The Day the King Died

I remember very clearly the day that King George died. I was a pupil at St. Anthony's Primary School, Farnham Royal, Bucks. Out class was enjoying our favourite lesson, Music and Movement from the BBC schools broadcast service, when it was interrupted by a special announcement which we did not really understand. Music and Movement continued and our teacher hurried out of the school hall, returning shortly afterwards with the Head Master. Then, to our annoyance, our programme was cut short and other classes came filing into the hall, looking oddly at us already there.

At precisely 11 o'clock, all the pupils and teachers listened to the BBC announcement of the death of King George VI and the proclamation of our new Queen Elizabeth II. I remember thinking it was strange to now hear "God Save the Queen!" I also recall that my classmates and I felt embarrasssed to be seen by the whole school, standing there, at such a solemn moment, only in our vest and pants.

Maureen Cope