Profile - Colin Robinson

Born and educated in Barnsley at the Grammar School, I lived in Barnsley until I was 18 and then moved to Sheffield, where I studied to be a Cost and Works accountant (as it was called then) working at WA Tyzack on Eyre Street. I stayed there for eight years whilst passing my accountancy exams, and immediately followed this up by taking the Chartered Institute of Company Secretaries qualification.

During this time I married my wife Jenny and we had two daughters. I obtained a job at BOC near Rotherham, and after a year we moved to Glasgow with them. During the last two years of my five years in Glasgow, BOC went through a phase of swapping people around, and I became the Buyer. We had a son born whilst in Scotland.

I then moved back into accounting to a post at Michelle Bearings, part of the Vickers group in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I continued to be a Finance Director for the next 21 years, four more years at Vickers, four years in the pharmaceutical industry, six years in Knaresborough at a thermoplastic bearings manufacturer, and finally seven years in road haulage in Leeds.

Since 1990 we have lived in Dore, and in the mid-90's I became self-employed in a consulting role. I retired in 2003 which is when we bought our motorhome.

I was appointed Treasurer for DVS in late 2015, and during this time I have introduced emailing to the invoicing and debt chasing procedures, saving both time and money.