First World War References in Dore to Door

There are many more references to episodes and people with connection to the First World War contained in past issues of Dore to Door. To find out more about any of the following, please click on the links to the appropriate copy of Dore to Door.

Autumn 1987War Memorial
Winter 1989Photo of Bill Bell
Spring 1991Photo of Dore and Totley VAD
Winter 1993Christmas Post 1918
Summer 1996Samuel Sykes went to Flanders. Picture of mother at grave.
Summer 1996Picture of private William Ramsell 1914/18
Summer 1996Dedication of the Memorial Lychgate
Spring 1998Drawing of lychgate
Spring 1999Remembrance Sunday - Trevor Biggins' letter
Autumn 2007Dore War Memorial mystery
Winter 2010George and Charles Partridge killed in the Great War
Winter 2010Stories of 6 of 10 soldiers named on the Totley War Memorial
Spring 2011Stories of 4 of 10 soldiers named on the Totley War Memorial