Dore in the Nineteenth Century - Life in the Community

At the beginning of the 19th Century Dore was a small, insular, predominantly impoverished Derbyshire village with agriculture and the production of tools, being by far the most common occupations. By the end of the century, the population had more than trebled and the improved transport had begun to open up the delights of rural living to the middle classes.

From studying the census return for Dore for the years 1851 and 1871 and by work on the Parish Registers, it has been possible to formulate some idea as to the type of life led in Dore in the 19th Century.

The material that follows comes from:

Life in the Community by Elizabeth C Brewer and Richard Newsam
In Essays in the History of Dore in the Nineteenth Century
Edited by Vanessa S Doe 1977
University of Sheffield