Tips for 'Women with Homes'

Monday - washing
If unable to obtain the clothes pegs to which you have been so long accustomed, try the sturdy rubber clothes pegs which are now on the market. They are non-slipping and gripping, but suitable for sheer fabrics. They are themselves washable, will not stain, and cost 2/- a dozen.

Tuesday - sewing
A new type of classic skirt incorporates a self-supporting waistband. Inside the waistband are thin rubber pads which cling to the blouse or sweater. The waistband ensures comfort and prevents the blouse or sweater from 'riding up'.

Wednesday - nursing
A lady of over 70 states that her beautiful flower-like complexion is due to the fact that she has always used very little soap when washing her face. She keeps crock containing oatmeal steeped in water and slightly soured, using a cupful of the fluid in a basin of water, she maintains it has a tonic effect on the skin.

Thursday - cooking
Now that dried fruit is difficult to obtain, and we are getting tired of coconut, try a packet of strawberry blancmange powder added to the mixture. When making a sponge or fairy cakes measure amount in packet and put amount less flour.

Friday - household
A good idea now that saucepan cleaners are so much dearer, is to get an old wireless transformer, break it open, take out the copper wire, roll it into a ball, and use this as a saucepan cleaner. It does not rust or fall to pieces as quickly as the usual cleaners.

Saturday - children
Before putting away children's winter clothes for the summer, let down all the hems. Next winter you can measure and re-hem them, and you will avoid that obvious crease where the old hem was as it will have dropped out.

Taken from the Dore Parish Magazine - April 1953