Names from the past

Several names appear time and again in this record. Here are a few recollections of both players and supporters.

Of Chris Fearnehough John Taylor says:

"...I remember Chris Fearnehough very well as we lived next door to him at 96 Townhead Road. I also followed Dore Football team all over in the 50s. They had a first class team in those days. Chris used to run on with his sponge and cold water when anyone was hurt: it worked wonders!"

Trevor Bigging remembers Chris as:

"...the most dedicated supporter of Dore Football Club. Chris' passion for football remained with him for many years both as a player and a coach."

And Chris Fearnehough himself recalled:

"Before the war there was a marvellous football team in Dore. They won the Amateur League Cup. Then after the war we had a great team, in the fifties, we won all competitions. I used to go all over with Dore F.C. right from being a little boy up to when it stopped in the early 1960s."

Kath Marshall, whose husband, Jim Marshall, is on the photograph of the school team, remembers Mrs Gill and her son Lawrence who were avid supporters of the teams.

"They were real characters!"

She also said that one of the reasons that the teams had so many female supporters was because they were handsome young men. She did admit that going to the away matches was:

"...quite an excitement because nothing much happened in the Village."