Owners and Occupiers of Houses in Dore, 1827

Refer to the Fairbank Collection map of 1827. Numbers refer to houses and fields on the map, e.g. (1) Ringinglow How.

1House and CroftDuke of DevonshireJ. Fisher
5Copperas Works«J. Claughton
11Homestead« T. Hancock
17Homestead and CroftJ. ShearwoodJ. Shore
33Homestead and GardenDuke of DevonshireE. Cowlishaw
37« « J. Unwin
58Homestead« J. Claughton
72House Garden« J. Unwin, Collier
73« « Samuel Haigh
77« « T. Lee
78« « Mary Marsden
81Workhouse and Croft« Overseer of Dore
83Homestead and Garden« Thomas Lee
89« « George Cotes
98Saw WheelHollis TrusteesA. Barker & Co
104House and stable« William Wall
107Homestead and GardenJohn ReadJohn Read
135Ryecroft MillDuke of DevonshireJohn Unwin, Miller
143Homestead and Croft« Thos Hancock
148HomesteadHenry HancockHenry Hancock
163House and GardenDuke of DevonshireElizabeth Haigh
179Rye Croft and Homestead« John Read
217Homestead and Garden« John Barker
228House and StablesR. Newton ShaweThomas Crooks
232Homestead and GardenEdward SampsonThomas Godburn
275« John GregoryJohn Gregory
279« D. Ewes CokeJohn Flint
288« John UnwinThomas Bishop
289« « « 
290« Edward Sampson« 
291« Duke of DevonshireWilliam Flint
292« D. Ewes CokeWilliam Taylor
295« « John Gray
397Middle Field Old HouseJohn ShearwoodJohn Shore
401Homestead and GardenDuke of DevonshireJoseph Bennett
406« Curate of DoreWilliam Cotes
411« Duke of DevonshireTimothy Greaves
414« « Joseph Bennett
416Two Houses and GardenWilliam GreenSamuel Swift
417House and StableCharles GreenwoodSamuel Hopkinson
418« Peter PindarWilliam Lowe
421Homestead and FoldR. Newton ShaweRalph Blakelock
422House and GardenThomas ShortThomas Short
424Two Houses and StableHenry ElliottHenry Elliott
425Chapel and YardCurate of DoreCurate of Dore
426School Houses and GardenDore School TrusteesRichard Furniss
427Three Houses and GardenRobert UnwinRobert Unwin
429Homestead and GardenCharles GreenwoodPeter Pindar
431« John UnwinJohn Unwin
434« Duke of DevonshireGeorge Elliott, late Rachael Dewsbury
435« « Christopher Taylor
436Barn, Stable« « 
438Homestead and Croft« John Unwin, Miller
439« « Peter Pindar
442Three HousesJ. Fearnehough, JuniorJohn Bishop
443Two houses, StableDuke of DevonshireJoseph Moseley
445House and ShopJohn GregoryJohn Howard
446House and GardenDuke of DevonshireThomas Haigh
447« « Joseph Moseley
448Two HousesJ. Fearnehough, JuniorJ.Linley, C.Taylor
449House and YardT. SavageT. Savage
450« J. Fearnehough, SeniorJ. Wilson
452House and GardenDuke of DevonshireHannah Harrison
453« « S. Smith, Shoemaker
454« « Henry Watson
466Eight Houses and GardenJ. Fearnehough, JuniorBenjamin Smithers and others
467Homestead and FoldJ. FarnsworthJ. Farnsworth
468House and GardenPeter FlintPeter Flint
489Homestead and GardenDuke of DevonshireLuke Flint
493« Devises of John CartledgeJohn Frith
499House and CroftGeorge BurrowsG. Burrows
500Three Houses and CroftJ. Fearnehough, SeniorW. Cotes and others
506House and GardenDuke of DevonshireIsaac Taylor
508Homestead and Garden« Joseph Unwin
510House, Stable and Croft« Alex Barker
514Old House and CroftDuke of DevonshireJoseph Moseley
515House and Garden« John Oates
517« « Mary Hall
520House, Stable and Gardens« J. Unwin, Collier
527Public House, HomeCatherine WagstaffCatherine Wagstaff
583Gt. Field House and BarnG. Bustard GreavesIsaac Taylor
588Homestead and CroftJ. DungworthJ. Dungworth
601Homestead and GardenHannah MorganJ. Swift
610« Duke of DevonshireJ. Oates
627Two Houses and StableJuliana BadgerJ. Shore
630HomesteadT. BinghamJ. Shore
637House, Garden and AllotmentH. Hunt PiperH.H. Piper
643Tollbar House and CroftDuke of DevonshireTrustees of Dore Road
645House and StableH. HancockHenry Peat