Secretary's Report to the AGM 19.9.65

    1. Committee has met on 15 occasions for a total of 40 hours; exchanged 70 letters with Town Hall, property owners etc; 4 newsletters to members...
      Defn of camel – horse put together by a committee
    2. Three main achievements –
      1. plan for the development of the central area of the village. Dore.
      2. Doomsday survey of/footpaths
      3. Plan for establishing a cultural and social Village Centre in the Old School.
    3. Also, set up a Historical Group – enthusiastically examining the archives of Dore. And an advisory panel.

Three main objectives/achievements in turn )

    1. Plan for the development of the central area of the V. development! Let me remind you of the changes that are happening –
      1. Colin Thompson wants to expand his shop – narrow roadway – Highways committee must either widen or one-way … discussed at our last meeting – chose one-way
      2. Lancefield Investments want to buy Rose and Ivy Cottage and 2-8 High Street-Frith to Bell..pull them down and build new shops with maisonette

        There is a local move to form a developm. company of local interests rather than outsiders...anyone interested – Society itself not involved)

      3. Hope and Anchor Brewery – demolished Mr Moseley’s shop for car park

        (Cttee tried to prevent this - .. in such an event there would be enormous local opposition and bad feeling (May) – also working on a possible scheme to allow use of part of Old School playground – but too late)

      4. Corp. has scheduled Mr Wiggett’s shop and the cottages opposite the H and H for demolition by 1970 or earlier.
      5. Bus – development of educational buildings in the Furniss Avenue area – demand for through route.

      Our proposals – establish a grass area in the High Street between Butcher Thorpe and the shops opposite – one-way street in the High Street and Savage Lane – landscaped development of the new shops with emphasis on trees and grass – improve safety of children going to the new school – proposals for car parks – H and H, Old School, new shops – general use. This we have talked about before – we hope to present these suggestions to the Highways Cttee next month. 1965 is a milestone in the history of Dore – lest it point in the wrong direction we have given much thought to the changes.

      We have said – new buildings are inevitable, traffic is inevitable – how can we keep some of the charm of the Old Village and create fresh dignity in the neighbourhood?

members of the committee

  1. Survey of Dore Footpaths - /tramped every footpath in Dore – and classified it as good, fair, or poor (Hold up map). Listed points for attention – some of them on the newsletter – mention one or two (attached)

    Hope to appoint members of the committee who will pursue these points next year. E.G. tree campaign requires contacting all the owners of houses along the frontage.

  2. Old school as a social and cultural Village Centre.

    The vicar as Chairman – invited the DVS cttee to consider what should be done – remember that at last meeting Soc. would welcome use as Village Centre. We co-opted the Vicar onto the Cttee and invited Mr Scott – Community Centres Officer for the Educ Cttee…
    enthusiastic approach – funds from Educ Ctee and Nat Govt.

    Next we convened a meeting of representatives of as many of the Village societies as we could contact – in the Old School last week – and we put to them the idea of establishing a Village Association which would have the Old School as a centre.

    We have a motion concerning this later – perhaps I may talk more of this at that point.

  3. Each of these three activities is stretching into the next year as we feel that our chance of success with each depends upon the size of our membership. At present about 11% of the adults of Dore belong to the Society – can we increase that? Membership Drive – seeking volunteers to publicise the work of the society and to enrol new members – call for volunteers..

I think that is a fair summary of the work of the Committee during the past year, Mr Chairman, I hope members of the Society will feel that our work has been worthwhile and that they have every confidence in our future plans.