References to Smallpox in the period 1890 - 1893

Source : Transcribed materials in Reference File as indicated.

Reference files are held in the Dore Village Society Rooms. The file mentioned is called 'Dore and Totley Transcripts'.


‘Approx.1890 there were rows of navvies huts opposite the offices quarters ( Brookhill Farm ) on Moss Road. ( Also navvies smallpox hospital ). ( Page 65 )


26 Oct. The ( Sheffield ) Council confirmed the resolution of the Borough Hospital Committee that the smallpox patients from Handsworth should be temporarily admitted to Lodge Moor Hospital on payment of £2/10/- per week by the Local Authority. This course was also adopted by the Local Sanitary Authority for Dore ( and Totley ? ) District where disease assumed an epidemic character among the navvies constructing the Dore and Chinley Railway – Municipal Affairs, Sheffield. ( Page 66 ).


April. At Eckington Petty Sessions Maria West, a married woman of Totley summoned by Sanitary Inspector for wilfully exposing without disinfection certain clothing which had been exposed to smallpox at Totley on 6 March. Stated that there had been 60 or 70 cases in Totley. The woman had had a case ( of smallpox ) at her lodging house and had thrown the bed clothing into the lane. It was thrown back to the house but thrown back again. Fined £2 with 25 shillings costs or 1 month in gaol. ( Page 68 )


Graves in Dore Churchyard marked sp ( smallpox ) full up. ( Page 68 )


Totley Parish Council Minutes.

……….. There was a complaint about the state of the Smallpox Hospital. ( Page 69 )