Dale58 acres
John GreavesDore20 acres
Joseph HancockCauseway Head50 acres
Elizabeth LawDore13 acres
George MortonWall Greave20 acres
Frances MoseleyDore26 acres
John OatesBread Doles6 acres
John OatesCausey Head8 acres
George OsbournBrick Kiln25 acres
George PeaceDore64 acres
Peter PinderDore34 acres
Sarah PinderDore22 acres
Henry PryorStand Hills150 acres
Thomas ReevesDore Moor60 acres
John SwiftRoundseats100 acres
Samuel SwiftDore Moor10 acres
George TaylorDore3 acres
William TaylorDore14 acres
Ruth ThorpeDore10 acres
Heald UnwinMoorside80 acres
Robert UnwinDore13 acres
Charles VickersRyecroft85 acres
Charlotte WagstaffeDore Moor Inn56 acres
Joseph WardDore17 acres

39 farmers and their acreage were mentioned in the 1851 census, with a total of 1,472 acres of land.

Average acreage37.7 acres
Farms of 10 acres and under5 (12.8%)
Farms of 10-30 acres18 (46.2%)
Farms of 30-60 acres9 (23.1%)
Farms of 60-100 acres4 (10.3%)
Farms of 100 acres and over3 (7.6%)