Dore Show 2021

Dore Show 2021 will take place on Saturday, 11th September in Dore Old School and the Methodist Church Hall. For a list of the categories in this year's Show, please click here. Entry forms are available in advance from The Village Greens, or at the registration desks on the morning of the Show.

A Message from the Show Chairman

Well, at the time of writing (22 July), our hopes of holding the Dore Show were still intact, three days after the Government’s relaxation of the Covid lockdown rules. Only time will tell whether by now we are entitled to remain optimistic.
No doubt everyone of us has had to change various routines and elements of our lives to a large extent and, with the virus ebbing and flowing in its effects on the nation, planning has been far from an exact science.
The disruption has, however, in the committee’s eyes strengthened our resolve to keep the Show on the calendar, albeit in the reduced format I talked about in the last edition of D2D. It has been gratifying to hear individuals mention their hopes that we can go ahead and succeed, despite the necessary limitations, because September 11th is an afternoon to be enjoyed in the village.
We hope the uncertainty surfacing in July has now diminished to such an extent that the social distancing measures planned for at the Show can be kept as minimal as possible. If not, I trust that all visitors will ..
a) understand why they might be necessary
b) adhere to one way systems and mask wearing if required
c) realise why if refreshments can’t be taken at the Methodist Hall!
If the situation has worsened since last month then further decisions will have to be taken accordingly. As the next few weeks unfold please keep an eye on the village notice boards, the Dore Village Society website, and local social media sites for updates if anything appertaining to the Show needs to be shared. Maybe checking with fellow Show goers might help spread the message about the latest news. Let’s hope there isn’t any!
The admission charge will remain at £1 for allcomers apart from under 16s, and a free single sheet information sheets will be available.
Please realise the importance of checking this Dore Show section carefully to make sure you are aware of some changes in timings, rules of entry for the classes and so on. For example, in Class 29, we stipulate three roses but no buds! To repeat, it’s a condensed Show so don’t make the mistake of assuming every detail is unchanged.
Here’s hoping.
Andy Pack
Chairman, Dore Show

Dore Show Timetable

08:45am Registration of entries commences

10:30am Registration of entries closes

1:30pm Show opens

3.15pm Latest admission to view the Show

3.30pm Exhibition closes

3:30pm Presentation of Cups and Shields (in the Old School)

4:00pm Auction of produce (in the Old School yard)

4.30pm Prize money to be collected from both halls (or after the auction ends)

4.30-5.15pm Removal of exhibits from the Methodist Hall

5.15pm Dore Show 2021 ends

How To Enter

Bring your entries to Dore Old School/Methodist Church Hall between 8.45 and 10.30am on the morning of the Show.
Classes 1-49 - Old School
Classes 50-65 - Methodist Church Hall
Entry forms can be obtained on the day or in advance from the ‘The Village Greens’ shop in the village.

Show Rules

Please read - details can save you a headache!

  1. Except where otherwise stated entries are open to all providing entrants abide by these rules.
  2. The Show Committee and its agents will not be liable for any loss or damage to any exhibit or other property brought into the Show by an exhibitor.
  3. The Show Committee will not be liable for any loss or injury sustained by any entrant or visitor.
  4. All exhibits must be registered in the show area between 8.45am and 10.30am on the morning of the Show.
  5. There is an entry charge of 50p per exhibit, including all junior classes.
  6. Exhibitors may make up to two entries per class.
  7. No judges may make any entries in any section which they are judging.
  8. No entry should have previously won a prize in an earlier Dore Show.
  9. The Show Committee reserves the right to refuse any exhibit and in the event of such a refusal will not be required to give a reason or explanation.
  10. Plates and vases will be available if required for the staging of exhibits.
  11. Cakes and other baked goods should be entered on disposable plates and covered in cling film.
  12. The Show Committee may decline or return entries in the event of there being insufficient space.
  13. The Judges’ awards as to the relative merits of the exhibits will be final.
  14. Cash prizes for each class will be 1st - £3, 2nd - £2 and 3rd - £1.
  15. The Judges may withhold or modify any prize in a class if insufficient entries are received, or the entries are considered undeserving of prizes.
  16. Cash prizes can be collected from 4.30pm from both halls.
  17. Exhibits may be collected from 4.30pm.
  18. The Committee welcomes the donation of exhibits to the Auction, proceeds from which will go towards the costs of staging the Show.
  19. Any exhibits left behind at 5.30pm become the property of the Show Committee.
  20. Exhibitors and visitors to the Show should comply with the directions of the Stewards.