Profile - Keith Shaw

After graduating in chemistry from the University of London I taught in London for six years before moving to Sheffield to lecture at what is now Sheffield Hallam University, dividing my time between the chemistry and education departments. While there I established a Centre for Science Education which has become a world-renowned centre of excellence, and a centre for educational uses of computers. Consultancy work for industry led me leave the university and start an e-learning company, which I ran for 16 years before leaving to become a freelance consultant to Government departments and agencies, advising on educational uses of the Internet. I am now retired.

I moved to Dore in 1998 and was immediately struck by the vibrancy of the village and the sense of community, as well as the work of the DVS.

After making tentative enquiries about the need for a DVS website I was co-opted onto the DVS committee in June 2009 to develop and maintain the website, and to develop wider uses of IT and the Internet to support the work of DVS.

I was elected as a committee member and trustee in 2010, and as chairman in June 2014. I was also a founder member of the Dore Garden Club and have previously been co-organiser of Dore Open Gardens and chairman of the Dore Show committee.