Keeping Fit in Dore - 22/01/2014

Focus On ........ Keeping Fit In Dore

In this issue “Focus On .........” looks at opportunities for keeping fit in Dore. These range from relatively sedate to mildly exerting and we begin with Tai Chi classes run by David Barrow.

Tai Chi

David describes Tai Chi as a gentle Chinese exercise that is practised by millions for their health and well-being. Gentle movements are performed in a slow rhythmic manner making you feel calm and relaxed. Despite its slow, easy, appearance Tai Chi has been shown to be beneficial for circulation, blood pressure, heart disease, balance and stress reduction.

People practicing Tai Chi report improvements in physical health, flexibility, posture, balance, and strength. As David says, “when you have learnt enough to do it properly it feels great, it takes your mind away from your everyday worries and makes you more fit so, if you are thinking of exercising and would like something a bit different, then why not try Tai Chi?”

David’s class has been running for eight years and takes place in the Christ Church hall on Townhead Road on Thursdays from 2pm to 3pm. Why not come along, unwind and have a go? Newcomers are welcome and the cost is £4.50 per session.

Contact: David Barrow on 0114 235 1188 or email at


If you fancy something that will tone muscles and improve flexibility as well as improving posture then yoga or Pilates might be for you. Teresa Tinklin runs Pilates classes in Dore Old School on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9:15am. As Teresa explains, Pilates is a form of exercise that helps you to tone muscles and improve your flexibility, improve your posture, increase your core strength, and release stress and tension. “My classes start with a warm up with the emphasis on releasing tension, then we do the harder bit focusing on strengthening. This can be challenging but there are easier options if you prefer, then we finish with a short relaxation. Classes are small and friendly with a maximum of 12. Beginners and those with experience are equally welcome. The beauty of Pilates is that it can be done by all ages. I’ve been teaching for seven years and thoroughly enjoy it. It’s great seeing people releasing their bodies from aches and pains and relearning how to move really well.” A block of six classes will cost you £51 and missed classes can be made up at other times. For more information get in touch with Teresa on 0114 235 0826 or email her at

Equipilates classes

There are also ladies-only evening Equipilates classes in Dore Old School on Wednesdays from 6pm to 7pm and 7pm until 8pm run by Kate Mackintosh, a chartered physiotherapist. You can contact Kate on 07813 659 449 or by email at or visit her website: Kate charges £54 for six weekly sessions.


Dore Old School also hosts yoga classes on Monday nights from 6:45 to 8:15. These are organised by Therése Nilsson, a qualified Satyananda Yoga Teacher who has been running classes in Dore since 2011. Although principally for beginners they are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, ability or fitness level. Therése presents practices in a traditional way: asanas (postures) to balance the body and mind through the physical body, pranayama (breathing practices) to work on the energy body, and meditation to calm and focus the mind. She also takes a broader outlook by teaching and encouraging yogic lifestyle. In answer to “why yoga” Therése explains “Some people join for the important “me” time, or to feel less tired and more vibrant, supple, balanced, relaxed and healthy, or to relieve pain and discomfort in muscles and joints, or to simply sleep better”.

Therése’s groups are small (maximum eight people). She charges £7 per class (paid in five week blocks) and each class lasts an hour and a half. A yoga mat, blocks and a blanket can be provided; soft comfortable clothing is recommended.

During 2014 there will be the possibility of joining mother and toddler yoga as well as additional daytime classes. One-to-one sessions are also available on request.

For more information contact Therése on 07835 049 872 or at

Wyvern Walkers

Finally, for those of a more slightly more energetic disposition there is the Wyvern Walkers group. Wyvern Walks have been going for over eleven years and take place about every three weeks, providing an opportunity to explore the local countryside and keep fit. The walks follow a gentle pace, covering about five or six miles and usually start at 9:30am from the Old School car park, returning to the village around 1:30pm.

Walks are arranged on different days of the week so that the whole week is covered during a typical batch of walks, and car sharing is organised for any walks which involve a car journey to the start of the walk.

Walks are advertised on the village noticeboards, the DVS website ( and our Facebook page (search Facebook for 'Wyvern Walkers') where you can post your feedback from walks, upload photographs, make suggestions, arrange ad-hoc walks and generally use the page as a communication point.

For more information please contact Stephen Willetts on 0114 236 2821 or at

Footnote - If you have suggestions for articles in this series please let me know.

Keith Shaw, Assistant Editor