The census returns of 1851 and 1871 show that approximately half of the male working population was employed in agriculture. Less than a quarter weree employed making steel tools. It would seem that the whole processes of making scythes, saws and files may have taken place in the village in the earlier part of the century as evidence of cottage industry has been found

Mining was on a small scale. The local coal was of a poor qualirt and only used locally. There is mention of one clay miner in the census of 1871, but he did not appear in 1851, when two men are recorded as being brick and tile makers. There was a small amount of stone quarrying in both years. Up at Stoneyridge the Peat family were making besoms from the ling on the moors.

The village had a few shopkeepers and in both years liquid refreshment was provided by three publicans. In 1851 five shoemakers were resident in the village. The arrival of a few gentry into the area by 1871 is illustrated by gardeners and coachmen appearing in the census. The professional and managerial class were very poorly represented with nine in each year.