Requests for Project Funding

Requests for Funding Towards the Cost of Projects

A request for funding must be consistent with our constitutional remit, for example proposals which:

  • add to or improve amenities in the village
  • protect or improve the local environment
  • provide information about any aspect of Dore
  • preserve or improve features of historic or public interest
  • are for events, meetings, exhibitions, etc. 

Suggestions can be for a variety of activities or projects including events, meetings, exhibitions, publications, research into local issues, surveys, renovating or maintaining items of historical significance, improving local amenities, sporting and recreational activities, etc.

The DVS is an enabling organisation for such initiatives; we don’t organise them, partly because we don’t have the time but, more importantly, the people with the ideas are the best ones to organise and deliver them.

Please include the following with your request:

  • A description of the project.
  • How this will benefit Dore and its residents.
  • An estimate of how much it will cost and what the money will be spent on.
  • Who will organise it and how will it be promoted.
  • When it will happen.
  • Where it will happen.

If we agree to provide funding this must be prominently acknowledged (including inclusion of our logo) in any publicity and promotional material, or any permanent display or publication.