God Bless Our Queen

When her majesty the Queen reached her twenty-first birthday she broadcast a memorable message to her country. It was at once a proclamation and a promise - a proclamation of her faith in Almighty God and a promise of dedicated service throughout her life. There were few people who foresaw at the time that she would implement that promise in the highest of all human offices.

England has been fortunate in her monarchs. For the most part they have proved an inspiration and an example. To this, their long and arduous training, added to their personal qualities, have contributed in no small degree.

The Coronation service is the time when the Queen and her people make a solemn contract with each other. In a world where change and decay have become all to closely associated, there is considerable virtue in the mere fact that it is in England, where apparently the Christian Coronation Rite had it's origin, that it has survived the longest.

Every act in our new Queen's life convinces us that a Christian example had its effect on her upbringing and is also the guiding star of her future. Still in her twenties, she faces the accumulated problems of many years. Is it fair or proper that we should leave her to battle them alone?

God Bless our gracious Queen
This is the hour of our call.

A Coronation Grace

Give us good cheer
And thankful heart
That we, O Lord, while we have breath
May serve for love,
And love to serve
Like gracious Queen Elizabeth.

Taken from the Dore Parish Magazine - June 1953